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Ai Revolution - ChatGPT Pt.2

Chris Do
March 8, 2023

Time Stamps: 0:01:24.00 Making a movie with ChatGPT 0:06:41.00 Ai in the Academic Circle 0:08:56.00 How to use ChatGPT 0:16:04.00 Storytime: Ai Can't do all the work for you 0:29:23.00 Quantum Entanglement 0:34:36.84 The Rhetorical Triangle and 5 Tips to address your audience 0:45:06.00 Tips on using ChatGPT to write stories 0:49:33.00 Stephanie's origin story told by ChatGPT 1:01:33.00 Pro Members share their ChatGPT results 1:04:56.00 Leave your audience with a takeaway through subtext 1:26:39.00 Peter's quick tip on using ChatGPT Top Takeaways: Les Brown once said, "Never tell a story without a point. But never make a point without telling a story." The goal for the call: Use ChatGPT to come up with title ideas for a program or service you either currently have or plan on offering. Program ChatGPT to speak to a particular audience Embed a lesson/takeaway into a personal story in ChatGPT Addressing a Specific Audience Define the audience: Identify the characteristics and interests of the intended audience. Consider factors such as age, gender, education level, occupation, hobbies, and values. Use language that resonates with the audience: Incorporate words and phrases that reflect the interests and values of the intended audience. For example, if the audience is young adults, use language that is current and reflects popular culture. Provide specific details: Use specific details that are relevant to the audience's interests and experiences. For example, if the audience is interested in a particular hobby, include references to that hobby in the prompts. Consider the tone: The tone of the writing should reflect the interests and values of the intended audience. For example, if the audience is serious and professional, the tone should be more formal and serious. Provide feedback: As you read through the output generated by ChatGPT, provide feedback on whether the language and tone reflect the intended audience. Provide positive feedback or specific feedback on what needs to be improved. Independent Practice: Finalize your story. Next call we'll use MidJourney to create a compelling image to go with it for posting to LinkedIn.

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