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Tuesday, January 16, 2024
Chris Do

Quick Announcement:
New Rule for Asking Questions: Members are now allowed to ask only one question. To earn the privilege of asking another question, they must demonstrate that they have taken action based on the previous guidance or information provided.

Shift from Information to Action: In 2024, there is a shift in focus from information dissemination to action. Chris Do emphasizes that he will prioritize reviewing and providing feedback on the actions that members are taking, rather than just discussing ideas.

Quick summary: AI integration, LinkedIn optimization, client targeting, lead generation, and event participation, aiming to improve overall business performance and effectiveness.

Top 4 Highlights

1. Incorporate AI Tools for Enhanced Productivity:
  - Explore and integrate AI tools to enhance understanding, productivity, and real-time editing of sales pages.

2. LinkedIn Profile Enhancement:
    - Use AI tools to rewrite and simplify LinkedIn profiles.
    - Post clarity and readability for the reader.
    - Focus on image quality and audience identification.
    - Refine customer persona for better lead generation.

3. Lead Generation and Business Growth Strategies:
    - Double down on generating leads from existing categories.
    - Leverage email, social media, and referrals for growth.
    - Address challenges posed by the post-pandemic economy.

4. Securing Speaking Slots at Live Events:
    - Explore alternative strategies like teaming up with a prominent individual.
    - Consider creating a Youtube video or submitting a case study.
    - Record a video pitch or sample talk for event organizers.

AuthoredUp: https://authoredup.com/
Glasp: https://glasp.co/
Dave's Office Hours - "Make Content Effortlessly with AI with Dave Katague": https://thefutur.com/membership/pro-library/make-content-effortlessly-with-ai-with-dave-katague

Chris Do Prompts:

1. Reflection on Past Successes:
   - "List your top three most successful projects. What common attributes did these clients share?"
   - "Think about a project you really enjoyed. What made this client or project stand out?"
2. Analyzing Client Characteristics:
   - "Describe your ideal client. What industry are they in? What are their main challenges and needs?"
   - "If you could choose, what kind of projects or problems would you solve every day?"
3. Financial Viability and Market Demand:
   - "Research and list niches you are interested in. What is the market size and potential for each?"
   - "For each niche, identify potential clients. Are they actively seeking design solutions? How urgent are their needs?"
4. Understanding Client Mindset:
   - "Imagine yourself in your client’s shoes. What are their top priorities and decision-making factors?"
   - "What fears or hesitations might these clients have about hiring a designer?"
5. Unique Value Proposition (UVP):
   - "What unique skills or perspectives do you bring to the table that others might not?"
   - "How does your design approach specifically address the needs of your ideal client?"
6. Realistic Persona Building:
   - "Create a detailed persona of your ideal client. Include demographics, psychographics, and their typical day."
   - "What are the communication preferences and platforms commonly used by your ideal client?"
7. Testing and Feedback:
   - "Choose a potential niche. Reach out to potential clients for informational interviews. What insights did you gain?"
   - "Based on your research, are there adjustments needed in your approach to better serve this audience?"

For the next Pro Call we are looking for 4 experts:

1. Cold Outreach and Emails:
If you've rocked at reaching out to folks using emails or bought email lists, share your success for the next call.

2. Paid Ads Whizzes:
If you're a champ at running ads, whether on Google or Facebook, and it helped you grow your audience.

3. Content Strategy Pros:
If your LinkedIn, YouTube, or Instagram content strategy brought in leads that boosted your business.

4. DM Masters:
Whether you're great at chatting in person at events or nailing virtual outreach, tell us if you've got the DM game.

Let us know via Circle DM to Andres

The One Instagram Post Your Need with Elle Money
Tuesday, October 10, 2023
Elle Money

Instagram Growth Framework

Main Concepts
GNC Content Strategy
The GNC content strategy framework outlines three distinct types of content to focus on when posting to Instagram:

Growth content aims to reach new audiences and gain followers. It offers simple, valuable tips to attract attention and encourage exploring one's account.

Nurture content builds connections by telling stories and sharing more in-depth advice/processes. It enhances trust and makes followers care about the creator.

Convert content directly sells one's services by highlighting specific pains or desires and targeting messages to feel personally relevant. It aims to inspire taking action like inquiries or signups.

Key Post Type: Transformation Story
Telling one's journey from struggle to success in a relatable way engages followers and humanizes the creator. It establishes credibility while not directly selling. Including pain points and desires makes it easier for followers to see themselves in the story.

GNC in Action
Growth Post Example 1
The original "How I Made It" post simply shared the creator's backstory without an ask. It reached over 1 million people organically by offering value without obligation. Relatability and transparency built connections.

Nurture/Convert Post Example 2
Later versions of the same story structured details and a call to action to warmth audiences and drive inquiries. Including specific processes and results enhanced perceived understanding and desire for the creator's help. The new framing directly encouraged followers to take the next step.

Implementing GNC
Follow a Consistent Rhythm
Post using all three strategies each week - one of each type - to maintain balanced growth, connection, and conversion efforts over time on both Feed and Stories. Instagram requires patience and consistency.

Focus on One Strategy at a Time
Craft each post to target a specific aim (growth, nurture or convert) by including tailored elements. Avoid trying to fulfill multiple purposes simultaneously which dilutes messaging.

Customize to Your Audience
Make transformation stories personally relatable by highlighting authentic struggles and desires. Target messages directly at followers to build perceived understanding and urgency around taking the next step.

Action Steps
1. Audit your current Instagram approach. Identify which strategies you focus on and any gaps.

2. Craft one sample Growth, Nurture and Convert post highlighting core elements discussed. Get feedback and refine.

3. Implement a GNC posting schedule, starting with one of each type per week. Track and analyze results to improve future content.

4. Refine transformation story template to customize pains, desires and processes specifically for your ideal client. Test sharing your journey.

5. Experiment with different call to actions at the end of nurture/convert content like asking followers to share their struggles or sign up for more information. Track impacts.

Instagram for Creatives with Jessica Miller | Jess Miller Draws
Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Join Jess Miller as she gives a presentation on how designers and illustrators can leverage instagram for their creative business. I'll touch on all aspects including how to level up IG stories, hashtags, utilize keywords, reels, captions, DMs, etc.

Jess Miller is a Los Angeles-based designer, illustrator, and educator. Her whimsical style is infused with bright pops of color and layered textures, drawing inspiration from nature, retro artwork, and vintage design. With a background in toy package design, Jess has seamlessly transitioned into a flourishing career in illustration. Her areas of expertise include hand lettering, surface pattern design, and character portraits. Jess's work has graced greeting cards, home goods, tech accessories, book covers, packaging, and more! In just three years, she has amassed a dedicated following of over 100K on her social media channels. She takes pleasure in sharing her strategies with fellow creatives, empowering them to harness the power of Instagram for their own creative businesses.

Using Instagram Effectively for Creative Business Growth

Overview and Mindset Shift
The key to growing an impactful creative business on Instagram is developing influence by helping your audience grow through educational, motivational and inspiring content. With the right mindset and strategy, Instagram can become a powerful free marketing tool to connect with clients, collaborators and a supportive community.

Profile Optimization  
Brand your profile
Add your name, photo and clearly define your niche/specialty in your bio to establish trust and awareness. Use your username and bio to rank for important keywords.

Archive irrelevant posts  
Remove older posts that don't reflect your best work or brand to curate a polished feed that tells your story.

Separate personal and business
Keep personal details private to maintain a professional presence. Create separate accounts if needed.

Content Strategy
Posting a variety of content engages more people. Mix up informative, motivational, beautiful and fun posts to satisfy different interests.

Post types that perform well:
- **Conversational** - Ask questions to spark discussions.
- **Educational** - Teach skills through tutorials or tips. Provides value people seek on social media.
- **Entertaining** - Make people laugh with humorous memes.
- **Beautiful** - Highlight aesthetics fitting the visual platform.  
- **Motivational** - Inspire action and progress.
- **Inspirational** - Uplift through positivity and feel-good material.

Community Building
Foster connections through engagement.

Engage with others
- Like, comment and ask questions and polls on other posts in your niche.  
- Have friendly discussions to establish yourself as an authority.

Build relationships
- Create educational collaborative content with influencers.
- Offer support to help others grow their businesses.

Growth Strategies
Leverage insights and focus efforts on top-performing content to expand reach.

Optimize further
- Switch to professional dashboard for analytics to A/B test.  
- Refine hashtags for discoverability.
- Repurpose Stories to feed.

Expand reach organically
- Repost top comments to reach new audiences.
- Cross-promote on other platforms.
- Promote in relevant Facebook groups.

Larger platforms lead to paid opportunities and clients finding you first.

Income sources may include:
- Classes and workshops  
- Freelance commissions
- Licensing artwork
- Affiliate marketing
- Brand collaborations

Action Steps
1. Audit profile and purge unrepresentative posts within 1 week.  
2. Ask weekly discussion questions to generate engagement.
3. Research hashtags for your niche and use 10-30 per post.  
4. Repost top comments 1x/week minimum.
5. Comment on 5 similar creator's posts daily to build relationships.

Colossal Content That Matters With James Martin
Tuesday, April 25, 2023

In this workshop we will be diving deep into power of having clarity around content creation. What are the pillars that drive us? What is the promise we keep to ourselves and our audience? How do we create conversations that drive our personal brand into the stratosphere? Should we build a personal or business account? These are just a few questions that will be answered within this mega MBJ workshop.

Please note that James' slide deck is for educational purposes only and is not to be repurposed, redistributed, or retaught in any form.

Special Event: Revolutionize your Reels process
Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Elle Money

Want to streamline your Reels creation process to generate better Reels in less time? Then this session is for you. Tune is to discover where to conceive ideas, how to script your Reels effectively, and what it takes to film 10 Reels in under an hour! Be sure to check out Elle's Instagram for more tips in the meantime https://www.instagram.com/elle.social/

TikTok Marketing - Open Q&A w/ Michael Sanchez
Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Come pick Michael Sanchez's brain on anything and everything you'd like, when it comes to TikTok. We'll keep this open format, so anyone who wants to share, provide value, or throw in their 2 cents is more than welcome to. This is more of a community call, but I will always answer any questions that's thrown my way. Some of the most discussed topics are: The Algorithm Advanced techniques Profile audits Content strategy Funnels Ads platform Influencer campaigns Strategies The Weather Anything you’d like

Content Pillars: Maximizing your Instagram Content
Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Elle Money

Want to know the trick behind growing a solid Instagram following? It's building a page where people know what to expect from you. They need to know who you are, what your content is about, and why they should care. Otherwise why would they hit that follow button? I'm sure you've heard of niching down - but it's about more than just specializing. This is where content pillars come in. Never heard of them before? Or not sure how to implement them successfully? Then don't miss this call. I'll be showing you why content pillars are vital, how to generate them for your own page, and how they'll keep your content ideas flowing. If you're struggling to create content that resonates with your target audience, then this call is for you. It will be a presentation followed by an open Q&A so be sure to join live! In the meantime, check out my IG for tips on making Instagram easy.

Content Pillars: Maximizing Your Instagram Content
- Content pillars are 3-5 topics that you consistently post about on Instagram to help you become known for one thing.
- They help your audience know what to expect from you and work towards your goals.
- Content pillars also assist in generating content ideas and filtering out irrelevant topics.

Why Do We Need Content Pillars?
- Posting without a clear focus can confuse your audience and make it difficult for them to engage with your content.
- Content pillars help you stay on track and work towards your goals, whether it's lead generation, audience growth, or brand recognition.
- Having a defined set of topics to post about makes it easier to generate content ideas and ensures that your posts have a purpose and function.

How to Create Content Pillars
1. Identify your niche or expertise.
2. Brainstorm 3-5 topics that align with your niche and that you are passionate about.
3. Consider your audience and what they want to see from you.
4. Refine your topics to ensure they are relevant, interesting, and unique.
5. Use these topics as your content pillars and consistently post about them.

- Elle Money, a social media expert, has 3 content pillars: social media management, marketing, and Instagram.
- These topics align with her niche and passion, and they are also relevant and interesting to her audience.

Adding Purpose and Function to Your Posts
- Once you have your content pillars, you can add purpose and function to your posts.
- Purpose: How the post will serve you and help you work towards your goals.
- Function: How the post will serve your audience and provide them with value.

- Elle Money's post about content pillars serves the purpose of educating her audience and promoting her Instagram accelerator program.
- Its function is to provide her audience with valuable information and help them improve their Instagram strategy.

Action Steps:
1. Determine your niche or expertise.
2. Brainstorm 3-5 topics that align with your niche and passion.
3. Refine your topics to ensure they are relevant and unique.
4. Use these topics as your content pillars and consistently post about them.
5. Add purpose and function to your posts by considering how they will serve you and your audience.

There are a few more things to consider when it comes to maximizing your Instagram content using content pillars. These include consistency, variety, and understanding your audience.

Consistency is key when it comes to content pillars. Make sure to stick to your chosen topics and post about them regularly. This will help your audience know what to expect from you and build trust.

However, it's also important to have variety within your content pillars. This will keep your audience engaged and interested in your content. You can achieve this by using different formats such as photos, videos, and stories, and by approaching your topics from different angles.

Understanding your audience is crucial in order to effectively use content pillars. Take the time to research your target audience and see what type of content they engage with the most. This will help you tailor your content to their interests and needs.

Overall, content pillars are a powerful tool for maximizing your Instagram content and achieving your goals on the platform. By identifying your niche, creating relevant and interesting topics, and adding purpose and function to your posts, you can create a strong and effective Instagram strategy.

TikTok Profile Reviews w/ Kia Abrera
Thursday, November 3, 2022

If you are someone who is active on TikTok and want hear Kia's wonderful profile/content tips this call is for you 🙌

Oct 6, 2022
TikTok Profile Reviews
Thursday, October 6, 2022

If you are someone who is active on TikTok and want your profile/content reviewed this call is for you 🙌

TikTok Profile Reviews w/ Kia Abrera
Friday, September 9, 2022

The wonderful Kia Abrera answers questions about how to use TikTok. How do I manage may audience? What are some tips for doing voice overs? How do you build trust on TikTok? How do you title a TikTok video? How important are hashtags on TikTok?

Aug 18, 2022
LinkedIn Profile Review
Thursday, August 18, 2022

Top takeaways Your LinkedIn profile tells a chapter in your story. If a piece of content that you publish sparks interest for someone, they will likely check out your profile. One of the reasons to have your profile optimized. They may ask "is this the right person for me to follow and/or connect with? Header image: Use this space wisely Can someone get an impression of you based on this image? Use text to inform people about what you do (what do you want to be known for?) Headshot: Is it high quality? Approachable? This is important because when you comment on LinkedIn you'll be creating familiarity Consider using the video feature Headline: Be specific, if someone new reads this, will they understand? Enough for people to think but not so hard Experiment and see what works About: Tell a story, people do read this section. In some cases, you can put a call-to-action at the end (invite people to DM you). LinkedIn loves data, strategically put your keywords here. Featured: This is the gold mine area Highlight a previous post Showcase social proof Show your lead magnets Talk about your newsletters Experience: Keywords are essential (might not be your official title but that's okay) If you speak a second language, LinkedIn has a feature to create your profile in a different language. Endorsements: LinkedIn will use this when people are searching for these skills You can reorder skills on your profile Strategically pick what your top three are - consider the keywords

Aug 4, 2022
TikTok Profile Reviews
Thursday, August 4, 2022

The wonderful Kia Abrera reviews Zaki Zughbi and Pedro Ruíz TikTok content and informs them on ways to improve. This was a fun session!

Top 3 YouTube Content Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
Friday, June 10, 2022

How to make videos that look and sound incredible, share messages and impact your business.

Reflection and Insights From Grow With Video Summit
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Chris Do

Something that's very common with these high net worth people. They spend an incredible amount of money on coaches and advisors.

Secrets to LinkedIn Content Creation — Content System & Carousel Design
Friday, May 27, 2022

Great call from Pik! Topics covered: 1. Briefly share my LI journey 2. Share my LI content system 3. Carousel design tips

Growing an Audience Through Consistent LinkedIn Content Creation

Pik's Journey with LinkedIn Content Creation
- Kung Pi started creating LinkedIn content in 2020 as part of a 100-day content challenge  
- She struggled at first with coming up with daily content and only posted 2.5 times per week
- In 2021 she tried posting more consistently but with "lazy content" like event calendars which didn't perform very well
- By the end of 2021 she committed to daily posting and saw great results over 4.5 months with her audience growing from 2,300 to 7,800 followers
Consistency is key to success - don't give up, keep improving your process over time

Keys to Creating Consistent Content
- Commit to your goal of daily posting
- Believe the process works with persistence
- Outsource non-essential tasks so you can focus on content creation
- Batch create content 1-2 months in advance for scheduling flexibility

Developing an Effective Content Pillar and Idea Generation System

Define Your Content Pillars
- Choose 2-5 topics that relate to your expertise, industry and interests
- Examples: Design, Branding, Fintech, Startups, Women Entrepreneurship

Generate Content Ideas
- Read widely in your niche for inspiration
- Draw on past work and client experiences
- Leverage personal stories which tend to perform well
- Keep a running notebook of ideas

Action Steps:
- brainstorm 2-5 initial content pillars
- start a dedicated "ideas" notebook

Keep it Simple and Scannable
- Limit each post to one main idea  
- Use short sentences and paragraphs
- Break up blocks of text

Action Steps:
- Apply the MIMC method to an idea from your notebook
- Have someone test the readability of your written sample

Designing Visual Carousel Content

Carousel Design Process:
1. Lay out your written content  
2. Add images last - content comes before aesthetics
3. Schedule posts in advance for consistency

Make it Easy to Read
- Break up first 3 lines which are prominently displayed
- Use white space and formatting to guide the eye

Action Steps:
- Select a written sample and mock up a carousel design
- Send to a friend for feedback on visual readability

Growing Your LinkedIn Audience

Consistently Post Great Content
- Share at the same time each day for predictability
- Cross-post your content to other relevant networks  

Engage With Your Community
- Pose discussion questions to generate comments
- Reply to comments to build rapport  

Action Steps:  
- Set a fixed weekly posting schedule
- Experiment with different types of discussion prompts

Final Summary
Through perseverance and continual refinement of her process, Kung Pi Liu grew a highly engaged LinkedIn community. Her story demonstrates that consistent, high-quality content focused on your expertise can achieve great results over time through strategic LinkedIn community engagement. Commit to the fundamentals - clear pillars, regular ideation, simple writing and visuals, and audience interaction. Continuous learning and adaptation are key to success in content marketing.

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