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Weathering The Financial Storm w/ Errol Gerson


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Weathering The Financial Storm w/ Errol Gerson

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Reduce overhead. Cut operating costs.

With over 50 years of financial experience and consulting, Errol Gerson has a 10 point plan to help you get through these uncertain times with sound business/financial advice.

1. How to apply for unemployment ‘online’ the fastest way - and the 1 week waiting period has been waived

2. There is a brand new program from the EDD in California called “work sharing” under which employees whose hours are cut by some amount are eligible for partial reimbursement from the State of California and I gave the forms ready and the link to the application process

3. Every designer has to take a close look at their operating expenses both personal and business. Ten point plan for not only reducing overhead but for finding ways to ‘defer’ certain overhead.

4. When will government assistance become available?

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