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The Power of Print: Get Physical with Your Branding


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The Power of Print: Get Physical with Your Branding

about the event

Do you want to understand today's opportunities with print. Are you trying to get your projects printed but not sure where to start? Physical products can have massive impact on your brand and sales. Learn how print is alive and well in ways you haven't imagined. In this workshop, you will also learn the print process in a step-by-step guide and understand how to use print to make deeper connections with people and businesses.

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It just makes sense

As humans, we use our senses like sight and touch to make connections with the world. Today, the clutter of digital marketing can make it tough to build meaningful, physical connections with people and businesses.

By appealing to multiple senses, you can break through the digital noise. Print media can help brands by bringing tangible and memorable customer experiences that connect to your senses beyond the screen.


Print isn’t obsolete; it’s a value-add

You’ve created a logo and a branding package. Now what?

From finding a printer, saving costs, to setting up press files - this workshop can take your business to the next level by allowing you to create integrated digital and physical campaigns for your clients and build long-term customer relationships.

Print gives your clients a reason to get in contact with you; an opportunity for you to be top-of-mind. You can guide their ongoing design needs and most importantly, earn easy income through resupply.


You design with print in mind so there’s no disconnect between print and digital



Your stylescape or guide includes mock-ups that lead to future opportunities as you guide your clients in all media channels.


You manage the process and build long-term relationships that make your time more effective.


With multi-channel promotions and products that go beyond the screens, you can achieve remarkable results for you and your clients.

Elevate your offer

Incorporating print production into your creative services puts you ahead of digital pack. It helps you build your authority as you offer insights that save your clients' time and money. This course covers the thorough process of print production and the highlights the psychology of using print for branding.

Understand the print production process from start to finish; from how to find printers, to learning the lingo that stops you and your clients from making expensive mistakes.

Identify best practices and tips to take a client project from creative thinking, through design, and off to the printing press.

Learn how print media can cut through the noise and incorporate the senses through neuro-branding.

Learn how print builds stronger client relationships to become you client’s only marketing supplier.

who this is for

Learners and earners

This workshop is for creatives who want to bring their projects to life, looking to be seen as a leader in their field and who want to create long-term relationships with their clients.

Lisa will walk you through the process from start to finish, so don’t worry if you’ve never seen a printing press or feel overwhelmed with choices, you’ll leave with the skills and tools to feel confident talking all things print with your clients, ready to expand your opportunities and open a new revenue stream.

  • Graphic designers
  • Web Developers
  • Studio Owners
  • Artist & Creators

If you're ready to learn the process of printing to produce impressive results for clients and expand your creative services, join us in this workshop.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Job management process
  • Understanding of print fundamentals & Terminology
  • Confidence in creating print projects
  • Consistency in branding


Meet the Instructor

“As the digital landscape grows, the companies combining print and digital will be the ones who stand out from the crowd.”

Lisa Galea is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience when it comes to all things design, branding and marketing. She is fascinated by human behaviour and by combining her knowledge in creative thinking, marketing and mindset, she collaborates with entrepreneurs and SMD, guiding them on how to thrive in an ever-changing environment. Through coaching, speaking and workshops, she helps people shift their thinking and solve big picture problems.

She's worked with big names including Sotheby’s, Toyota and Penfold Wines, but also takes great joy in leading creative entrepreneur and SMB’s through the marketing and branding process.

In her life’s journey, Lisa’s learnt it doesn’t matter how great someone makes you look in the branding world, if you don’t have the right mindset, you’ll struggle with ongoing success. Having been in the business for over 25 years, Lisa knows the cyclical nature of branding and design. She knows what will stand the test of time and what will date quicker than mullets and blue eye shadow.

Lisa believes every day is a new chance for creativity and innovation. But you need to be curious enough to look down the rabbit hole to see it.

what's inside

Learn the complete printing process from start to finish to create consistently stunning work.

Live Video Workshop + Recording

The 6-hour live workshop will take you through the process and tools to get you started like a print professional. The recording will be available after the workshop.

Downloadable Resources

You'll have access to a collection of downloadable resources that will help identify limitations and advantages, as well as technical do’s and don’ts, of print production.

File Preparation Tools

Job Management Guides:

A comprehensive set of checklists and guides to ensure your projects run as smoothly as possible.

Project Overview

Here is an overview of your design considerations and check points during print production.

Client Briefing Questions

Clients are not designers. Do not expect them to know all their design requirements, it is our job to find the best cost effective solution and achieve the best results.

Preflight Checklist

Much like a pilot carries out a number of preflight checks before take-off; a creative has to carry out a number of important pre-print checks before sending your proofs to the printer. Check it once, check it twice - always attention to detail : one of the biggest pitfalls of printing is making silly mistakes.

Final Check PDF

A simple but comprehensive guide on how to review your files and separations in acrobat to avoid costly mistakes before sending final files. Including 10 of the top errors found by printers.

Paper Types and Weight

A basics guide to paper type and weight, and my recommendations for different types of projects. Univeral sizes in A, B, C and DL included.

Folds & Bindings Booklet

A comprehensive guide to a selection of commonly used folds and their terminology, how to request a quote examples and  includes a binding comparison chart to allow you to make cost effective choices when planning projects.

Print Glossary

Don’t know your UV from your RGB? Help is at hand with this comprehensive guide to common print terms.

Measuring Tool

Make effective font size choices for your projects with a physical guide to sizes, leading, and curves. Effectively measure existing rounded corners and curved surfaces for label projects. Pdf files are provided for you to print at home onto clear film or send the press ready file to your local printer.

Details & Logistics

2 Workshops Available

Workshop 3 -  Thurs. Mar. 18, 8am-2pm PDT
Workshop 4 - Wed. Apr. 21, 8pm-2pm PDT

Length & Format:

Approximately 6 hours. Live virtual conference via Zoom.

Pre Requisites:

A basic understanding of Adobe products, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, and InDesign.

Live Attendance: 

We recommend attending the workshop live, but you are not required to do so. You will have access to a video recording of the workshop, which will be uploaded 1 week after the event.

How To Prepare:

  • Have water on hand: it's important to stay hydrated!
  • If you'd like the instructor to be able to see you, make sure your webcam and microphone are in good working order.

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