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Animating Logos with Variable Fonts - Jan. 24


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Animating Logos with Variable Fonts - Jan. 24

about the event

Turn your static logotype designs into juicy, animated showstoppers with the power of variable fonts in this interactive workshop.

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Get Moving

Give Your Logotypes Life!

You know all those deliciously animated font treatments popping up all over your favorite websites? Well, that’s called variable type- and in this workshop you’re going to learn this in-demand skill that’s the future of type design. It’s just what you need to set yourself apart and achieve even greater visual expression in your work- and your website’s going to look great, too!

How to Start

Get ready- because you’re about to make some tasty type moves!

It’s time to take your logotype to flavor town! This workshop’s delivering everything you need to take your current design, prep it to be variable-ready using the type design app Glyphs, and transform it into an eye-catching animated element for your website or social media. In this workshop you’ll:

Learn what variable fonts are and have an introduction to basic type design principles.

Learn to adapt your logotype to animate through variable font technology- from subtle shifts all the way to some imaginative and creative transformations.

Understand the benefits of using variable fonts for web applications.

Familiarize yourself with the type design app Glyphs- an industry go-to.

who this is for

Calling all designers, typographers, and design students- this workshop’s for you!

Variable fonts are gaining more and more popularity among creatives so they are a must if you want to take your type training to the next level! This workshop will help you understand what everyone is talking about and you will learn the basics for creating animating logotypes for your website or your clients!

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Meet the Instructor

Born in Cyprus, Monotype Senior Type Designer Emilios Theofanous, has a soft spot for quality Greek and multilingual typography. Since joining Monotype, he has worked on multiple custom and Library projects. Prior to joining Monotype, he collaborated with international foundries and contributed to large-scale projects such as Source Serif Greek Italic for Google Fonts and Adobe.

Being a firm believer of giving back and engaging with young designers, he enjoys giving workshops on type design and related emerging technologies. He is an avid collector of type specimens where he often turns for consultation, research and inspiration. In his spare time he is learning scripting for a more efficient type design process. Emilios is an EsadType graduate in type design, to go with a multidisciplinary background that includes a BSc in Mathematics and an MA in Digital Arts.

what’s inside

Animate your own logo using variable fonts right along with Emilios!

Introduction to Variable Fonts

No need to fear when it comes to all this new technical stuff- Emilios is going to walk you through the basics of variable type and how you can prepare your logotype file using the type design application Glyphs.

Prepping Your Logo

You’ll learn some tips and tricks for efficient and quality curve drawing, how to adjust your logo, and then design a new version of it in order to make the animation happen. In type terms, this is called a small design space- exciting!

Making Moves

Original logo version? Check! New logo version? Check! Once you have your small design space locked in, you’ll make the animation happen with a simple HTML file. You’ll get hooked and start sprinkling these font-moving skills on your website and your clients’- let the fun begin!

Details & Logistics

Date & Time:

January 24th 2022, 9am PST

Length & Format:

Approximately 4 hours. Digital conference, online only.

Live Attendance:

We recommend attending the workshop live, but you are not required to do so. You will have access to a video recording of the workshop for 14 days.

How To Prepare:

  • Download and install the Glyphs app (Mac Only). Theres a 30-day free trial that you can access here.
  • Download and install a text editor, such as Atom which is Open Source:
  • Bring a vector file of a logotype you want to animate. If you want to follow the instructor’s example, you can use the file provided with the workshop’s materials.
  • Using a PC? During the workshop we will focus only on Glyphs app which is macOS only, but many of the design and technical principles we will discuss are universal across font editors.
  • If you are on PC, you can experiment with FontLab which also has a 30-day trial:

Register for the Animating Logos with Variable Fonts Workshop w/Emilios Theofanous on Jan. 24th, 9am PST

January 24, 2022

9am-1pm PST

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