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Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite - Monthly Sermon

Chris Do
October 12, 2022

Life gave you rules but almost all the rules that you learned are from your parents and they are wrong. Society taught you all these rules to fit in and not stand out. Then we ask ourselves why do I have limiting beliefs, avoid difficult things, and avoid stress. Buddhist teachings: All life is suffering and our refusal to accept this is where our sadness and lack of joy come from. Charlie Munger - Inversion Thinking: When things don't make sense, we should do this thing called Inversion Thinking. Let's take the opposite side: if your pro-choice go pro-life and try to make a case for it. See where you stand. This is the first step to being a critical thinker. Critical thinking means attacking your own ideas to find the truth. Truth above all else. Truth before comfort. Choose the uncomfortable truth over something that's comfortable and it's going to pacify you.

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