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Storytelling through Instagram Stories


about the event

Learn the best practices to create engaging Instagram Stories in this interactive workshop.

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Share Stories that actually convert.

Without a solid social media strategy, it’s hard to get the results you want with every story you share on Instagram. It’s even harder to work with a platform that’s constantly changing. But in this workshop, Elle’s covering how to use Stories the right way and why they should be a vital piece to your social media strategy.


Get the kind of engagement you’re aiming for on Instagram.

When done right, Stories are actually quick to create, encourage engagement, and are easily shareable. This workshop will equip you with the best practices, show you common mistakes you're probably making, and demonstrate how to increase your Stories’ impact so they produce the results you need to grow your profile.

Learn to create visually engaging Stories with a quick run-through of design basics.

Discover the built-in tools you might not know about to boost your Stories’ impact.

Keep your audience interested and engaged for every hour that your Story is published.

Speed up your content-creation process so your efforts continuously work for you.

who this is for

If you haven’t seen the engagement results you’re looking for on Instagram, this workshop is for you.

Elle’s going to show you just how vital stories are to your social media strategy. You'll find this workshop especially valuable if you're trying to increase online engagement or sell products through Instagram:

  • Marketers
  • Content Creators
  • Influencers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Creative Entrepreneurs


Meet the Instructor

Instagram Stories should be a vital part of your social media strategy to boost engagement, build a strong community, and even drive sales.

Elle Money is a marketer, an entrepreneur and our in-house Social Media Marketing Manager. With four years of social media management under her belt, Elle specializes in Instagram management and Facebook advertising.

As part of the talented marketing and operations team at The Futur, Elle has played a vital role in increasing revenue 300% year over year for the past three years.

The Futur's Instagram account has also grown from 30k to 300k thanks to Elle's efforts, largely due to her ability to create insightful micro-content. Elle understands how to find key takeaways in our YouTube videos, and revamp this in a highly-valuable way on Instagram, earning her the title of SME — a subject matter expert.

Before joining The Futur team, Elle wrote viral content and strategized social content that increased Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest traffic exponentially.

Now, Elle consults for small businesses and shares her expertise through her Instagram page.

what's inside

Learn the key principles of designing and sharing great Stories.

Content Strategy Best Practices

Use the tools built into Stories to keep your audience engaged, direct traffic to the next step of your funnel, or promote a product. Elle will teach you her tips, like how to use stickers effectively and to give your stories more longevity so your Stories convert.

Design and Layout Best Practices

Never lose your audience’s eyes with a beautiful, well-designed Story. Learn how to place elements, which tools to use, and other editing programs recommended by Elle.

Live Review

During this workshop, you’ll complete two tasks that you’ll demo, practice, and share. You’ll be able to present your work for a live review by Elle Money so you walk away with a full understanding of the entire Story creation process.

Details & Logistics

Date & Time:

December 18, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST

Length & Format:

Approximately 3 hours. Digital conference, online only.

Live Attendance: 

We recommend attending the workshop live, but you are not required to do so. You will have access to a video recording of the workshop, which will be uploaded within two business days of the event.

How To Prepare:

  • Have water on hand: it's important to stay hydrated!
  • If you'd like the instructor to be able to see you, make sure your webcam and microphone are in good working order.

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DEC 18th at 10AM PST
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