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Character Design - Jan. 12


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Character Design - Jan. 12

about the event

Learn how to design your own illustrated characters in this interactive workshop. And get real-time feedback along the way.

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Add Character to Your Work

Character design- it can be hard. Sometimes even knowing where to start is a struggle- let alone nailing the proportions and striking the right pose. But this is a hot skill that will set your body of work apart. And it can be a whole lot of fun! In this workshop you'll not just get drawing right away, but you'll get feedback from The Futur's Creative Director, Greg Gunn.

How to Start

Ready, Set- Let’s Get Drawing!

Developing character design skills opens up a world of possibilities for work. Characters boost your portfolio, making you more hirable. But you can also develop your own intellectual property- and that means you can start making your own books and merch or characters for your own brand. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to what you can do with your illustration skills. After this workshop you'll be able to:

Design your own unique character from scratch.

Communicate an emotion through your character.

Use shapes, proportion, and character posing.

Add a valuable skill to your creative repertoire.

who this is for

This workshop is for all the designers, illustrators, and doodlers out there who want to dip their feet into character design.

If you've ever wanted to give character design a go but just don't know where to start, this is the workshop for you. Heck- even if you just want to get away from the daily design grind and try something new to expand your creativity, you'll want in on this. You'll get the opportunity to not just learn the fundamentals of character design, but get real-time feedback from Greg Gunn, who's illustrated for brands such as Disney, Starbucks, and Sony.


Meet the Instructor

“The term character design sounds intimidating, but it shouldn’t. Anything can be a character.”

A square, a squiggle, a single pixel. By making something a character you are giving it life and personality. You become a visual magician that can take an ordinary shape and turn it into a friend. Or a foe. Or… just a weird little creature.

I made this workshop for anyone who is interested in designing their own characters, but is not sure where to start. You don't need to know how to draw well to enjoy this workshop, but some design experience would be good to have.

Characters are special. They build homes in our hearts and even if they don't have eyes, we are able to connect with them on a human level. And knowing the basics of this powerful tool we call character design is something I think every designer should have.

what’s inside

Design your own character alongside Greg in this live, interactive workshop.

Greg's character design process

Greg will walk you through the basics of how he designs and builds out a character. From something super simple to a stylized, posed human with two arms and two legs.

Interactive project

Work alongside Greg and design your own character throughout the workshop. Greg will offer up real-time feedback and draw-overs so everyone can learn together.

Elements of character design

Greg will go over the building blocks of character design and leave you with a handy reference PDF of what's covered.

Workshop Recording

After attending this workshop, you’ll have access to the full recording for 14 days so you can jump back into the material if you need a refresher.

Details & Logistics

Date & Time:

January 12, 2022, 9am PST or January 13, 2022 7pm PST

Length & Format:

Approximately 3-4 hours. Digital conference, online only.

Live Attendance:

We recommend attending the workshop live, but you are not required to do so. You will have access to a video recording of the workshop for 14 days.

How To Prepare:

  • Bring your drawing materials of choice (e.g. Procreate, Photoshop, paper and pencil)
  • Have access to your choice of design app (e.g. Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Have water on hand: it's important to stay hydrated!
  • If you'd like the instructor to be able to see you, make sure your webcam and microphone are in good working order.

Register for the Character Design Workshop with Greg Gunn

Jan 12th, 2022
9:00am - 12:30pm PST

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