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Video Storytelling


about the event

Learn how to take your message and turn it into compelling video content in this five-week workshop.

Learn how to take your message and turn it into compelling video content in this five-week workshop. Get views, get known, and grow your brand—even if you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera. Live sessions every Thursday 9-11am PST : Jan. 7th - Feb 6th

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Share your story loud and clear.

Video is arguably the most impactful way to share your ideas for many reasons. It’s scalable, easily shareable, and speaks for you when you're not around. But being in front of the camera—knowing what to say, and how to say it—is where most of us freeze up.


Why learn video content creation?

Your ideas are valuable and your perspective is interesting. The goal of this workshop is to remove the barriers holding you back from sharing more with engaging content. Matthew’s giving you the tools you need so you can articulate your message through video and have fun doing it.

Video is a communication tool that speaks for you 24/7. It’s one of the most valuable mediums across every platform.

Build your brand through the power of video. It’s what will carry your voice, your message, and your charisma.

Telling effective stories helps with presentations, selling your ideas, and getting known for your expertise.

Creating engaging videos is easier than ever before. You can use the simplest of tools, like your smartphone, to capture an audience.

who this is for

This workshop is for anyone looking for a better way to amplify their storytelling through video.

Whether you’re a beginner or have had some experience creating video content, this workshop will help you refine your production and storytelling skills to publish engaging videos.

  • Content Creators
  • Marketers
  • Videographers
  • Creative Entrepreneurs


Meet the Instructor

I’m sharing my production process to help your video content grow on any platform.

Matthew Encina is a Content Creator and Creative Director. For over a decade, he's been telling 30-second stories working on TV commercials and films for clients like Xbox, Playstation, and Coldplay. In the past few years, Matthew has been making educational and lifestyle content on Youtube, garnering millions of views in just a few months.

what's inside

Understand the anatomy of a good video from start to finish.

Lessons and Assignments

Learn the entire production process over five in-depth lessons. Matthew will take you through from beginning to end to research and outline, script and plan, shoot, edit, and publish your video, and use the assignments to build onto a master project.

Editing Tips

Learn how to keep your story solid and your video engaging by keeping the essential content in and trimming the fat. Hold your audience’s attention throughout your entire video.

Script Templates

Get Matthew’s templates to build your script and a shot list so you know what to capture to compose interesting shots. Organize your thoughts so you know what to say on camera.

Here's an example of what you'll create

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the schedule work?

We'll meet once a week for 2 hours on Zoom, and the rest of the week will be yours to complete the assignments.

What if I miss a live call?

Live calls will be recorded and uploaded within 24 hours. If you miss a call, you can rewatch it for up to 30 days after it becomes available.

Do I need to have camera gear and specific software?

To attend this workshop, we ask that you have a camera to shoot with (a cell phone is fine), and basic editing knowledge, with the software package of your choice. This is not a course on software or gear but is focused on storytelling and production process.

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JAN 7th to FEB 4th
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