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How To Leverage Clubhouse For Growth

Chris Do goes through his strategy and approach to grow on the Clubhouse platform.

Important: We’re sorry about this, but this transcript is hard to read. We’ve added the wall of text below to help our search function better. If you’d like to help us format this, please reach out to andres@thefutur.com. In the meantime, simply turn closed captions on (CC) the video above to read along.
I wanted to make sure other people who were on circle were aware the call is happening today, so I saw some people filtering. Maybe, maybe it helped a little bit here. So I'm going to just slate this so you guys can see. I believe it's this which button is. Is it this button? You can see the screen. yeah, Yeah. So this is called number four, the clubhouse. And I want to tell you a little bit about our strategy here. What's going on? There's a lot of changes that are happening, and I'm sorry for some of you who are feeling really uncomfortable. I'm here to make sure that you understand what the big intention is here and so that you don't feel left out or left behind. OK, so that's really what we're trying to do. All right, go ahead. Can I just take a second to appreciate how beautiful that red is on the 170 eight? That's all. Oh, you're welcome. Thank you. OK, I'm most coming back from the land of the dead here. OK hit the Rona and Matilda is looking great. Yeah, Yeah. OK, so let me pin Natalie here. Make her co-hosts OK. All right, what are we doing? There's a lot of changes going on, so we made the mass migration. Just imagine if we're all the dinosaurs and I'm telling you there's no more water, there's more land here. We've got to go somewhere else and it's slow moving. I'm like, come with me, people. And I was like, oh, freaking circles. All new changes are problematic. Here's a couple of things I want to say whether you politically or otherwise align with what Facebook is doing. There were some groaning about Facebook stealing our data or privacy marketing to us all the time, feeding us things are not good for our health like doomscrolling and just giving us all the negative stuff, but an opportunity period that as this group is growing and it's in tension to grow. And I'll talk about that in a second. But we need a place where we can organize and have features that we need. Coincidentally, Ben became friends with the founders of not clubhouse. I'm sorry with circles that they're willing to prioritize our needs. So imagine if we had a direct line to Zuckerberg saying, you know, it'd be great if we had calendar integration and notifications and they're like, well, that wasn't our priority. We're going to move it to the front of the line. It would be great if we can have certain kind of features and basically like group chatting and the like. OK, we'll prioritize that too. And so that's been really awesome. So it's not perfect today. It may never be perfect, but it's going to be better than it was. I think once we get into the new habit, I'm still there. Like, how do I talk to my people? I'm trying to find you on Facebook and remember, oh, I got to go to circle and I got to post the message there. So they recently released an app for at least IOS, which is a much nicer experience on mobile. It's getting a little bit faster, but just being able to create multithreaded forums with different moderators and groups. It's instant access now. So once you're on the teachable account, like once you are enrolled, the access to it is automatic. You don't have to wait for somebody to let you in. It's just it's a lot smoother now. It's not perfect. There's a lot going on, and it's going to take a little bit of time to figure out, OK, because it's almost like all of Facebook, but just program and there are other groups in there. It's a little messy there. We'll get through this. OK, now I want to tell you and get ready to groan because I know you're going to groan. I want to grow this group by 5 times the size. I know it's a lot of people right now already. What are you talking about? This crazy talk, right? There's like 400 of you and how are we going to breathe? How are we going to know what's up? That's why it's important for us to move to a different platform. So we can figure this thing out and keep it sorted and organize. And so you'll only want to turn notifications on for the things that you care about, otherwise turn them all off if there's an emergency. I'm not saying, I can do this all the time. If there's a 911 fire alarm, Chris, I'm going to lose the house. I'm going to lose this gig and you need to get a quick answer from me. Message me on circle. Please use it judiciously, very sparingly, because I cannot get bombed with every little question and keep it super short, if I don't reply, it's because your question is too long. But if you have an emergency and only use it under emergency situations, I will try to help you or I'll get somebody to help you. That's a difference there, just alone, the fact that you're going have a direct line to me in case you're in a jam, if a client calls and you're freaking it out and you don't know what to do as what Mo was doing the other day, it's like Chris. I think I messed up the call. I want to land this job. He can get in touch with me that way, I should. Go ahead, say it. I should definitely happen, you know? And it's hard. And we've got to fake news. We just got off clubhouse and I was like, OK, I'm losing it right now. I need just to. I need quick help from you. If you don't mind, and Chris is super generous and he really, really cares about if anybody this group, so use it wisely, have a direct question. Be ready with the problem and he will help you. He really will. Oh, if you're scared, he doesn't bite. Sometimes very limited sparingly, does he bite? It's more like a nibble. Yeah, but it's the good bite. It's the one that like, it's the oh, I'm a live check bite. Do that. Yeah, OK, so that's how you use that. So there's some benefits there. Now, before you groan and like, say, I'm out of here, I'm ending my membership, I'm leaving. Let me tell you why we want to do this. There's power and community. There's power and connection. And as we grow in our diversity and our different skill sets and also in our different size, we're hoping that people who run to $3 million agencies and design studios will then look to you all as the first call for talent, for collaboration. And if you went to the last future pro meetup, you felt that connection when 40 or 50 of us were in the same room and we're like, you know, I've seen you, I've seen you. This is my De Niro imitation. Now I've seen you. And here you are in the flesh and we're talking and we're connecting. We're having lunch, we're hiking, we're sweating. We're cursing at each other. That's what I'm looking for. But that's not the real reason. The real reason is this as this group grows, I have more money. That's great. It's good for Chris. No, that means I can do all the things I want to do with this group. And the first thing that we're trying to implement here, it's gotten off to a bumpy start. Our subject matter experts. I want to be able to put these people on staff to literally help you do the work with you. Not for you, but with you so that you can be successful in your life. So, for example, and we can't do this today, but we will get there. Is that, for example, if you're trying to launch your YouTube channel and you need somebody to help you run ads or to read the analytics? Those calls, those 90 minute calls, are for you to literally bring in your account, share your screen and somebody to walk you through, and it's like, here's what you're not doing, right? Change these settings. Oh, here's my proposal for a really important job. Can I get some eyes on this and make sure I'm looking at this correctly? So a lot of what we do is we create content and then you consume. And then we leave you to figure it out. I want to start to change that. So these subject matter experts that are under the Office hours, with exception of a few people, are meant for you to bring homework to them and show them something so they can help you. Does everybody understand that we're not quite fully grasping that concept because we had Bret on and Bret Brown and I was hoping many of you would bring your positioning statement, your copy, your website, a letter, a headline, something, a campaign you're about to run for him to work on that with you. Not for him to lecture at you and say, like, oh, OK, you just give me more work to do. That's not the intention. So this is what we want to be able to do. So we're clear on that. OK, so when I bring on an attorney, when I bring in an accountant or an investment manager or somebody like that, that's when you show up and you fill it up. What we want to do is we want to have signups. Theoretically, what I want to do is give each person 15 minutes maximum to work with a subject matter expert to get help. So when I post the event, whoever says, OK, I got the I got slot number one, slot number two and you guys just self-regulate the subject matter. Experts are not pro members. They will not know what we're doing. They don't need to. We're adults. We know how to do this. So when they introduce themselves, you know, I'll let them know what's going on. You can say, OK, I'm number one. I got your first 15 minutes. Here's what I'd like for you to look at. Can you help me here? And then you self-regulate after 15 minutes and please be generous. Don't hog all the time. When your time's up and keep yourself on time, you say, OK, I think my time is up, I want more help, but I'm going to pass it to the next person, I believe. Mary's up next. OK that's how we're going to do this. Any questions about the office hours? OK I don't I don't have a question, but can I say something real quick? Yeah OK. Yeah the other day, Chris was telling me on the phone, and some of you may already know this, but he's spent 12 years on business coaching. And there was a moment on the phone where he said, Mo, I allocate with you a lot of time in comparison to many other people. And sometimes it amazes me how someone on YouTube can watch a video and implement what I said in a way that gets them 10x the results. So what's the point of listening to a conversation with me or being on the phone with me if you don't implement at scale? And that hurt to hear for me. Ouch but I yeah, but it's the good hurt. The reason why I share that is because there's 82 of us right now here. 400 total that have direct access to Chris and as well as people in the office hours if we were paying this kind of money once a month and we don't milk it when an industry expert comes in and tells us, Yo, I can help you with your law or copyright or whatever. And we're doing a disservice to ourselves and we're not taking that level of execution. So I show that to be better than me, and I share that to let everybody know, like, recognize the opportunity. It's in front of us because Chris moves fast and he's going to bring in these people and we need to, like, really allocate the time, be selfish, like, that's OK. You're allowed to be selfish when you're in this group, because that's going to show the other people that aren't in this group like, Yo, this is what you're missing out and come be a part of us. So I just wanted to share that with you guys. Like, don't feel like icky if you're like, oh, well, I want to take up 15 minutes. No, take up the 15 minutes on exactly what you need. That's all. Thanks, mel, for sharing so vulnerable your vulnerability there, so most definitely, I want to help you, I want to help you get there. And it can't do that at scale in the way that we're doing. That's why I'm bringing others to help me. So as we're at 400 people, as we get to 800 people or whatever number, I just have more resources. So instead of having one session once a month, we'll have to have 4 and you don't have to show for anyone that you're not particularly interested in. And then you guys let me know that was helpful. Can we get more of that or that wasn't helpful to me. I want to bring in designers. I want to bring in web developers, people to help you. Now these are people I have to pay money to do this. Like, for example, if I bring in an air attorney and I know one, she is not cheap at all. But if you guys, as you're scaling up, you have issues with HR and policies and adapting with remote workers, which is the boat that I'm in, you're going to want this help. The other day, I was talking to Moe and he was like, man, I didn't understand how to set up my finances for accounting. I didn't realize I can have greater tax deductions. I can bring you in a tax attorney or I can bring in a CPA. That's the promise. So imagine in the very near future, you guys supplied me with a list of things that you need help with. And we hear enough demand for it, and I'm readily ready to spend the money as long as you guys get utility out of it, as long as you grow. Now I've heard of other mastermind groups. I won't name the person's name, but it's $10,000 a year to belong to. You know, all they do is connect people. There's no learning. There's no vault. There's no experts to help you. So what I want to do here is, as I've said before, I obsess about how to help you guys grow and to get there. OK, so like we can do sessions where we're going to just critique Instagram carousels or we can critique your campaign or whatever it is, or even your course. Those are the things that we want to do. OK, so I'm going to pause for a second, give everybody, especially the introverts time to think, formulate a question before we move on to the next thing. Can I ask a question? Yes, please. What what are you offering? As of right, this right now, is it 15 minutes on circle or? I'm not exactly sure from. That's a great question. We're first talking about it tomorrow. Yes so we have two regularly scheduled calls a month, both in the morning, the first and third Wednesday of every single month at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard time, this same time right now. This being the first Wednesday of the month. OK, unless otherwise notified, you can set your calendar and your watches to this time. 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time Monday. The first and third Wednesday of every month. Now in between, we're going to have something called office hours. These are hosted by other people other than being. So one person that we've had come on regularly is therapist Wesley and little. And so those are put under circles, under calls and events. That's where you should go. That's why it's so high up on that stack there. It's right underneath announcements and you're going to see different things now. Some of them are just your fellow members, and there's going to be structured a little bit differently when I'm bringing in somebody to help you like copywriting or to get legal help. You're going to want to see that event, comment on it and saying, I'd like to sign up for slot one. And what we're going to do is as soon as that, that expert is ready, they start the call. You get in and as soon as they prompt you, you're going to say, OK, I'm your first appointment today, and then you talk. And they'll help you. That's the idea. So that means they're only booked for 90 minutes. That means that only six people at most are going to get help. I want to do a little bit more structured. Of course, you can tune in. You can just listen because there's a lot of learning and the listening. And we may or may not record these in the future because there are some issues with security and privacy. And we'll talk about that in a second. But did I answer your question? Yes, it's clear, thank you. Perfect, Thanks for asking that question, by the way. All right. Any other questions about that, OK, I see, Anna. Kuzio was first. OK, kezia. Go ahead, sorry. Hey, Chris. Hi, everyone. So I wanted to know if we can use our 15 minutes, like can it roll over to another time and day? It's like a Terraform plan. You cannot, because basically they show up for that 90 minutes they're bought and paid for. If you sign up, you got to use it. If you don't use it, it should just be moved to the next person. So that's an excellent question. OK and they'll come back. They're just going to be booked every month. As long as people are telling me, I'm loving this, I got a lot of help. I'm making a lot of progress. Otherwise, I don't book them again. OK, so as long as they can come back, because a lot of times I don't know what questions to have because I'm trying to learn more. So that's fine. That's good. Thank you. OK, so here's what you do, everybody, as you're going about your daily life. If you hit a roadblock, if you're confused about something, if you're wondering to yourself, is there a better way to do this? I want you to just jot that down in your notebook or wherever so that when the subject matter experts are announced, you think problem solution, maybe it's kind of close. I'll sign up for slot number one. And then when that person starts talking and you share your problem, if it's a misalignment, they'll tell you, I'm actually not qualified to answer this. OK, OK, great. At least now I know. Let's move on to the next person. Does that make sense? OK all right now to honor. Hi my question is regarding what Mo said, like I understand now that we have slots for the office hours, which I didn't know because had I known, I would have brought my wonderful website to read and showed it to him, but I wasn't aware and I thought I could do that. But then I would take away so much time. And so I hold back and I'm happy to see progress. But regarding what Moore said with asking you for questions? Is that is that serious? I mean, do you intend to do that for 500 people or how long is this going to work? I intend to do for 2000 people. No, I don't want you to ask me the question. I'm saying if you have an emergency and you're not seeing a response in your thread and something bad is going to happen to you. Use me as 9-1. The cops are coming. You call me, you text me, and then I will respond, OK, don't send me a message saying, how are you doing? How's your hair? I don't have time for that. No, it's got to be an emergency. OK, so if you have an emergency, you text me and in the clubhouse app and I will get it and I'll do my best to respond because I have notifications turned on from the circles and circles. Yeah, circles. OK my mistake? Yes, someone's it. We've been on Clubhouse quite a lot lately. Yeah, I'm always like mixed up right now and the call is about Clubhouse. So it's like, that's where my mind is right now. OK, thanks, Ana. OK, Thanks. Yeah, if you have a problem, it's an emergency. You text me. On circle. Who's next? Timothy hey. Well, these office hours be recorded, so if there's something that someone's talking about for 15 minutes with these special guests, if they're talking about something that I might apply to myself, will it be on the website so that we can watch the video later? Yes as of right now, the plan is to record it. I'm leaving the option open not to record. If you all tell me, please stop the recording. I can be more forthright with what it is I need to talk about. I don't feel comfortable enough to talk about this in public. When I put that poll out or that question to the circle group, they said, nope, we're totally fine. Keep them all public, keep them all recorded, because we can actually watch them and learn from them. OK, now since Timothy, you brought that up. I've been thinking about this a lot, actually. There are people who are shy. There are people who feel embarrassed to bring what they might say is a problem not worthy of being discussed with such a large group. Some people look up to the people just in this group by themselves, and so it's hard for them and I want to be sensitive to that. So when it's appropriate, I'm going to create breakout rooms and there's a new feature that's been turned on for zoom, where we can choose which rooms we go into. So I can create a number of breakout rooms, rooms for networking rooms for just chatting with me specifically. So if it's a really private issue and annually and I have tested this, I can create a private room, relinquish my role as the host and just join that room and then annually and I can talk privately about whatever it is we need to talk about and then rejoin the group. So I'm trying to use these platforms as best as I can. Now speaking of platforms, we're also doing air meets, which are really super fun about networking, and it's much easier to have conversations than air meet than it is here here. One person talks. Everybody listens in air meet. You can have tables and people can cross talk. They're manageable. And it's super cool. OK good question, Timothy. OK, I think next is Alejandro. Hi hi, everybody. So I was thinking about that, like recording. I understand the concern about privacy, but it would add a lot of value to the group. But also, I wanted to point it. I was thinking that maybe 15 minutes in some locations might be, you know, like too little time to go over something like too deep. So it will be awesome, for instance, if the people are going to come in and offer those office hours would be kind of prepared with some coaching plan, or maybe they offer those type of services so that we can even ask them, OK, can we get like two hours of coaching or one hour coaching? That would add a lot of value to me. Yeah OK, so there's a couple of things there, if I understand you correctly, Alejandro, if you sign up for subject matter expert an office hour and there's only four of you. You use your 15 minutes and then there's still 30 minutes left. Get back in the queue and say, look, I have a follow up and get help. Ok? I'm sure every person that we invite would be thrilled to have a private session with you. But my I don't want to tell them that because then they're going to start pitching and selling to you guys. And I'm not trying to get you to spend more money. I'm trying to get you to help. I do coaching hours, coaching calls their one hour long. You would be surprised at how much we could do in 15 minutes. You will be shocked. What you have to do is you have to come prepared. Right like the heart of Mo's problem the other day when he said he has this kind of job emergency. We solved in five minutes. It didn't take long to solve, but then we talked about it for a lot longer just because I wanted to make sure he understood all the little nuance. But the problem can be resolved really quickly. Just come prepared. Focus on the problem, say, I'd love for you to look at my messaging and positioning and let the coach take over and they'll help you in. Some problems can't be resolved, obviously in 15 minutes, but the ones that can, let's try to use it this way. OK thank you. Yes, you're welcome. OK your friends were 99 in the room, go ahead and ping em refreshing the room. Pull down, reset the room. Go ahead. Take your friends in the group. This helpful. We want to hit 100 people in Zoom. Ok? this is really lovely. I'm seeing that you guys are starting to understand. There we go. There's 100 people. So we created a second account and just joined us. Good job, Mo. OK, so I think we kind of understand how the office hours works right now. What I'd love to do is everybody just stop chatting for one second, and I would like for you to just type in the kind of subject matter expert that you think would most likely help you. Solve a problem that you're working on. And tell me what the problem is, so I need help with my website. I need help with my topography. I need help with my positioning. Business strategy is a little too broad. Can you narrow it down for me, please? Tax attorney. OK, I'm going to ask my mods Aniline and Mo, who are on this call today to just take note of the ones that are the most active, the ones that you see the most. OK OK, so I'm going to just let you guys do that, and just until that's all done, we will not do any other chatting in that chat box until that's sorted out, OK, and then I will go and then search for people to help. HMM, interesting. OK and the next order of business is I want to talk to you about Clubhouse and why you see potentially everybody here talking about it, what the plan is. All right. There's a two pronged Trojan Trojan horse strategy that don't want you to tell everybody unless I'm saying it is. I'm trying to grow my clubhouse following really fast to get people to join this group so that we can then buy more subject matter experts. That's really what I'm trying to do. Consequently, something really wonderful is happening on Clubhouse is that many of you need help in getting exposure for your accounts, either on Twitter or on Instagram or wherever else. What's really interesting is the people that are up in the panel with me. Of course, people naturally look at their accounts, follow them, and within three calls, I'm pretty sure it's three calls on Clubhouse. Mo already got a job lead for an engagement that is thousands of a month, potentially. An analyst following his growing and dribble hasn't gotten anything yet, but we're only three calls deep into this, so an idea occurred to me that by bringing on pro people. Into that spotlight, they're going to check out your profiles. And I'm going to do my best to be the best wingman you've ever had in your life to set you up and to prop you up so people know who you are and what you do. OK this is going to create opportunity and problems. So let's talk about what the opportunity is and what the problem is, the opportunity, obviously is in clubhouse. There are people who are going to be at different tiers. It's not just a bunch of designers talking to other designers, we're talking about marketers, we're talking about business people CEO. And hopefully if I have any influence or leverage, I'm going to bring those people into the room. Talk about some high level stuff like, say, social media marketing strategy, and then they're going to need somebody to do that work and hopefully you're all there to catch it. That's the opportunity, plus, even if you're on a call and you get 50 new followers, hey, I'm now able to use the social platform for the good of this group and that's what I want to use it for. So I hope everybody understands that I've not figured out how to do that before in scale. Quickly on any other platform, clubhouse is that platform because there's business to be had here. There really is. What's the problem, you say there's a catch to this, isn't there? Yeah, there is a catch. The catch is this if your Instagram profile is not up to snuff, you're going to lose that opportunity. The platform is connected to Twitter and Instagram, and more and more people are going to be connected on Instagram than they are going to be on Twitter. So if you've been lagging, if you haven't gotten your profile picture and your bio kind of on point, if you have been consistently updating and feeding your Instagram account with high quality content. Excuse me, high quality content that positions you well. Your moment, it's going to be gone. It'll happen again. The reason why I think Mo got an inquiry is because he's up on the panel. They like the energy behind this person. They check him out and they're like, oh, this guy makes videos for people. And he even says in his bio. So one of the things we all need to do right now ahead of our 10 o'clock clubhouse call is go to your account and start editing it right now. Make sure you have a good profile picture. What's a good profile picture? Something that it's clearly you has a little personality, but with a simple background, this background is too complicated. If it's a solid color or white or Black or gray, that would be best so that they can see you, that's the only way they know who you are. I'm going to go into the best practices on that call. Live with you, but I would love for you guys to update that if you look at my bio. It's written in a very specific way, and I think you should use this as a template if it feels like it works for you. Ok? the way I write is this I write, I'm a loud introvert. That's my two word personal brand. I'm a loud introvert. Two words that oppose each other. With a big mission to teach a billion people. How to make a living, doing what they love. That's that's the reason why people should care. I don't tell them how I'm not selling. I'm an author of 15 courses, and I want to let them know why they should care. And then I get into a bullet point list of my credentials. Why is this important, especially in clubhouse? Well, clubhouse is one of these rare places where you can actually create a really long bio. As far as I know, there's no character limit. So I literally do bullet points, not full sentences, because when you being introduced by moderators make it really easy for them to introduce you. So they can scan the bullet point and say, oh, you know, Chris is an Emmy award winning director. He's worked with clients like x, y and z, and he's even Inc 5,000 member. They can choose the points in which they want to talk about. You need to do this ASAP, so when we're on Clubhouse and we pull you up on stage and you ask the question, we're dialoguing with you. The first thing that people do is they check out who the heck you are. Do yourself a gigantic favor right now and edit that. And if you like what you wrote. Make sure that's consistent across LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, get a super consistent same picture. Everything lines up. There's no weirdness here. I met a woman, her name is Eva. And she was in a clubhouse room, super cool, and so she messaged me on Instagram and I'm like, this is not the same person. Two totally different pictures. I would have never guessed it the same person. That's a bad sign. One of these two pictures is true. If you use a different picture, make sure it looks just like you. And I read the book, I forget, forget what it's called, but like the new relationship marketing. And she said it has to be up to date. And it has to be consistent because when people meet you in real life for the sea and zoom, they want to make that connection. That's you. Now, right now, people can't recognize me because my hats are not, but, you know, normally I'm consistent about that. All right. Your breath is all so crazy. You need to update your picture. You should change your glasses. It's true, but I changed my glasses all the time. Mm-hmm OK, that's a problem. I have a drawer full of glasses here. It depends on my mood. OK, so I see another hand up before the hand guys for your bio on Clubhouse. The the tagline that shows up in the search is the first 50 characters that you write. So don't get long winded if, because people are going to see you in two places when they search you by name and then when they click on your photo, when you're in a room, it'll only show the first 50 characters. So make sure that the first 50 characters are that tagline that's written in a benefit to the people that you serve. So that's really the point. Mo, if I may, if I may share our story together here a little bit, please. Yeah, yeah, OK. Mona, I've been talking and I'm like on his bio, I'm reading his stuff. I'm like, whoa, this is confusing to me because, you know, Mo's bringing the fire with his descriptions, and he's very creative in that way and he's like, you know, video cookery and this and that. And I said, you know, this is very creative. I just don't know what you do. And if you're up there on stage and I can't figure it out, I know who you are. What are the chances of somebody else is going to figure this thing out. So Mo has this theme like cooking and chef and things like that. He's serving up some hot stuff. So through a little bit of manipulation and re articulation, we're able to keep consistent. This is really important. You have to be consistent with your theme about who you are. Ok? so it's not enough to say video cookery, because that doesn't mean anything to anybody. So after a little sharpening, I'm not a copywriter, but he came up with something that was really clear and concise. And the first time he introduced himself? People literally clapped. That's what you want to be able to do. So instead of saying video, cookery and whatever else, he said, well, what did you say before, before we cleaned it up. Yeah, it was video cookery and like communication Maverick or something like that. Some really convoluted. It was a communication Maverick. That's right. I remember that he's flying Jets and one and then he's in the kitchen on the other. Like, I didn't even get that like, what's the point of that right? So we started brainstorming, kicking around some ideas. I say, OK, I know you're all about the cooking thing, but you have to use the language like they're double entendres, like they're puns. So can you find words that relate to cooking and making really great videos? So we started talking about like hot, fresh bite size, tasty, those kinds of things and which led us to the Pillsbury Doughboy. It's like popping fresh dough, you know, like when people push his belly, he's like, hey, like popping fresh dough. A video that's popping. We get that. So Mozart's writing something he's like. I serve up hot, tasty, bite size social video content. People call me the Pillsbury Doughboy. And then, boom, his brand is born. You see how that's really clear. I know what I stand for. And then the language is consistent, and there's a benefit and it's memorable, and every time he introduces himself, people say, well, how am I supposed to follow that? OK, everybody understand we're spending some time talking about this because in one hour and 22 minutes, we're going to be on there, I would like for you guys to work this stuff out right now. OK You can push Mo's belly. He's not been working out as much as he used to allow. You don't want to go ahead. No, we're in the I'm in the Rohnert chamber. Don't come from me. That's on your weakest man. OK, let's keep moving on. Next up is Denis. So just a quick question, if I was to put my positioning statement as the first or like right around the beginning, would that work? Well, like if my business positioning statement work well as the beginning of your bio and you post, well, what does it sound like? Um? OK, so. Um, brain worked as a logo design and branding studio that helps automotive aftermarket companies customize their brand to enhance their business and the clients they serve. OK that is a mouthful, Dennis. That's all I thought. Yes OK, if you guys want to do that branding exercise with me, just find two words and put them together. Find what your core. A word is and then final word that opposes that. And then that's going to get you to somewhere that's unique in the space like Johnny cupcakes. You guys know Johnny cupcakes. They don't sell cupcakes and make t-shirts. They have a cult like following people tattoo their logos on their bodies. Pretty crazy. Johnny cupcakes describes himself as a t-shirt. OK, we get that bakery. Now, this is really interesting in the world of apparel companies. There's a gazillion t-shirt companies in the world of bakeries. There's a gazillion of those, too. But there's only one t-shirt bakery. And that is genius marketing genius positioning. Because just like describing as a t-shirt bakery. You have to ask. Why how what is this? It's too intriguing to pass up. So you know what Johnny does when he talks in his keynotes, he's like, I have secret ingredients. And then he packages the t-shirts and bakery boxes. See how he's doing it very smart, so the whole theme is wrapped like that. And instead of having normal display cases for his shirts, he bought refrigerators. One theme, one idea just executed really well over and over, and it's been able to help him generate thousands of different t-shirts on one idea. OK, so Dennis, I'm going to have you go back there and work on that a little bit more because I think talking about like our name is what we do that at about that point, I'm like, I'm already bored. Let's figure out the benefit and why somebody should care. What makes you unique? All right. The up next is Tom. Tom, bring yourself online. I'm alone, Chris. I saw that bio, I saw that loud introvert thing, and I really loved it and I thought, wow, that's a strong tagline. I love this. How did you get there? Like, is there like, you met this formula for the carousel that really helped me? Is there anything like that? Any content to build such a strong tagline? Yeah, I'll help you right now. OK OK. Anybody that needs help with this. I was teaching a class for eoe and I was walking with my wife and I was like, personal brand. That's what they want to know what I'm going to do here. So I told her an idea and she's like, I love it. You should teach them that. And that's now become a thing. All right. It was born on a hike, and once I shared it with people yesterday, I had an EO call and asked everybody to change their name to their two word brand. After having done the exercise, we came up with some funny ones and it's like, that was good. That's good. That one needs a little work. But OK, so what you do is all you need to do is try to write as many adjectives or nouns about you as you can think of and fill the page. Ok? and you just generate as many words. And if you get stuck. Try to look at yourself from someone who looks up to you, somebody who respects you, who admires you, and then write those words because sometimes it's hard to talk about ourselves and just write as many words as you can. And then go through that and reduce the list down to like five words. And then from those five, reduce it down to three words. And like, that's the one word that's unique, that's different. That describes me to my core. Now, while you're writing, all these words, supplies yourself, not all of them need to be positive. Some should be neutral or negative. They just need to be. So an introvert is not something that people brag about, but it is most definitely me, it's part of my identity, it's part of my core. And the thing that people find interesting about me is when they learn that I'm an introvert, they can't believe it. It's because I'm on media and I'm on stage and I'm talking all the time. So that's where the loud introvert comes together. But that's not the only one that I have. The other one that I have is I'm a caring snob. That works for me, too, because I'll cut you apart on the critique, but it's actually because I love you and I care about you. Some occurring now and then somebody on Twitter said, Chris, you are a charming razorblade blade and my wife heard that and she's like, that is so perfect. You are a charming razorblade. It hurts a little bit. But I'm still here for more. So think about that, you want to find two words that don't belong together and both accurately describe you and the right pairing of those to begin to become your personal brand. Thank you, Chris. Yeah, I hope that helps, so find your core word and find a word that opposes it. And the example I like to describe to people is for a while, Apple was known as insanely great. Right, insanely great, they're super obsessed with products that they're kind of insane about it, that pretty much accurately describes Steve Jobs. But the result of that, the reason why you care is because their products are magical. They're great. So insanely great, perfectly describes them. Mini Cooper. Mighty small. Small but powerful. What about they could own that? Yeah so careless perfectionist. You work on it. OK, well, we're going to do at the end of this call is we're going to do the same thing with eoe. You're going to change your name. You just go hover over your name on the three dots and you go rename yourself and figure it out and we'll look around the room and we're going to come up with some funny ones in here. OK all right. Well, a bunch of hands now. OK, so that was Tom. Thanks, Tom. And then. Waldemar hi, guys. Yeah, I just I'm just a little worried about because I normally talk to people that speaks in Spanish and my content is in Spanish, but I figured beforehand the clubhouse needs student needs to be in English and my body needs to be in English. So, yeah, I'm just a little scared about that. Are your clients Spanish speaking or English speaking? Spanish speaking mostly OK. You know, there are rooms where they're speaking just in Italian and just in Spanish. No, I didn't. Yeah there's a place for you, man. They put the country's flag in the title. I logged in yesterday at like midnight and I and I didn't make sense of the title and I was like, oh, they're talking a whole other language in this thing. OK, so there's room. There's room for you, for sure. So definitely just building on Clubhouse in Spanish, then. Yeah, I mean, maybe bilingual, but it's OK to be in Spanish. Yeah, that's something here. Yeah, I don't know how it's in Spain, but in Germany there is something like you can. You can make a club and it's called like the German club and then you get connected with all these users. So that could be a way to connect with users speaking your language, too. Yeah, you can join different clubs, for sure. We're trying to create a future pro club. And I'm waiting for approval, so we'll see. Can I answer? Yeah, go ahead. I think that a strategy that has worked for me is look for a person in Spanish, for instance, that I admire and follow that person and see who they're following and also the clubs they're following. So that way I have gotten a lot of Spanish speaking clubs. Nice Yep. I'm sorry. I was just thinking that about the 10 I am calling in the clubhouse. If for some reason you are representing me and people, but you're talking in English and people just read this, it's all in Spanish, then I think I'm going to maybe lose an opportunity. Well, that's why I said maybe bilingual. But if most of the clients are Spanish speaking, I would just own that. OK, perfect, thank you. Yeah OK. Timothy hey, guys, I just wanted to comment on something that Chris was talking about with profile pictures, one of the things that I didn't really think about until I joined a room with other craftspeople, which is in my niche is that it was good of me to have a bunch of my work on my phone so that when someone asked me, hey, could you share this project that you worked on? And if it wasn't readily available on Instagram, I could update my profile picture to that project. And then you pull to refresh and everyone can take a look at it. There And through that, I made a few sales. So just remember that if you're going to have your projects on your phone to share with other people that you also have a easily crop able image of yourself that you can then change it back to when you're done? That's important because once you change it, it's like, wait, I can't find my original profile picture, right? Tim, I have to ask you a question, are you an industrial designer? No, I'm an architect by training, but I just love designing on the side, so it's a side hobby. OK, keep yourself online. Don't take yourself. Just look at this man's background, guys. Look at this. It's really cool, right? It's like this whole plywood thing. And I see, like 14 lamps back there. It's like this all lamp for per person there. You're getting on my mood. Depending on my mood, I'll turn on different lamps, so it looks different behind me. Yes so you're an architect by profession? Did you say? Yeah, I'm an architect by training, so. OK yeah, I'm licensed in New York, I do it full time and I have a side hobby of designing products. Beautiful I love that. It's like the most unique background I've seen so far. So at first I was like, is that virtual? No, it's real. It's a real background. So I don't know if you know Anna, but she's also an architect, I believe. And so you guys should get to know each other. OK, I'm pulling a day in there, Dan. Did I do ok? OK it's all right. You did great. Thank you. OK, so next up is Annie. Hi, my apologies. I came into the room a little late, so I wasn't sure if this I know you were talking about, is this an exercise where we can kind of talk about ideas for that tagline? Absolutely OK. A phrase that I've been kind of throwing around for a little while, but I don't know how to connect back to me, like you were saying, like the opposites thing is hostess with the mostest, because at my core, whether it's like my job or just parties that I've thrown at my house, like I always just missing that role. Like, that's something that I thrive in being that type of person. But the problem is how to connect that with work that I do or work that I want to do. Yeah so the hoses with osmosis has a nice flow to it. The only problem is that's a thing that a lot of people use is to say it is pretty generic. It doesn't get to the core yet. So to be able to know who you are and to be able to package it in a nice bit-sized phrase, not easy. Not something that we can do in five minutes. But let's start the process, ok? So if you haven't done so many, I would just love for you to just generate a lot of ideas, adjectives, nouns, the ways that people describe you and just fill up that page and then find a word in there. It's like just find one word first, find your one word. Once you identify that, it's a lot easier to find your second word. If you're looking for the pairing, then it becomes a creative puzzle. And there's too many pieces. Just start with your one word. And if you're stuck, work with your accountability partner, your Triple P and say, how would you describe me? And then figure that out, ok? Yep yeah, I have some other prompts to help you in case you guys get stuck because I know you're going to get stuck because like you wrote for words and you don't know what other words to write. So like I said before, I try to look at yourself from the eyes of somebody who really looks up to you. And then look at yourself through the eyes of your pet. And then look at yourself through the eyes of one of your favorite objects. How would they describe you, you know, it's a life of inanimate objects. Here she comes. You know, I can't wait for her to like, do this and that it could be a sweater, it could be a keyboard, it could be a camera. Just try to look at yourself from some other point of view. Besides your own. It's an exercise in an observation like, how well do you know yourself? All right. Diane, you're up. OK, well, also, Annalee hat, she's like, help me with this. And I need help with this too, but maybe we could do Annalee first. It helps. It's like the people, you know? Well, I totally agree. I think this is a PPP thing. But like all I can think of is a memorable Beaver or a gold digging Energizer. Were both gay. You know the Beaver. I know that you're a Beaver. Yeah, the Beaver. No, but that might come as bad. Yes, it might. I'll be getting all these pawn things, and that is absolutely not me. Wow yeah, it's dangerous. Wow, you say the blond beaver? Yeah what was your. No, no, it's dangerous. We're killing the Beaver. I mean, yeah, not. Yeah so yes, I got one for you. OK the golden retriever. That's a dog, that's a dog. Yeah oh, she's a breed, she's golden and she retrieves people and connects them. Yeah, but this is a golden retriever back into your background. All right. Goodbye hold on. I got to hit the emoji for that one. Where is it? There we go. Well played you go. I'll play you, Roxy said. No Mo. Yeah Ooh. I like golden retriever. That's a little bit better. Here's the thing you don't want two words that double up. Right, right, so when Annie was sharing hostess with the mostest as, OK, most, most hosts, it's like they're not necessarily opposing ideas, they're just adding on top of each other somebody who said fast innovator, I'm like, oh, isn't innovators? They move fast. Like, that's not interesting. OK I have to be a little unexpected, the juxtaposition of those two things is where the magic is. Well, that's OK, gold digger. How come you're. Diane? you don't want to be the gold digger? No, but I find gold in people, so it goes with a little bit I. Where other people see dirt, I see gold. Listen to Kanye song gold digger, you know why you don't need to be that name? OK, hold on. Hold on. See, I think potentially what you're talking about is alchemy or alchemist, someone who takes nothing and turns it into gold that doesn't have any connotations of you putting your hand in somebody's pocket and trying to take their money. With beaver, you know, it's not good. All right. So you're a social alchemist or something like you want something like that, right? OK an analyst also wanted help. Yes, so you guys are getting the game here, everybody. This is good that we're talking about it. OK so, Emily, what's your thing? And I don't know, I got some suggestion here, but maybe there are two there like glow maker light Finders sounds like I'm a superhero. They're really similar. Maybe gentle lion. Yeah I don't know. I, you keep working at it. What case? Yeah, I sent you a message. What about creative impact? It's nice, but a little bit boring, but nice, but I want something fun. I want weird fun. Yeah, this time you want weird. Go for weird, you guys. It's memorable. I want weird. Yeah bring it on. If you come up with weird, OK, I can do work on it, guys. You want you want charming razor blade. You want something that nobody's going to ever say again. Nobody on stage is going to walk up well, I'm also the charming, reasonably well, damn it. You know, like, I need a new name. You don't want that. OK when you walk in the room, that's and you own it. OK, so we have a couple of more hands in vomit. I just read a quick one. I think obviously you've got kind of different platforms for different things, so you've got LinkedIn, which is more of your kind of professional space. Clubhouse comes across as a little bit of a kind of more kind of fun space. So is it should we kind of change kind of, for example, would we take the content, our profile that we've got on LinkedIn and then just make it a little bit fun, maybe jazz it up with some emoticons or something like that? Do you think that's a good way to go. And keep the both? Good question. Good question. And that's an observation. I'm not sure. I 100% believe that observation. If you're not emoticon person, do not use emoticon. If you look at my profile, I do not use emoticons. It's painful for me to see. But for some people, that's just a language of how young people talk and there's emoticons everywhere. And if that's not, you don't use those now in relationship to LinkedIn. Being professional has a different persona. And then on clubhouse, even if you think has a different persona, I'm concerned that they're like, well, who's this guy is Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, who am I getting with with? These profiles, so as soon as I told my EO group to use their two word personal brand, I then and went and changed it throughout all my platforms, and they're all exactly the same. I don't want somebody to have a different experience. This is branding, right, branding is a consistent experience over time. So that's why you need to be consistent, I think. OK and I know it feels fun to you, but there's business being done right now on Clubhouse. Real money is changing hands faster than I've seen on other platforms. And that's exciting for me. It's exciting for me because I want none of that business, I don't want to direct that business towards you. All of you. Thanks, Chris. All right. So next up is, is that roae? How do you say your name again? Remind me. You are always good. What's up with an our beautiful. I came up with a die hard teacher. Die hard, teacher. OK so, teachers, your core personality, right? Yeah, OK. Why do you say die hard? Because all my students would think I'm like an extreme, extreme, extreme challenging teacher, but I get the most out of them. and I'm really experimental with like I'm really resourceful, and my lessons are like the least traditional lessons you can ever think of. it's all academic teaching and. Yeah, I'm just thinking I'm also 80s, so like, die hard. OK OK, I see, so you're like the Bruce Willis of teaching. So saying you're the John McClain. Yippee Chi. Yay, mother. First, is that you? Utterly ridiculous as so, Yeah. OK, OK. And resourceful. All right. So I'd love for you to inject a little bit more personality and try and figure this thing out. So I think you're close, but it's not totally snappy yet for me. OK I think you're close. OK, cool. All right. Now, now I can't forget who you are. See? but if you just say die hard, I think Energizer is it like he never runs out of energy? What is going on? Not the movie Die Hard. Yeah OK. All right. Cheers Cheers. OK, so next up is Richard. Mike, How's it going? I came up with a seriously silly. I like that juxtaposition. Seriously silly is two adjectives, maybe you need to make one of them a noun or something. OK OK. Sounds good. OK nice. oh, let me lower some hands here. Conor, you're up. All right, I've got a creative sophist. Creative, what sophist? It's a Greek word, it means that a class of professional teachers in ancient Greece who gave instructions in various fields as in general culture, rhetoric, politics or disputation. OK, you just like went just like that far above my head right there. I wrote nose, I guess you teachers all hanging out. You kind of know these terms. It's like, I've never heard of that term before. Part of this is to help people who like this. Can you OK if you guys understand it, if you're speaking to other academics? Great go for it. But the whole idea of a personal brand is to use language. So people can understand who you are, and I have to look it up to figure it out. So I would encourage you to think about that. Ok? somebody made a suggestion here. Mario said. Silly, stoic. I like that much better. HMM, that's nice. Isn't that nice? Silly stoic, right? OK so let's keep working on this, the focus wander. OK, everybody is going to the Lazy overseer. OK, you guys are having fun with this. I like this. OK, now before we kind of just go all in on this personal branding thing because we'll spend a lot of time doing this. I need to make sure we do some business because in not too long, we're going to be on Clubhouse together. Does anybody here who has an iPhone still need an invite? You have to have the person's phone number. OK, focus one juror, I see you and you, you need to find somebody here who has your cell phone and they can invite you in. OK, so can we connect those people like right now? Can you start chatting with each other? So if somebody knows focus wanderer and has her cell phone, please get her in, please. So Richard also needs an invite. There we go, it's happening right now. OK Andy has three invites, there we go. So Andy, can you invite folks wonder, let's just take care of that right now? Here's the cool thing. As soon as she accepts it, you can invite three people. We're going to get all the group in. Yeah, that's how it works. OK all right. There we go, so you guys keep talking to each other and they'll figure it out, let's just do it right now on live as we're doing this. Go ahead and start messaging each other and get it taken care of. OK, so what's going to happen? Go ahead. One thing I figured out that you don't need an invite at all if you see that somebody wants in, he appeared he or she appears there, and it just can let them in without spending an invite at all. Yes and I see some of those, but I haven't seen anybody from my group yet, and I don't know how they serve those up, Florian. It's like, this is a kind of random. I don't know who this person is. I'm not going to let them in. I have no idea who they are, because here's the weird thing about Clubhouse. Whoever lets you in is forever connected to you. Because at the bottom of your profile says was introduced or recommended by. And so some weirdo comes in there, starts saying horrible things. I don't want to be connected that person, obviously. OK, so I'm only going to let people in that. I know that I have the phone number already. Otherwise, it gets brain really messy. Got to be careful. Your brand a little bit. A little bit. Sorry, guys, I don't want to make this complicated, but just me. Your numbers I have to invites and I don't know how to reset the Zoom chat to text the public. So texting private and I don't know how to switch it back. Oh yeah, yeah, you know where it is to everyone, because when so many messages you, it automatically switches over to messaging just that person. If you click on that, you scroll all the way to the top and it's to everyone. OK, OK, thank you. Thank you. Yeah OK, so I want to go over a little protocol here. So Mo, dorrigo, myself and annalee, we're going to call ourselves the four horsemen of the apocalypse. OK, because we're there. We're in it. We've been practicing. We've been working with each other, figuring out how to moderate so that we can build this group and get the biggest spotlight on all of you as soon as possible. So when we're ready, you're going to see that invite, right, which I think you already saw. Where is it? It's encircle, OK, I'm getting all my sea name, things mixed up here. And if you need it, I'll send you another invite. You're going to join that room. I'm going to and I don't normally do this on social platforms, but my mission is a little different on this one. I will follow all of you. So all 400 of you, I'm going to follow all of you because what happens is in clubhouse, there's levels of citizenship. If you don't know anybody, you're at the bottom, you're like, you're an immigrant, illegal immigrant, ok? And then if the speakers follow you, you're kind of like a permanent resident. And if you're invited to speak, you get moved to the top where everybody sees you, you're the citizen with voting rights. So we've got to get you all, at least to be permanent residents, if not. Hey, citizens. Yes, Chris, you'll need to be careful because clubhouse does have followed you. They will really restrict you from following after. If you follow, follow, follow, follow too much. OK, well, I've already followed hundreds of you. So, you know, I don't imagine all 400. Well, Thanks for the tip. Well, I'll be a little careful with that. OK, so here's what we're going to do. I think Matthew Saccone's had suggested this, and I thought it was a little strange at first. But now I'm like, I'm liking the idea. I'm going to drop in this future pro badge. And when prompted to I want it to be a total whiteout, I'm going to give you this image and I'm going to say, hey, I'm going to follow all the pro people like, can you just identify? And if you switch yourself out, I'll use that to. I'll follow you and then switch your profile back. OK, so I'm going to drop it in there right now. Let me see if I can do this. Come on. All right, give me one second here. Just stop. Why? I can't find it. OK there it is. It's coming up, it's. The P&G, you can see that did it work? Yeah, we got it. By the way, the reason why we want to follow you guys or Chris wants to follow you guys as well is because there's three tiers of people in clubhouse rooms. There's the moderators, then there's followed by speakers and then there's audience. We want you guys to show up and followed by speakers. So when people join the room, they're like, who are these guys? And they're followed by Chris or they're followed by whoever the speakers are. So you kind of get priority over what Chris calls what would you call it, the illegal immigrants? Wow no, no. I was going the. Never mind, you guys get it. Speaker followed by Speaker. Already did that. All right, all right. So that's why we're going to try to do here. OK, so once I tell you switch your profile picture, I'll follow you already follow most of you. It's just sometimes, yeah, you got it. All right. So I did a square. Hopefully, it'll all line up and it'll be perfect. And then I'll follow you and I'll be really cool. We'll get into discussions now. You'll notice there would be some subtle pitching and selling of you by me at the appropriate point in time. Maybe not today. But I will do it. And that's how people will kind of check out your profile, and see what's going on, so it's really important to everybody to get your profiles in order and your counts cleaned up as soon as possible because I want to help you get work. I want to help you build your social following. OK, now I might do this thing, and I want to talk it over with you guys about having you all do an elevator pitch. Just add more stress to your life right now, right? John's like, come on, dude. Go easy on me, ok? We've practiced this before, but it would be interesting if we did an elevator pitch and I would say, OK, we're going to bring three people up. What's your elevator pitch? Here's the structure. Go and do it, and we might have some fun. We'll laugh a little bit. But then that's a really fast way for people to get to know who you are. Are you guys comfortable doing that? Would you like to do that? OK, I see a couple of OK. Not overwhelming support for that. OK, that's fine. We can practice OK first in the group. Yeah, we're needed to practice it. You're going to need us to really work on this because, you know, and you know, here's a cool thing about Clubhouse. They can't see your face. You have this written and you could just read it. OK so the elevator pitch, the formula is really straightforward, you just say the problem. He said the solution, the formula goes something like this. You know how and then you identify a problem that you solve. Well, we solve that by doing x and it just that simple. And that's all you need to say. You know how we solve that by doing this? So, Moe, give us an example of your elevator pitch. You know how creating social content videos is time consuming, frustrating and has a high learning curve? Well, me and the homies come in and make that so much easier for you by taking your one video and turning it into a month's worth of content that makes dough and creates fans. You started off really strong metal, you got little long winded on the back end on that one. I did. He started great. You know, this is a pain point. You know how you have ideas that need to be built. We solve that white glove, does it? And that's it. Just get it really nice and punch you. OK, let's work on that. Ricky, so. What's that, Ricky Ricky's Ricky, who's where's ricky? Ricky Lucas oh, shut up, dawg. Stupid you got to refer back to that. That's a callback from like, that's an outdated callback to come on. Sorry, guys, just a second. People are asking what this is for. Oh, people just joining this call right now. These guys put me on mute the whole time. Are we on mute? Hold on. This Mike is on right? Can you guys hear me ok? The gag is the future pro badge, OK, which you all should have access to anyways. But when prompted to in clubhouse, switch out your profile picture with this badge. So I know you were there and also because people will see this overwhelming takeover. It's going to be really cool, I think it could be really dorky. It's like we're all showing up in the same matching t-shirt. I do that once. It's kind of embarrassing. You switch it over and give me a second and I'll just go through and follow you. Maybe not all of you that second, because will says, I'll get banned or something. OK that's what that is for. All right, what's the noise? Stanley, you're hearing noise. Have you guys hear noise on my mic? Yeah no. Only you apparently sorry. OK You have a question. And it's a collective of questions now, since I'm a little confused, I'm on mobile and I think I don't know if you dropped it in the Zoom or if I'm looking for this on circle the future. Oh, I dropped it in Zoom. I can also add it's a circle under the clubhouse event. Is that ok? Yeah, that would be great. I was looking to take care of it for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So we'll put it up on the circle event and then you can see it. Thank you for asking us again. Thank you. OK, so Thanks. And I have a question because I'm kind of confounded by this as well. I relate to being academic to not officially kind of like independently. And I don't know what my sort of tension point is, you know, like how you do the opposite. I'm like, OK, is it? I feel like maybe like, intensely observant. That sounds a little much loudly observant. Doesn't sound like me. I'm also privately opinionated, too. I write a lot. I don't. I don't know how to like, say that I like privately opinionated. OK, that has alliteration going for it. I like that privately opinionated, you know, actually, it's not alliteration. I'm sorry. It's my imagination and my poor spelling. Do you have advice on how to figure that out because I would like to be? I would like to speak more and share more on Clubhouse. It's a little bit new territory for me as everyone else, but I don't know how to of put this out creatively. You know what I'm saying? I do. OK I want you to save that question for when we're in clubhouse and we'll pull you up on stage. It'll be perfect. OK it'll be so perfect. It'll be super meta. It's like, OK, so I'm privately opinionated. And I want to be more, you know, and then we'll talk about it. It would be beautiful. OK, that sounds good. Thank you. OK all right. Awesome OK. Here's another reason why we want to be on Clubhouse. We're having these conversations privately. And it's great. But then nobody knows you after that. So what's really cool is we can have these conversations and somebody is going to identify with you and follow you. Somebody might hear this and I'm like, I really that person resonates with me. I think I need help too, and I'm going to hire that person. They can reach out to you. The early results are in and they're very positive, so I can only imagine when the rooms right now typically get between 200 to 300 people in there, like wait until there's like 5,000 people in those rooms. That's the kind of influence I want to use to be able to leverage to help you all monetize. OK all right. Yeah, but Chris, the rooms are three, 400 when you are in them, there are also room, there are six or seven people and that's totally OK to you. OK yeah, because we can start there and you can have really interesting conversations. And so you don't expect to have a room with three 400 people when you start out. I just want to say that so people don't get disappointed, that's because you are there, you know? That's a really good reminder, Anil. This is not a measuring contest. Yeah my only point was to say like, if this is something you want to do, if you need help with getting attention to your services and products, I want to do as much as I can to give you that really good running start. You know, like when you're learning to ride a bike and your dad's like holding a bike, pushing you like, I need to help you there and hopefully just get you off onto your way because it can be tough to get started. All right. So next up is Ahmad. Yes, hey, everyone. So I just want to make a remark about Clubhouse. Search engine and I think it's weak because it searches for the user name. It doesn't search for the name, for example, Chris. If someone searches for your name, Chris, do you want show? But if they search for that, Chris, do you will show. So I think the username has to be like. Or you should tell people that if you want to search for my name, put the crystal. So that people from Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn can follow you and find you. So I just wanted to make that comment. I didn't search. So a conundrum, can I jump in here as well, but if you search Christo and then press the space bar, then it comes up with his profile. But if you don't put a space at the end of his name, then it doesn't show it. So, yeah, because I have to scroll a little bit, but he's there. You're right, I'm looking for myself, I can't even find myself. Yeah, he's there, but he's there, but you have to scroll down like 20 people. That's all good. So you're so important. I mean, we're going to change all of this. The result won't show in the beginning. Just like Instagram. If you follow Chris and you search for Chris or anything in his name or username, he will show. OK, I'm going to ask the people a question. I'm a big proponent for having the same username across different platforms, but maybe on clubhouse, it doesn't matter. Should I just change it? Get rid of that and just change it to Chris. Do? so. Yeah, second, Yeah. I mean, probably you just took it. Can I jump in real quick? Oh, no, I didn't. It's someone that has, yes, jump champagne, please. I don't I. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I do know that you only get to change your name one time. Well, because I already that made me freeze my hands. Yeah, I did that, and then I got the message. You're done. You can't change your name anymore, so be careful. Just to remind people say, hey, I'm just remember I'm the crystal or something. Oh yeah, yeah, well, once they're in the room, Dan, they just click on your face and follow you. Yeah OK, I'm going to try and update. See it because you said crystal was already taken. I'm going to try it. You should follow whoever is the other Christo. Now I can't do it. It's too late. I messed up. All right, whatever. Live and learn. OK, next question. Um, is it casper? Yeah can you hear me? Yes OK, I think my mic is a bit bad, but I was just wondering about the clubhouse. I'm completely new to the clubhouse. So from my understanding, there would be free positions. You have the host and the audience. And then in the middle, you would have these what did you call them, the hive when you were followed by a person, someone that's Yeah. Yeah let me explain. So yes, yeah, just quickly. My question is, how would you how would you engage in a conversation if, like the majority of people, is just the audience and only last like last 10 or maybe 5% of the people are actually talking? So like the audience, is there the majority of people? How would you like, engage in the conversation? You have to raise your hand and then moderators pull them out and bring them onto the stage or the floor or whatever. OK, so at the lowest tier, it's not a value statement, but at the very bottom of the screen or just people who don't know the moderators and they're just audience. Ok? next up are people that the mods and the host know, and so they just bump up. So this audience just level two. And then if you get invited, you get put on stage and you're at the level one, you're right up there, ok? So, yeah, look at my screen real quick. You can see how people look at it. Are you guys in a room right now? Yeah, so it's super important that you feel that you are followed by speakers because in some room when you joined that room, you will be like three or four people may be on that front road and the rest is down. So people will see you right away, so they'll see you right away. Yeah and that's my goal. Yes, like right now, Henry is the main speaker and you've got MOAs moderator, and Henry invited me to speak so I can come up there. But pretty much everyone here in the second tier that we talked about, it shows followed by the speaker where this is, where the area for you to really start making a name for yourself, at least to get some eyeballs on you. This is where you want to be. And then this is everyone else is joining the room. And then those people get to raise their hand and the moderator will get a notification and then they can invite you up to come and speak. I see a question in the chat about the name of the room and the event. Can my mods help me out with that? Thanks, Diego. Sure and dorrigo, Connolly and Mo, have you read the paper document because I wrote out a whole outline in the script for everybody. Being this is our first do you mean, do you mean the dropbox? Yeah Dropbox paper? Yeah have you seen it? Yeah OK. The room's name guys for today at in t minus 40 minutes is pro members clubhouse best practices. So if you type in pro members, you should be able to see that room. But let me grab the link there. There's a link here already. And it's right here. Copy link. Here's the link. I don't know that's going to help you, but it's also on circle, by the way. So there it is now, there's the question. Help me, I'm Android. And all I can say is I'm sorry. It's just for iOS right now. If you have an iPad, though, it will work. So many Android users have an iPad, so that's the one hack. I did test it yesterday and it works. OK all right. Let's I need to wrap up in seven minutes here, so next up is Rachel and then Tom and then Amy. Hi Hi. OK, I don't want to get hung up on this. Just a quick question about the descriptive words. Is it better to lean into your personality or to do something that's more like business related? Because, like Mo's whole thing is tied all together, like really neatly about his professional, you know, like kind of setting, but I feel like the loud introvert really has nothing to do. I don't know. Like, it's kind of like different, so what would you say? Well, can you articulate the second part I heard you saying like, Moses is great. And then what's the no? I feel like if if, let's say I were to take the title loud introvert. Like nobody would know what I do, but I feel like moz. I guess you call it like a tagline kind of like connects very neatly into what he does like. He has a whole written bio that explains it. Does that make sense? Am I expressing myself? Clearly, very clearly. So I'm just trying to like, throw words together, and I'm like, this has nothing to do with my business. It's more like personality. Like, if you got to know me, this would make perfect sense. Yeah so then I would say would hold the t-shirt. T-shirt bakery as your example. What you want. T-shirt bakery. I get it. And then does it need more explanation? Now, this is not meant to be a tagline. It's not meant to solve. All your messaging and positioning problems is just really to try to, like, make it memorable who you are, and then you would have to follow it up. So that's why I say, you know, I'm a loud introvert with a big mission to teach a billion people. And that's the narrative that I want people to know about. OK so can I part? Sorry, bro. Good something, Yeah. So, Rachel, the more you get into these rooms, the more you'll see different styles of moderating, so some people may not let you read your own bio. The reason why I chose that is because I really want business. So if the moderator reads my bio. First thing out of their mouth is most serves up tasty social videos for digital entrepreneurs to make money. I want that to ring true in everyone's ears without me having to say it, so I would reverse engineer your intention for being on the platform and what you want people to know about you and what you'd want them to do. So if it's for Chris, he's in a position where it's all about his mission and his personal brand for you. It may be business like me. So you go the Johnny cupcakes route. So when someone says, what you do as a benefit to the ideal client that you have, the audience is like, oh, this is who what she does and benefit to who she serves. So I hope that was helpful. Yes yes, that was really helpful. I think it's more like, how do you want to be introduced, right? Yes, perfect. What benefit to you? Ultimately, right disguises a benefit to the client. It's kind of complicated. OK got it. Yeah OK, thank you. OK, guys, I didn't realize it. But if there's more interest on this, we can spend a whole call working on your brand and your messaging and your tagline. We can do that. Didn't you know, I wasn't prepared to do that today? And obviously, you're not going to be able, OK, I don't know how old anybody is. It's not like you're 40 years old. You never figured out who you were. And today, with a snap of a finger, you're like, boom, I know who I am. You know, most thing he's been working on for some time now, and it's when we were talking like, well, this has got to be sharpened up. Let's work on this here. And then he's like, OK, I got it. And we were pinging back ideas, and eventually it emerged into or evolved into what it was. So it's going to take a little time. Are you going to just try something out for size? If it doesn't work, you try something else. When something connects, you'll know. It's going to fit like a glove. OK, last question, I think it's for Tom. Thank you all for that, that was really helpful. Thinking about it more strategically, and I just wanted to say something to something that Chris said, like 10 minutes ago, when you said it, you should not have the expectation of making such big clubhouse rooms because I experienced that pretty differently on Clubhouse two weeks now, and I spent every morning at 7:00 AM hosting a room. And after four days, it already felt like a community. And there were 400 people in the room. So clubhouse is still it has a lot of potential, in my opinion, from my experience. Would you agree to that? I 100% agree. I better get my voice back before the call starts. Here we go. We're two minutes away. I got to go drink some honey or something, honey. You know, we also have new people, Chris, and if they want to join clubhouse, maybe they just want to say, Hi. Do you have time for that? Introduce themselves? Yes, please. I see new people. Where are you, new people? You can just unmute yourself. Are you talking about new to the future group? Yes you're just going to say, hi, Alex, you can go first. Sorry, man. Thank you. Well, I'm on. I'm a creative director. I'm super excited to be here. I've been playing around in circle only last week. But yeah, I'm super happy to be here. I'm craving a Typeform. Some of you might the tool, the product. And yeah, just give me up and let's have a conversation. I'll be on Clubhouse later if I know how to get in the room. Because actually, yeah, the whole. Don't worry, you'll figure it out, because once we're there, somebody will ping you and we'll pull you in. It's like a sink drain. You were going to get sucked into this one way or the other. Yeah, you may recognize Alex's face because he's been on the channel before, and I see that, Alex, are you live in the van life right now? Are you doing the life awesome life right now for like a few months? Let's see. Well, OK, go over it, then everything. I'm jealous. OK, who's next? Right? hey, everyone, I'm Tim, I'm an architect in New York, I design hospitals during my daytime job, but at night I started a YouTube channel last May in 2020, and I focus on sharing my process of designing and making products. The way that I ended up getting into the future pro group was by setting a goal to make enough money from that YouTube channel that I started. And the past month, I was able to do that. And so here I am in the group, and I hope I can continue doing that every month. My god, that was one of the best intro speeches I've heard in a long time. Tim, come on, you guys throw some emojis on there that was tight. All right. OK, who's next? Who's going to follow that? Hey, I can follow. Do you hear me? All right. Yeah, so I'm Simon, I'm from Sweden and I work with branding in Stockholm. Basically, I work with Red Bull a lot and do all their events and venues and campaigns and stuff. But since COVID and stuff, the expansion has been slow. So I joined a pro group and I have been helping brands, you know, branding, not myself so much. So that's why I'm here to find my place in the industry, I guess. Awesome, Simon, you must know, absolutely, right, you guys are. That's why that's probably why I'm here. Yes, thank you. Oh, all right. Who's next? Thank you. I'll go, can you guys hear me? Yeah hey, guys, I'm Marshall Faulk's live in Maryland. I'm a freelance designer. I help first class speakers show up online like they show up on stage. So I do brand strategy, branding, website design, things like that for speakers, and I recently became a content creator. So I help BIPOC designers take their freelance game from good to goat as in greatest of all time. So it's a little bit about me up. That's tight. Good job. Good job. Marshall, I've seen you on the internets many times before, so it's like, huh? Here he is. Yeah, I was in the spinning book guy, a pocket full of dough that did the spinning video of the book. I actually just started reading that book a couple of days ago. I'm like, I should have read it when I first got it. It's good stuff in here. He knows what he's talking about. So you got the book and you just spun it around, made a video and put it on the internet. I told you, I told you I wasn't going to read. I was going to have it as a keepsake, but I cracked it open. It's right here. OK it's hilarious, ok? That's like six months later, he's going to read the book. Beautiful Yeah. Well, welcome. OK, who's next? Who's next? I can go. Can you hear me, guys? Yes loud and clear. Yeah, that's good. I'm Casper, and I just joined the thing two days ago. I'm from Denmark and I'm yeah, I'm 20 years old and I recently got into designing. I started my clothing brand like a year ago, and as I was doing content on the Instagram and stuff and I was editing in Photoshop, I was just getting into the whole graphic design thing. And since then, I've just been hustling on the side, and then I actually quit my main job, full time job last month to go on and on my own agency. So, yeah, I'm very excited to be here and I'm very, very I think it's very nice that you do these calls. Very nice to be. Very glad to be here. Also, I'm glad to have you. Scandinavia has taken over here, and the young guns are showing up strong people, better watch out, better watch out. OK, who's next? We can go next. So my name is Alejandro, I'm from Costa Rica. It was interesting because I design websites since 2008, and then like with the 2008 crisis, I got a job in Amazon and I worked there for seven years the last year since we went to the work from home because of COVID. I started looking for videos and then I found you like your channel. And I got, like started to get inspired like, Oh damn, like, this is really, really good. And then I decided to come back. I was not planning on, you know, like quitting my job and starting. It was fine to do like a transition. But then things got interesting and then I had to quit. And then it's kind of the money to have a good budget to first thing, getting to the program because I know this is like a huge value. And even though like when I tell people like how much I'm paying for the program, they say, what? How much are you paying? Because this is in Costa Rica. So the price is like. But then I tell them, hey, like how much will you pay for the university? And it's kind of twice like that. And I'm like, I'm getting twice the value than getting into university, so I'm super happy. Yay, yay, yay, yay. Thank you, thank you. You know what? How many more people do we have to do? I'm getting nervous because I have to prepare with my mods here. We got a couple more people that need to introduce themselves, right? Five total for now. OK I'm just I'm sorry, guys. We can do the legitimate extended director's cut version after this. But can we just keep it nice and tight, everybody? So who's up next? Oh, go. So follow Dodd on Twitter, and then it wasn't until I decided to make the switch to niching myself that I decided, you know what? I need new education because I've been in this game since 2002 and it's been fantastic. And I can't thank you enough, Chris, for everything that I'm learning so far, and I'm super excited for what my business is going to go down venture wise. And I mean, I'm 43 years young, so I feel like an old dog in a sea of new people. But it's fantastic to be here. Thank you. Awesome, I see the rat Fink behind my epitaph record days salute that, sir rat Fink right there. Beautiful who's next? I'll jump in. Hi, guys. My name is Christos, I'm based in London and I'm a videographer. And I'll keep it pretty sure I'm stuck in lockdown, and they're just trying to stay creative and yet join the great community. Welcome, Chris. Do I know you? I don't think so, that'd be fantastic if you did. Well, I'm going to get to know you through that, ok? You know, I don't know why your face, your name, it's like, I feel like I know you, but OK, we're going to get to know. I also recognize him. Maybe some clubhouse. Yeah well, I've been on Clubhouse a lot. Yeah yeah, something. There's something about you. OK, well, we'll get to know each other. OK, who's next? I can go next if that's OK. Hello hello, everyone. My name is and I've been watching crystals since the Josi days, and it's just been an amazing journey. Watching this video actually helped me get my first job and just been digesting all those content and also huge shout out to Matthew and Tina. Love watching you, Mo. And it's been amazing meeting all the pro group members, especially the people on the East coast, and thank you so much for creating such a vibrant community. Thank you so much and welcome you guys. I don't know why, but when this lockdown stuff is done and we can see each other in person, I'm just going to be very emotional. I'm just feeling it already. Right now, I am OK. Before I break down, who's up next? Thank you. Is that it? Do we have everybody then? OK, fantastic. OK, it's 9:30 seven, everybody use the bathroom, get your mic set up, get into a quiet place and get ready. We're going to take over this clubhouse thing. Yeah can we just say something crazy if someone is like, not, you know, I think of the people who can't be there. You know, I don't want people to feel excluded, but we can't help that, you know, it's just for iPhones. But if you can be creative and you know, soon with someone or just, you know, find your body and connect in some way, just, I don't know. I just feel a little bit sad for people who can't be there, do not feel sad, do not feel sad for them. And do not feel sad for yourself. Think of us as the early settlers of an unexplored land. We're going to have to chop some trees. Then we're going to have to make some fires. We're going to get ready for you, ok? Like, right now, it's all the groundwork. We're going to figure it out. So like when you're ready to join, it's going to be amplified by hundreds of people and it's going to be freaking awesome. We're just exploring right now. So we want to pull units out of orbit. No need to feel left out. We'll get the house ready for you. So you, Chris, can I say one quick thing? Yes, please. I noticed that a couple of people said something about maybe buying a used iPhone to in order to get on. That's a great idea, but you have to have above an iPhone 6 or because you have to have the system software and iPhone 6. I had to upgrade mine for that reason, so I don't want to go out and buy an iPhone 6 and then have it. It's especially good tip. Look, you guys, they're working on the Android version. I mean, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, go ahead and buy a new phone or buy a used phone. But it's just it'll be OK. I know they need to release us on android, so it will happen. It's just they have limited resources, I assume. OK even their servers sometimes can't handle the volume of calls. And somebody said there are only 2 million people on clubhouse, so there's going to be some growing pains for them. So just hang tight. Don't overinvest in this. It'll be OK. We'll report back. We'll keep you in the loop. All right. OK that's it. I got to go get ready. I'll see you later. Bye, everybody. It's great seeing you. I will see you guys the following Wednesday. So not next Wednesday, but the following Wednesday at 8:00/7:00 AM I'll create an event for that and we'll see you then. OK, we'll probably work on personal branding until then or until a few minutes. I'll see you really soon. Bye, everybody. I'll be OK. A bass. Yeah, we take it all from.
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