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Virtual Background

Your Zoom calls could use a little remodeling, and these backgrounds make perfect visuals to set the tone for your discussions.


Visual Vocabulary Worksheet

You don’t have to be a good copywriter to know how valuable words are when describing your work, but how do you break free from writer’s block when it happens? This worksheet will show you the steps we take to get the descriptive language flowing.


Typography Manual

Want to know some of Chris Do’s very own secrets with his use of typography? This manual breaks down ten simple rules Chris Do learned at Art Center and continues to use in all his designs.


Problem Tree Analysis Template

The Problem Tree Analysis template helps you to explore the causes and effects of a particular situation or problem.


Personal Branding Worksheet

We ask you the Who, What, Why, and How of your personal brand, but only you can answer the When. This worksheet will make the challenges of pointing the spotlight on yourself a lot easier.