Designer and Podcaster Diane Gibbs

Recently, Chris went looking for some answers regarding gender inequality issues in design and opened himself up to the internet community.

Needless to say, it went about as well as can be expected on the internet, BUT, through that experience, he did meet someone who was interested in helping him to find answers. Diane Gibbs, a designer and podcaster from Alabama reached out with an open heart and mind, and now she's on the podcast to talk about these issues.

In this episode, Chris sits down with Diane to talk about connecting, their mission to help people feel less alone, and finding grace for others.Diane is a woman of many talents. She’s been a designer for 20 years, runs her own firm, is a college professor, and the host of the Design Recharge podcast. Her show, along with her teaching, is designed to give hope to designers and connect with those who feel lonely in the field.Diane brings heart and empathy to this conversation, along with words of encouragement and positivity for Chris.

Want to learn more about Diane?

Behance: https://www.behance.net/dianegibbs

And check out her podcast, Design Recharge.