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$100M Leads Book Launch Review

Chris Do
August 23, 2023

Join Chris as he analyzes the book launch of Alex Hermozi's $100M Leads.


0:00:00.00 Call Intro

0:01:44.81 $100M Leads Book Launch

0:21:33.42 Essential Roles

0:30:19.65 Value Stack

0:38:10.70 Using mockups

0:40:14.16 Effective video titles

0:41:00.19 Creating your own methods

0:49:27.26 A lesson in "Easy"

1:01:05.37 Alex Hermozi's Career

1:12:16.71 Karmic Equity

1:31:10.99 The Story of Paul Hoke

1:35:39.66 Should you do cold outreach or content marketing?

1:39:04.49 Lessons from Jesse Itzler

There are no supplemental materials to accompany this video.
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