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Stewart Schuster


Pocket full of do

Pocket Full of Do

One book, two decades of anecdotes, lessons, and wisdom.

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Stewart brings a keen eye for filmmaking and storytelling as an Editor for The Futur.

He holds a degree from Watkins College of Art & Design in Nashville, TN, and after freelancing with Blind for some time, he joined The Futur family. He’s worked on projects for the National Guard, Coldplay’s “Ink” trailer, and Universal Music Group to name a few.

Stewart is deeply enthralled by filmmaking. If he isn’t editing, you can find him watching a film, talking about one, making one himself, or reading about one. Needless to say, Stewart is a film aficionado.

A Nashville native, he leads a simple California lifestyle enjoying time with friends, hiking, and the greatest food known to man: pizza.

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