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Keir McLaren

How do you cultivate a creative culture at work?

Cultivating Creative Culture
Cultivating Creative Culture

Cultivating Creative Culture

Keir McLaren
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Chris and his former business coach Keir McLaren discuss the keys to cultivating a creative culture at work.

Chris sits down with his former business coach, Keir McLaren, and Ben Burns to dive into the subject.

Company culture exists, whether by design or default. The key, though, is to play some role in shaping that culture. If it’s shaping itself, then the people who work with you or for you will feel as if the culture is untouchable, and that they can’t do much to influence it.

You can greatly impact your company’s culture with two resources: time and energy. People understand the value of time, especially when you are putting it towards something other than yourself. When you put in the time and energy to help make the company culture more inviting, sustainable, and enjoyable for everyone, it shows. Not only that, but the people around you will feel inclined to take part in the shaping, too.

How can you tell if your culture is lacking? The signs usually include high turnover and burnout. If you find that you are always having to hire people, or notice that people simply aren’t motivated to come to work, that’s a pretty clear indication that culture is essentially not there.

Now, don’t feel like the fate of your company’s culture lies solely in your hands. It is a group effort, but the group will only make the effort if they know they can.

If you have employees or colleagues who share the same values as you, then all it takes is a bit of discussion to find ways to connect people to their workplace. This can take the form of monthly company outings, words of affirmation, or more collaboration on projects. Listen to what your employees or colleagues have to say, and put in the time and energy to make sure they feel heard.

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