First Client Meeting: The Sales Call

How do you talk to a potential client during the first sales call? How can you improve your client on-boarding process?

What do you do when a client calls and asks "How Much?" How should you respond to new business inquiries?

In this episode, Chris sits down with brand strategist, Melinda Livsey, and gives her some tips and techniques to help her refine and level up her process. Like many of you out there, Melinda wants to know how she can give clients a better experience during the onboarding process. She currently feels strong in her process for branding as a one-woman business, but because she wants to work with other creatives, she feels like it’s time to make some adjustments. Luckily, Chris knows just what to do.

With a little bit of role-play, Chris helps Melinda ask the right questions when the client needs more than what they’re originally on the phone for. Melinda shares an example of a recent event: one of her leads needed brand strategy, but it was later discovered in that first phone call that they needed a website, too. Unsure of how to expand the service offering and lay out a process for the client, Melinda turns to Chris to guide her in case a similar situation pops up again.

Role-playing is super effective in training yourself how to ask the right questions, and respond to clients in a way that’s empathetic yet moves the sale forward. Seeing yourself in the third person allows you to see where you can improve, where you typically slip up, and how you can recover if you do again.

Keep up with Melinda by visiting her website: https://www.marksandmaker.com/