A.I. & Creativity

We’ve all heard the warning: “the robots are coming to take our jobs.”

But what does this mean for the creative industry? How will Artificial Intelligence impact the industry and how will creative professionals adapt? Is this idea just too far-fetched?

It’s true that the technology we use on a regular basis is becoming increasingly more intelligent and operating much faster than it was just a few years ago. Machines are able to communicate, understand, and produce results at an incredible speed.

As Vice President of Adobe Design, Jamie Myrold has led large-scale design efforts at Adobe for more than ten years, leading the company’s development of the next generation of design tools. She oversees over 300 designers, UX pros, user researchers, prototypers, and content strategists.

Her experience goes beyond restructuring and redesigning applications; she’s redefining Adobe’s design business, as well. In her role, Jamie aims to inspire the next wave of design leaders, encouraging her teams to push boundaries and develop leadership skills to define guidelines that help with all aspects of business strategy and product creation.

In this episode, Chris sits down with Jamie to discuss whether AI can, or will, help excel our creativity. Will machine learning be able to keep up with us at the speed of our own creativity? Or will it have creatives clearing their desks and looking for new careers?

From Jamie and her design team’s point of view, they’re coming from the stance of, “How can we make this technology more efficient for us?” With the technology already being used at Adobe, Jamie’s team of designers are able to focus on, enhance, and expand their skills.

Designers, more often than not, already have their own process in place. With the advancement in machine learning and technology, designers will have to start adapting to new shortcuts, tools, and techniques that AI will offer down the road.

Learn more about the future of AI in creativity by tuning in to this episode.