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Jose Caballer

How do you ask for new business?

How To Ask For New Business
How To Ask For New Business

How To Ask For New Business

Jose Caballer
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Sales, lead generation, closing, confidence, trust. Chris and Jose talk about closing deals in the Creative Business World.

This episode is just a snippet from one of our YouTube videos with Jose Caballer.

Chris Do and Jose Caballer sit down and answer the audience’s questions about sales. With the both of them coming from different backgrounds and experiences in the creative industry, they each weigh in on the questions.

1.) How do you get more clients?

There’s a whole system and flow to getting new clients. It starts with lead generation, or some form of marketing, whether inbound or outbound, to get potential clients either on your website, social media, or portfolio page.

Referrals are also an important piece to finding more clients. When you complete a project with a client, you can ask them to refer you to other companies they may know. Referrals can come from just about anywhere, so be prepared when one does come through.

The key to getting more clients is blending both lead generation and referrals together to have a steady stream of incoming prospects.

2.) How do you close a client on a new service you’re offering?

No matter what, you should always try to identify the client’s pain points. Ask, “what’s holding this process from moving forward? And what can I do to help?”

Some clients will not always be ready to buy. The timing for them may not be right. But regardless of your experience in the service, there is always a problem that needs to be solved. It’s just a matter of investigating to find out how you can be of service.

3.) What is the one thing that helps you close?

Listening and confidence. Chris adds, “if you don’t believe in you, who can?” It starts with having the confidence in yourself and believing you can do the work well.

When the time comes to have the sales conversation, listening is one of the most important things you have to do. Listen more than you speak, and ask more questions to get to the root of the problem. Really try to understand what the client’s asking for.

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