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Melinda Livsey

CEO, Marks and Maker

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As the founder and creative director of Marks & Maker, Melinda Livsey unites eight years of professional design experience with a penchant for thoughtful customer service.

Melinda’s experience with notable names like Oakley, Paramount Pictures and Loot Crate, coupled with her passion for creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, creates the perfect cocktail of impeccable workmanship, exceptional brands and happy clientele.

Although her fair skin speaks to the contrary, Melinda has lived her whole life in sunny California. She attended Cal State Fullerton and earned her BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration in 2008. Melinda has worked as an in-house and freelance designer for various companies and now specializes in brand identity at her studio, Marks & Maker.

Her curiosity and drive ​to learn ​brought her to The Futur where she’s ​being coached on how to grow her studio to heights she never dreamed possible.

When she isn’t designing, doing logo studies, or running her business, you can find Melinda enjoying the local farmer’s market or coffee shop with those she loves.

She is the co-host of on an ongoing series, The Process, with Chris Do.

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