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Typography Manual

Want to know some of Chris Do’s very own secrets with his use of typography? This manual breaks down ten simple rules Chris Do learned at Art Center and continues to use in all his designs.

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The first volume of the Typography Manual

Get all the tips, tricks, and tactics to set your type and create visually stunning design. This free resource was created by Chris Do, Executive Creative Director of Blind and former faculty at Otis College of Art and Design & ArtCenter College of Design. Learn the basics of typefaces, weights, font size, alignment, rules/lines, spacing and more! Get this resource now while it’s still available!

Download the Manual

If you design with words - type matters! This manual will help you:

  • Improve your carousels on social media to deliver bold messages
  • Save you hours of searching for the best fonts with Chris Do's top 30 fonts' list
  • Understand how to use bold font weights within your copy

Knowing the rules, will help you understand how to break them, and knowing how to break them will make you a better designer. At least, that’s what we think.

Have you ever noticed so much uneven spacing between words that it looks like there's a river of white space flowing through the paragraph? That's called "justified type" and nothing pains a reader more than to see disproportion and excessive variation within typography. If the goal behind the first sentence is to make the reader want to read the next sentence, then our job is to make this process as easy as possible with little distractions.

Even if you’re a designer with thousands of fonts, this manual proposes a philosophy that pushes your designs forward in making you a stronger designer. Don’t get us wrong, we love experimenting with new concepts, but instilling the fundamentals of good design practices will always stand the test of time. Now go learn the rules so you can learn how to break them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to make carousels just like Chris Do?

By following the principles in this manual, you will definitely have the tools to produce similar messaging as him, but he puts own spin on the rules that always surprises us.

Are the 30 recommended fonts free?

While you may find some of them free with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, Chris includes a selection of his favorite fonts that come from studios who charge separately for those licenses, but we're always putting together font packs at insane discounts for our mailing list subscribers.

How will I learn the proper way to break these rules and level up my designs?

Practice, practice, and more practice. By following this manual, you will instill a structured approach towards typography, and the better you get with these basics, the easier it will be to become more clever with your designs.

Download the Manual

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