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Ryan Robinson

How do you get more clients? Businesses small and large contemplate this every single day.

Content Marketing Consultant
Content Marketing Consultant

Content Marketing Consultant

Ryan Robinson
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How do more people find you? How do you get more clients? They make business possible, so we all want more of them, right?

Clients are what make business possible, so we all want more of them, right? Well, how do more people find you? Clients tend to go with who they know, who they trust, and who they like. So, when you do find the client, how do you get them to know and trust you? So many creatives don’t make themselves easy to find. Yes, you have your website and your Dribbble account, but people aren’t just going to show up and throw cash at you.

Chris sits down with Ryan Robinson, a Content Marketing Consultant, whose job is to help you gain that trust and those customers. Ryan shares how he found himself in the business of content marketing, how his ecosystem works, and how he’s creating a path for others to do the same.

The first business/marketing term to get yourself acquainted with is ‘top of the funnel awareness.’ If you’re not aware of what this is, it could be the source of your silent phone, or your empty inbox. How you gain and grow awareness starts with search; make yourself available to be found online.

Remember SEO? It hasn’t gone away just yet, and it’s a major piece of your lead generation puzzle. There are many people out there who help clients get to the first page of Google’s search results, and Ryan is one of them.

Ryan has an impressive list of clients: Zendesk, LinkedIn, Quickbooks, and more. He helps them create long-form content for their blogs, publish the content, and promote it. He’s had his eyes on the marketing industry since his college days, and is an awesome leader in the content marketing space. It goes without saying, but Ryan’s the right chap to take notes from if you want clients to easily find you.

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