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Personal Branding Pt.3

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Do your stories add up to a larger narrative arc?

Important: We’re sorry about this, but this transcript is hard to read. We’ve added the wall of text below to help our search function better. If you’d like to help us format this, please reach out to andres@thefutur.com. In the meantime, simply turn closed captions on (CC) the video above to read along.
All right, let's get started. I'm going to jump right in because we have a lot of stuff to do today. Excuse me. Share the screen with you. Right here. All right, everybody. This is call number one nine, seven, 197 calls in on personal branding. This is part three. And as you can see here, it's part of a beta release. It's one of the benefits of being part of the group. You get to see stuff as it's being developed. What'll be interesting for some of you, of course, creators, is to be able to map how I'm doing things with the way things are release. So you're getting a behind the scenes look at how we actually alter courses, and I imagine this course will do quite well. Easily a six figure launch for us, when I say six figure, I mean $100,000. I found this little quote here from Aristotle, knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. And we talk about doing the personal branding thing is so difficult because we need to learn and know ourselves and a lot of us are struggling through this process. It's natural. Let's lean into the discomfort and see what happens on the other side. You may not be able to launch a world famous personal brand, but I think you're going to get to know yourself just a little bit better. And the way I found to do this, to make it fun and a little less intimidating. Is to talk about it within the lens of modern mythology, comics and pop culture. The graphic novel something I love so, so much, and I drew out this little diagram. So there's four components to this. We started with story, then we went to character. This week I was thinking about going into the world building part, but I'm going to save that for last because hallmarks is so fun. So we're going to do that. OK, so quick recap here. Some of you guys know about the story part, but just in case and we're going to go over it really briefly. It looked like this. There's three components to your story. And usually it kind of maps closely to your age. So I would say from 0 to seven, we're going to talk about your origin story. Then somewhere in your teenage years is the defining moment, the moment where you figure out, I think this is the direction I need to go in. And then the moment in which you arrived is the having transformed. And we use these three story prompts to call to adventure the anxiety of the call and then the mentor peers. If you don't know where your story parts are. Look for the parts where you're most anxious and you're fighting it so, so hard. Every part of your body and your mind is saying, do not do this. That's usually where the story is OK and we want to make sure, because we have an infinite number of stories, that the stories add up to something much bigger, that there's a larger narrative arc, as I've shared with you, my three stories my origin stories going from Saigon to Santa Monica, going from data to design and then the two DJs in my life, Jesse and Jose. And they all add up to this moment where I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. So make sure they add up OK, because you can tell any story. Finding the right stories is the difficult part. Part two is about character. And the wheel turns a little bit. Now I saw some people making some progress here and figuring out your strength and your weaknesses. Some people were debating me that my list weren't weaknesses. But as I've responded to some of you weaknesses in the eye of the beholder, let's say some of these 6 foot 3 and, well, my weaknesses. I'm too tall and I don't fit into things. Most of us who are shorter like, I'd kill to be 6 foot two, so I think it's just in the eye of the beholder. You don't have to look at weaknesses so much as the purely negative thing. It could be neutral to negative. And it's up to you to figure out what works for you. Then you distill this thing down to make it memorable, to make it easy and catchy, but we're going to go a little bit deeper today into your two word brand. And I find that the things that work best or the things that are words that don't really belong together. So we talk about juxtaposition, but not necessarily just the opposite. But today I want to talk about non-sequiturs words that shouldn't even be next to each other for some reason when put together, create magic. And that's the spirit of creativity. So we talk about Superman and his strengths and weaknesses. He has so many strengths, a few weaknesses, and some people would say that's not even a real weakness. And that's OK. Put that aside, ok? So we want to look at our strengths and we want to look at our weaknesses and our weaknesses could be neutral and negative. But it's up to you to decide what your weaknesses are. Because his main weakness is he can't save everyone. And if you hear that, like John. And that's why I don't think he's such a compelling character, he is a God walking among men. But you need to find your weaknesses, too. And then we told you, go ahead and put that together, right? Figure out you two word brand and whatever, and a lot of you did that. And some of you came up with predictable things, things that were really, really safe or things that didn't feel true to you and only you or a few people can claim. But what we're looking for are these unexpected twists, and I shared some of those with you last week. What are some of the unexpected twist these non-sequiturs? Well, the word dream and works don't really go together. They're not even opposites. But when they put together, it's a pretty awesome phrase. And then when we look at the word light and magic and we add the word industrial in front of it, industrial, light and magic, something super awesome happens. Not an awesome logo, but something really cool happens here. And the combination of these three words industrial light and magic. And it looked for a couple more like I don't know if water smart, it's water, but I think this is brilliant in coming up with the name smart water. And I love this from a positioning point of view because it infers if you're not drinking smart water, what are you drinking? Are you drinking dumb water, ignorant water? What kind of water are you drinking and are you being smart? And I think it's so, so clever smart water. There's a reasoning behind this. I remember looking this up a while ago. I don't remember it right now. And there's this other idea to a sun is just a giant fireball. And it really kiss. And then they even spell a little bit differently. So they can trademark it Sunkist. And it's a great description, because the sun kissed the fruit. Very gently to ripen it, to give it energy and to give it that flavor and that sweetness. So son kiss and I love that. Now there's this word that I stumbled into. It's called portmanteau. I'm not sure if that's how you say it, but it's a word where you combine two words where the combined word expresses the meaning or some parts of the meaning of each individual word. That's a mouthful. And this is like one of those six words portmanteau. I didn't even know this word, but that's what it is. And so I'm going to share some examples. So we've been talking about been talking a lot about two words like word one and word two putting next to each other. But it's neat when you combine the words together and you make up a new word, then that becomes a word or phrase that you coined and only you can use. I think that's pretty cool. That's a pretty lofty bar to hit, but it's one worth looking at. So here's a couple for you to look at. I didn't know this. But if you laugh, chuckle and you Snort while you laugh like you do that, that's called chortle, I thought chortle was just like a real word, but apparently it's two words smashed together to create this third word. And then if people enough people use it, it becomes part of the language. Like I didn't know, smoke and fog was smog. Did you guys know this, raise your hand if you already knew this part? Smoke and fog? Did you guys are so smart? I didn't know that. OK, next word is, of course, everyone knows brunch. And then we've probably heard of frenemies like people that you keep close, but you're kind of two faced about because you really despise them. They're your friend of me. And then there's the opposite of which is friends and family, family is friends that are so close they feel like family. Again, mock and documentaries mockumentary in the last one I wanted to share with you is how you come up with the name like Skype. Skype meets sky peer to peer. Skype so we don't need to just think of the two word brand as just adjectives or a noun. It can be a brand in itself. I want to just spark your imagination a little bit to kind of push you to go a little bit deeper, a little further and to allow your creative juices to flow. I think that would be really, really cool. I also want to encourage you to think about things that rhyme. So there's I have two examples here where maybe you can't come up with an idea, so you just come up with a silly idea. And so they're thinking of a name for the Willy Wonka company for a silly candy. And so they called it Laffy Taffy. And inside each package, when you open it up, they'd have a little joke, usually a pun kind of thing. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef? And it starts to become part of their brand, and it's pretty awesome, so you you'd eat the candy, but you look inside and you'd see a little joke, make you laugh. What's an Alice favorite subject? Algebra OK, it's early. I get it. Chris has been spending all night looking for dad jokes. Maybe, but isn't that neat that we can go this far? That an or undress or Melania or our ziffren could come up with a two word brand that starts to become such a unique signature that it becomes its own brand in itself? I think that's cool. That would, for me, be superstar status. So we don't want to get locked into this. Here's another one. This one is about a fruit flavored cereal that's in the shape of rings, a fruit flavored cereal in the shape of rings called Fruit Loops. Has no fruit in it, but fruit loop rhymes has a certain sound to it. It kind of makes you smile. Is that pretty cool? And this one was used by our friend. Mo Ismail. That when he went on clubhouse, he and I were working as a brainstorm and kind of freestyling, and he came up with this eventually. He's like, oh, I'm cooking up videos, man. I make short videos that make clients dough. That's why they call me the Pillsbury Doughboy. Using his name and switching out a commonly a well-known thing, just with one word. And I want to share this with you because I want to encourage you. There are no rules to this game of creativity. The only rule is there are no rules. So try stuff, have fun. If that's not enough, I have an exercise for you to do today together, so we're going to do breakout room really soon. And I'm going to set you guys up for OK. As we know, all superheroes, even super villains, have an alter ego, and there's a reason why. And I'm going to ask you guys, why do comic book characters have an alter ego? What's the reason behind this? Right? and they feared the discovery of their secret identity, and there's some real reasons and some fun ones, too. Let's put it in the chat here. Let me stop the share. Let's see what you guys. Have to say. All right. Why do you think that why don't you go ahead and write down some of your answers here? We'll give the introverts an opportunity here to kind of think before all the extroverts grab the microphone start blurting out answers. Well, that's an interesting one imposter syndrome. Most people would think, oh, I have to keep my friends and family safe, that if the villains find out who. My secret identity is, they'll just go and kidnap and hold hostage and threaten the people I love the most. Oh, OK, that's a nice one, so they can have a life. Yup maintain privacy, right, right. To humanize contact with other humans. Mm-hmm Not being discovered. Well, it turns out I was doing a little research on this. Many superheroes do not get paid to be superheroes unless you're an Avenger. So they have to be able to make money. So spider-man can't walk around, delivering pizza just doesn't work. That's why he needs to have a secret identity. Aside from being safe, so there's a pragmatic one. But I think there's something else to be discovered here. Something much deeper, perhaps. And I hope you'll be able to tap into it as well. All right, let me share this again. So superman, as we know as Clark Kent and spider-man's Peter Parker and Iron Man's Tony stark, and it's a revelation in the storylines when their identity is discovered or when they finally show their true face to their friends. And oftentimes what happens in the comics is their real life love interest is not interested in the real person, and they're usually infatuated with their alter ego, depending on how you look at this. Like, I like the girlfriend of Peter Parker, he's like, Oh my god, you're spider-man. And they can't believe that this nerdy guy. That's usually like picked on in high school is actually a superhero. And these are big moments in the storyline. And I want you to think about this too. So we're going to create an alter ego. And I'll tell you why in a little bit and then we're going to reveal to the world eventually that we're the same person. It's going to be really cool. OK so as you guys are already guess, it's the conceal and protect. But I think also it's something much cooler, which is when they put on a mask, they're totally anonymous. And they can fully show off the capabilities of their power, so they have this unrestrained power, this freedom to swing from the skies. To to actually stand up for people and just stop crime without worrying of retribution, I think that's really, really cool. And right now, I think there's just you, but we're going to create an alter ego for you. Your superhero. And I want to ask you this question. What would it be like? If you could be free to be anything. If you could take the chains off. If you can shed all the weight of expectations put on you, by your parents, by your friends, by society. If you can be 100% free and no one would even. When that feel amazing, just imagine that for a minute. Like, what would you say? What would you do? We're going to become that person. So I have a little prompt for you here. And the prompt goes something like this. And I hope I have not shared this with anybody yet. But after last, the last pro call we had together, I was really thinking about how I can push you into the next level. And I wrote this thing down in my notebook. So by day, I'm a mild mannered, whatever your boring description is, I'm a mild mannered graphic designer, a web person, I'm a brand strategist. That's the boring description. That's what people know you for how your friends would describe you, what your professional title is on LinkedIn. Get it boring. Got it! So let's get that out of the way. But at night, I'm known as. Whatever your two word, super rent is, and this time I've added the word super in there because I want you to supercharge it, I want you to be brave and want you to be bold. I want you to try something different. And then who, whatever it is that you do. And you're only allowed to use five words or less. Don't worry about proper english, it's better to select five words almost like a poem. Ok? we're going to do this together, so don't be scared yet, we're going to do this all right. You got this. And so we look at Bruce Wayne and Batman and it probably read something like this by day, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, Playboy philanthropist, a totally fake personality, by the way. He does that so that no one would suspect that he's Batman. But at night, but a night Batman is known as the dark knight, the world's greatest detective. Those could be his five words. Or just world's greatest detective. He's also known as Gotham's silent guardian. I like that. And the watchful protector. And when you guys come up with something like this. So by day, Emily Hanson is, but at night she's known as the. The blah blah blah blah. OK and Ali, are your creative juices flowing or are you starting to sweat right now? Oh, my god, I'm sweating, ok? This is fun. Corey, you got this. What do you think? No, no, I got this, you got this. I like that. OK your prompt us to do this five words Brent and towards Brent, and it's just match together and it's so cool. All right. All right, I like that. Ok? beautiful. And we're sweating a little bit. I like that. And then I want you to embrace the sweaty armpit today. Let's just embrace it. No one's around you. Anyways, you're all working from home. Probably it'll be all right. If not just put on some deodorant. Let's just embrace the fact that we're going to sweat and that we're going to be uncomfortable for a little bit and have so much fun with this, please. We're just playing pretend here. So nothing really matters. OK, nothing really matters. I see a couple of hands up. I'm just going to ask you to hold on for a little bit before I get to this part, and then I'm going to send you off into your rooms. But I'll answer your questions. OK, so I want you to work on this, right? Your alter ego description? And it give you some time to work on this. This is the screen here. So the golden screen capture this all right, screen capture this, and I'm going to prepare the Dropbox document here. I'm going to put you guys into rooms. But before I do that, I'm going to answer a few questions about this specifically. Well, where am I supposed to get into paper? All right, everybody have chances to capture this before I get rid of this. Personal training. Here we go. Copy this. All right, so I'm going to stop the share. M&A answer some questions, key, you had your hand up first. Oops! can you unmute? Yeah I should have put my hand down after you ask the last question. OK, thank you very much. You know, what's your question? Yes so I was wondering, are we writing it in third person or in first person because the Bruce Wayne mine was in third person? So we want to put it as like by Zunino. Mariano is the dead by night. He is what do we do it like by day in may? You can do it in the first person, you can do the third person you can do it, the second person, the fifth person you could do it, any person you want. I just want you to do it and have fun. OK Yeah. Yeah I because I'm not Batman. I couldn't write like my day. I'm known as Bruce Wayne. That's why by day, you know, that's why. But I would write for me if it's for me, by day, I'm a blah blah blah. I want you to feel it. Ok? good question. Yeah and if it's not too comfortable for you, just pretend you're another person and write in the third person. That's totally OK, too. All right. So what I'm going to do right now is I'm going to share a document with all of you. It's not going to make sense. Just a little bit. The document has a link to different table rooms. OK, so when I sign you to a room, whatever room number you're in, open up that document by clicking on the link, all the prompts are there for you, ok? And you work on it, live together with your team. I'm going to give you a little bit of time to work on this one because this one's tricky, and I'll be checking in by looking at the document that you're clicking on. All right. So I'm going to create a breakout room. Everybody is clear with the directions. Anybody unclear what the directions. That's when I want to hear from you. So I'm going to create 20 rooms. You have between three to four people in your room and it's OK. If there's only two, just message me or bounce back. Let me know what's going on and then I will send somebody to your room. OK, so here we go. I have to assign everybody. That's how this works. So I'm opening up the room, feel free to go in or not just listen in. It doesn't matter. OK, so work on this silently, and then when you get to a point in which you're happy, share it with people and have a good laugh. Should be fun, everybody. Can I sign us quickly? Is that OK? Go ahead. Go ahead. So I actually do already have a superhero persona that I made for my brand. But then also I've done something slightly different with a two word brand and the five words. So I don't know which one I should go forward with this or should I do both? Do whatever you feel like and you know, OK, just if you love what you got. Don't worry about it. If you want to try this exercise the way it's designed, do it this way. Either one's right. There are no wrong answers here. OK all right. I want to. I want to welcome everybody back to the main room, I gave you a lot of time, but I can tell because I was dipping into the rooms and you all are struggling with this. I know because it's hard, it's hard, right? And the thing that I noticed is this pattern that I need to break you out of the pattern is to be really safe and to just be restrained. And I want to release you like a wild Stallion to run out into the wild and do what it is that you need to do. Susan was struggling a little bit, if you don't mind me sharing Susan soon. Susan was saying like, you know, by day am a mild mannered, semi approachable designer, interior designer, but a night I'm known as a dangerous transformer. And she was like, why? And I asked her, like, why are people afraid of you? She goes, because sometimes they're not sure if I'm going to hug them or stab them, you know, because I rip things up. Look, why don't we go with that? You know, you go into spaces and you rip things apart because you have tastes and you probably design snob. Like, I hate that those currents do not go with this carpet, please. Maybe that's. So let's just assume you're like a villain, and that could be cool and it could be dark. And we're just writing fantasy pieces here, right? We want to make sure this character is interesting, and so we go that route. She becomes like Jane the Ripper. She breaks into people's homes and gives them only what they need to their delight. It's the beginning of something here. Like, would we want to read about this character, like in real life, if this were like if we're making a movie about this person also happened to be named Susan as well? She's got some kind of OCD. She's like, really like just bad design terrifies her. You know, could you imagine like somebody invites her over for tea and she's sitting there, her nerves are like. And she's like Dexter. She's plotting out the crime scene, you know, like, OK, we've got to change that. We got to do this. I got to order for more lamps and some throws. I got to put this all together. And then she what did she do? She spies on them for a while to figure out their behavior. And then there's this. She sends them a ticket for a dinner that I call. So how do we get at this? And so then they disappear into the night. That's when she breaks into their apartment. It transforms it. There's something that could be developed here. So I want you guys have some fun. I saw a lot of your responses to the two word brand exercise publicly and privately. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with them, but I just want to push you. What would happen? And you're going to write a piece of fiction here, right? We want to embrace this whole idea that comic book mythology and what can we do with this? That would excite me, and that's what I want you to try. OK, I'll take a quick pause here. Does anybody have any questions about what they wrote or the challenge of the exercise? I giving you 15 minutes or so is not going to be enough time to solve this. But I want to start you on that path. OK, so partial wrote this, I'm kind of grooving on what I wrote here. She's like by day, I'm a mild mannered librarian, ok? That's perfect. That's what librarians are like. Mild mannered and librarian. Just go together. They're synonymous. But at night, I'm known as a wisdom alchemist who turns bestselling books into online classrooms. I like where that's going. Yay having fun with this, right? Yeah, Charlie helped me with that. So big up to her. Oh, nice to be able to spend together. Yeah, I love that. So where's Charlie, charlie? What did you write? I want to hear what you wrote. Charlie, you need to unmute or maybe your internet broken mirror. Oh, it's OK. Here we go. Oh, by day, I'm a well-mannered entrepreneur. But that night, I'm known as the lip hacker who helps founders how to exit. OK, we need you to sprinkle some of that magic into your description now. You started really strong an entrepreneur. Yeah, I like that help people capitalize and exit and Yeah. Yes, but I need you to be like put on your fiction superhero writing cap. I think it sounds to like what it is. Oh my. I want you to have a little bit more fun with that. See, see if you can just try and push it a little bit. OK OK. Yeah all right. All right. OK, so Marwan, did you have a question? Yes, I have a question. I think mine isn't like with the mythology of comic stuff much, I think it's only like what you said. It's as it is, but I just want to read it. You think where we can go with it? By the way, I am a mild mannered design student, but at night I'm known as a contemporary fashion fashionista. And who builds contemporary and different fashion brands? OK I would strongly encourage you not to repeat words because you only have so few words to work with, right? So a contemporary fashion beer, is that what you said? Yes OK, and then who? What do you what is it? Did you do? I build fashion. I wrote, builds contemporary and different fashions. I got it. Here's what I want you all to do. I want you to use hyperbole. Hyperbole means exaggeration. I want you to exaggerate the things that you do. I want you to push it. If you're at a four, I want you to push it to an 8 or 9. I want you to go so far, it sounds absurd, and then we'll pull you back. OK, so everybody, just look at your document, you can work on this while we're talking. Try to do something that just sounds super exciting. And I want you to think about also the Pantheon of heroes and villains. They all have some kind of superpower. The invisible girl can turn invisible. Johnny Storm can turn into the Human Torch. Mr fantastic is super stretching brainy. The Hulk is incredible strength. Right, gamma irradiation, aerated body and cells like so now he's a super strong. Hulk's strongest there is kind of thing Hulk smash. So just think about that. Go a little bit over the top. Doctor Strange can step into different dimensions. You can travel in time. Mm-hmm So it can't be totally surreal, right? I want it to be totally surreal. We're talking about comic books here. Yeah OK, I'll let you have a little fun, because in that like, say, when people are thinking of the name DreamWorks and there's a little boy sitting on a moon, a Crescent moon fishing, looking for ideas, I think that's really cool. Industrial light and magic, I mean, there is a kind of over the top quality to these things. So push it, OK, so everybody, look at what you wrote. Try to just pretend this is not anymore. And create a fictional character that Marvel or that you're going to pitch to Marvel or DC or Netflix or something. You guys know who Jessica Jones is. Jessica Jones is, I think, some little known character they invented one of your favorites, Yeah. OK, so Jessica Jones has a sex problem, a drug problem. She's just horribly abusive because she's almost. What is it? She she can't die like? She's she's hard to kill. And she's super strong, but she's totally reckless and she's a bad ass. Is there something really cool about that, a detective who can't be killed? And who has a drug problem and a sex addiction? It doesn't take good care of herself, so there's something really interesting about this character. OK, so Nina, you have a question. Yes I'm struggling with the first bit. Actually, I think I've got the second bit down, but I'm trying to like because the first placement to be quite boring, right? I'm trying to get that contrast. I don't know. What's your first bet? So by day, I'm a comic book artist. And by night, I dwell in my cave painting people's dreams into existence. I am the cultured caveman. So that was why I like that a lot. So are you working as a comic book artist? You know? Yeah, so well, I've got a comic book company, so we yeah, we tell people's stories, but comic books or brand stories with comic books, so OK. And do you publish stories for other people or just for yourself? And so it's for, yeah, four other people, so at the moment, we're doing internal comms for a big company. And then we also do like external comms and like illustration and stuff and for like we've done some small jobs on the side and stuff like that. So that's kind of the main experience at the moment. So I think that works. I was going to if you didn't say anything, I was going to say, like, you're a marketing, a social media marketing person, that would be a boring title like an expected title. Comic book artist already is kind of little on the edge. So this was sort of the contrast. Yeah, I feel like the beginning of it needs to be a bit more boring. So, yeah, just fine. Like a boring title, like because I think that's already kind of cool and interesting. So just. Dole it down a little bit, all right. OK Yes. All right, I'm going to I'm going to continue on here. I know there's more hands here, Ryan. Do you have a quick question for me? Go ahead. No, I was going to read through mine, but it can wait. No worries. OK, yeah, just hold off and we'll save the feedback for later. OK so let me go ahead and share my screen again here. All right, where's my keynote? I hope that going through this alter ego thing is fun and opens up your mind as to what is possible and go ahead and revisit this as you need to and continue to share on circle group about what your alter ego description is like. OK and now we're going to get into the third part of this, which is the hallmarks. The icons, the symbols, everything that makes you, you and the way that looks is something like this. And so we focused on this part of the circle. There's the suit. Every every superhero has a suit or a costume. I didn't want to use the word costume, but then they have colors and symbols, symbols like the spider for spider-man, every one of them, the Green Lantern ring and these. These all become part of the lexicon and the motifs that they use. And they also have catchphrases, mottos, credos, and there's a tone of voice that they use. And it's not literally the tone of voice, but how they speak to people. They have tools and accessories, not all of them do. Superman doesn't have any tools, really, but Batman is all about tools and accessories. Tony Stark is the same. And then there are the signature traits the key pose, the special moves that make you you. OK, so let's take a look at Superman. Superman was a little bit tough. But I chose Superman because we know his uniform and. I want you guys to describe in the chat what components. Of Superman make up his uniform, how would you describe Superman's uniform, both for the Superman character and for Clark kent? The se, for sure, the red and the blue, the cape, as we demonstrated last week and we talked about this, the red cape, even from the back. Anybody that wears a red cape, we just automatically assume it's Superman. All superheroes seem to wear underpants on the outside. So the Spandex, you know, the as Clark Kent, it's the it's the boring gray suit so he can blend in the glasses that he wears in a lot of times he will wear a fedora to matching, you know, the matching thing and probably like his little notepad in his pen. That's all. I guess it's his tool, but this is his suit in uniform. The stands in the shoulder. OK Yep. All right, so we obviously know what the colors are. We can just do a color picker. And as we're going along, I want you to be thinking about what you're doing to develop your personal brand. What is your suit in uniform? What are your trademark colors? What are your symbols? And the motive for superman, I think, is that little curly. I know what you call that. Chunk of hair at the top there. Big government ship. What's that called? Spit, curl, the curl, spit curl. What can I hear you? The quaff girls spit, curl, spit, spit, curl, I didn't, I didn't know that word. Spit, curl, OK. You know, what's really interesting here is this is a really old drawing of a Superman. And then you kind of just imagine this as Henry Cavill. It kind of looks like him. So you see how fiction can become reality, and because there's so like distinguishable trademarks about him, even the way he wears his hair. And his catchphrase, he has a few he'll see something like this looks like a job for Superman. And up up in a way which we've heard and. The classic thing that he says is truth, justice, and the Americas way. They've changed this recently. I think this is not justice. And a better tomorrow or something like that. So they took out the American way, but Superman was created during a time of World War two and there was like a bunch of writers trying to like fight the Nazis. And so Superman was created to do that. And his tone. He's like that quiet, polite farm, boy. So he's very polite. He's optimistic. He's a protector. He's a do-gooder. He's referred to as the boy scout, the ultimate boy scout. And he seems to be somewhat uncompromising, not willing to to, like, allow injustice to exist ever so vigilant, watching from space. Making sure everybody's OK. And then I was trying to find a credo for Superman and his credo as far as I can tell, because he burned us into the moon on, not an episode, but in a comic it says do good to others. And every man can be a Superman. In case you guys don't know what a credo is, a credo is a set of core beliefs, guiding principles, intentions that govern your decisions and actions. And so here are some examples of credos. OK and this is from real life. Now So Simon Sinek famously says, start with why? He wants you to look inward. And he also said people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And he's done such a good job at coining these phrases that we often repeat them because it sums up these really big ideas in a very simple way. You notice to like the words that are chosen here. There's no $6 words here. Start with why every third grader should know these words. People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it. Really good, so sometimes we can get carried away in our wordsmithing that we make it more complicated to understand. This one's from Ken Robinson, late Ken Robinson. Creativity is as important as literacy. He's using a comparison here. What is this? It's like this that's a similarly right or a metaphor. Creativity is literacy. And then Brene Brown vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change. So she's the vulnerability queen. Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage. And set in different ways, maybe not, not in different ways, I'm sorry, a different idea. Choose discomfort over resentment. It's to give you the courage to act, to say and speak. Choose discomfort over resentment. More of us in the creative space need to live this motto. So when the clients expand the scope of that, paying us more, we just accept it and we wind up resenting the client and hating the entire process instead of bringing it up. Barry Schwartz the secret to happiness is low expectations. So these are all credos beliefs, core principles, things like that. And so I'm sharing all of these things because you're going to have to write these things. And so the superheroes, most of them have tools in Superman because he has he can fly, he can shoot lasers out of his eyes and breathe cold breath. He could clap his hand together and just send shockwaves. He doesn't really need tools. He is the ultimate tool or weapon. But the one thing he does have is as part of his narrative is he has the fortress of solitude, which is out in the Arctic somewhere created by some technology from his home planet and this artificial intelligence that runs it and he speaks to them in the voice of his father. So you can just be alone, so Superman's escape is he just needs to be by himself sometimes. And then what are your signature moves and pose for him, he's got that right hand lunging forward. Left hand back, knees out. The classic Superman pose, the other pose for him is when he transforms from Clark Kent to Superman. So at any time, if you were to pull your shirt apart. In that same expression, it's so iconic that now people think, oh, it's a Superman pose, you don't even need the S on the shirt anymore. Is that clear? Ok? so a lot of you are probably thinking, man, is this applicable to real life? Is it? And how can it be? These are just fictional characters, it's easy to write for them. Well, let's find out. So we're going to do a little test here, ok? And I want you to go back into your groups and I'm going to show you, Casey Neistat. And I want you to write what his suit, uniform, color, symbols, motifs, catch phrases, tone, credo tools, signature move and pose R and I've done this for I want you to do this for three people. The rock. And also Aaron Joplin. So the document that I gave to you, you can research. And I want you to research because I want you to start to dissect apart how other real life people are. Clearly communicating. And making very intentional decisions about how they present their personal brand. And for the rock, I think it might be easier for you to focus on him in his WWE days because a lot of that is created the expressions, his facial gestures, his uniform, whatever it is, he's got a lot of them actually his catchphrases, tons of them. Same thing with Aaron droplet. All right. So I'm going to send you back into your room on this one. You're allowed to use the internet. And I want you to just fill it in as a team work as a team, you can divide and conquer. Someone can say I wanted to take Casey Neistat some meals like, I'll take the rock someone else, take Aaron joplin, or you can work together and just put your heads together and do it like scrum all work together. And it's like you identify the catch phrases. And then when you finish one, have a mini celebration, then move on to the next one. I leave it to you guys to decide, OK. Again, I forgot to mention at a time, someone needs to be the timekeeper. All right, I'm going to give you I'm going to give you 10 minutes to do all three. You're fast with the internet search. You got this. OK, any questions before I send you off? OK, you got this then. All right, so opening up the rooms. Jump in. Have fun. See you in 10 minutes. Charlie, I'm going to move to you to back the room for right. Oh, room 4 is gone. What the heck? Oh, there it is. OK, you're in there. We have a bunch of people who are undecided, so I'm going to just start putting you into rooms, OK, everybody. So move you to room for peace to put me in a room. OK hang tight. I'm going to put everybody in a room. So you need that link there. At the bottom to access, but your roommates should be able to help you. How come you guys are not in? This is weird. Well, as historian Chris, this is Julie, so maybe that's OK. OK that's why I'm like, what the heck is going on? Actually, same here because the air change. So sorry, I came in an hour late, Chris. Oh no, no worries. Let me put you in a room. Thanks Of course. And your roommates will tell you what's going on in the room when. What's wrong with room 11? Yes that's where Ravi was. OK OK. Give me a second. I'll put you back in. I got to get everybody else in first two seconds. OK, so so robby, you got kicked out or something? Yes, my battery drain and I'm coming back. Things just got back. OK, let me find where you undress. Can you do this too? Or is it just me or? OK, I'm looking for volunteers here, and I don't want to see the usual hands go up, ok? I have you've already raised your hand once the day. Don't raise it right now. OK, so I want you to raise your hand if you're willing to represent your group and present to us your findings of one of those three people that we talked about the rock, Casey Neistat or Aaron drapkin. OK, so I see the hands go up here, so I'm going to go in this order, I'm going to go Richard and Serena and then puja. And then in Sergio, we have the opportunity. OK, so Richard, who are you doing? Great? I'm going to do one of my team members because I think it'd be more fair to represent someone else we're going to do. Casey Neistat Casey. Nice and wonderful. OK, tell us everything you know about Casey. Sure spirit says for the suit and uniform, we've got sunglasses, headphones, skateboard, his studio and his creative bat cave. His tools are headphones, camera, cell phone, a drone marker, paper, scissors, Mac, computer editing suite and dual monitors. Symbols are a Candice Poole in his sidekick. Tone is rough. Truth seeker, rule breaker, truth teller, independent, thinker and creative genius. Credo is be nice to people. It's not cool when people are unfriendly. Don't be a slave to praise. Signature move skateboarding. OK, OK. All right. I like what you just said there, but if you're a true Casey Neistat aficionado, you will know that the details matter a lot. They're not just sunglasses. I believe they're ray-bans, and they're not just Ray-Bans. They're all jacked up, they're scraped. And there's a lot of white showing. So it's not. We want to get super specific so he can take something that's very common like sunglasses and be more specific by Ray-Bans. And then when he buys a new pair, he damages them so that they look a certain way. So there's a wear and tear. I think some of his motifs are really bad. Tattoos is horrific tattoos all over his body, and he has an idea. And in one of his expressions in his most popular videos, it's make it count for Nike, make it count. And it's just not a skateboard, you guys. It's boosted boards. This is where I need you to get really, really specific. And I think he also has other things. So any other Casey Neistat aficionados willing to weigh in on this so that we can see to the depth in which we can go so everybody is just lower your hand temporarily? And just remind me later what the order was. So Serena puja and then Sergio, OK, go and raise and lower your hands. And now go ahead and raise your hand if you want to contribute more specific detail about Casey Neistat. So I see Ashley's up, Ashley. Give me one or two details about Casey Neistat. Oops, I was too slow, sorry to thought. OK, so you still have your hand up, but I think it's a pregnant hand. We'll just like leave it to some. Oh, it's a real hand. All right. You give us a 1 or two details. I was going to say a big part of the personality is New York City. Like, absolutely like bringing that in through visuals all the time. And then even the music, you know, is always soul music with like mixed in with like some electronics. So it's that urban vibe. And then the other one is definitely what you alluded to is the scratchy nature of everything. Everything is like a DIY sort of sensibility, whether it's the titles that are hand-drawn or, you know, like shelving or the way he mounts things to the wall and all of that. Yeah let's pause right there. I want to talk about the city because when we talk about the city, we're going to go into World building and we'll talk about that next time. But you definitely put your finger on something and everybody. It's undeniable there is a signature aesthetic to Casey Neistat. It's always selfie povs, and there's a lot of this DIY aesthetic. He's got some form of OCD, too, I believe. And so there's a calmness in the chaos. And there's a patina to everything that he does. There's a lot of handmade graphics cut and paste. You see his the human in the work that he creates. OK, wonderful. All right. Then he's got a certain kind of hairdo, too. It's this these curly locks that he combs over to the side. OK so let's add one or two more things, Ryan. What do you know about casey? I know that his top down filming style at his desk is one of the things that kind of sets him apart on his wooden desk. That's the thing I usually notice every single time. I think for him, too, it's also create every day. Perfectionism is not a thing. He just wants to rifle things out, ghetto videos. And that's his aligns with his vlogging style as well, too. Those are the two things that really kind of captured me about him. Wonderful OK. Excellent, excellent. Thank you very much. OK, let's go back to our old hand-raised order, which I already forgot. I think was Serena is up next. Serena, go for it. Who? who are you going to profile or talk about the rocker Dwayne johnson? All right. Know before, before you do it. I just want you to give us a couple, but you have to do it in the Rock's voice. OK we have to raise the stakes here. You've got to do your best rock impersonation, ok? Just take it off the glass. And she's getting serious about this, everybody. Here we go. You have to do that crooked smirk thing that he does. You smell with a rock if cooking. I do, I do, sir, you know, that's a wonderful catchphrase. Give me another catch phrase he's had so many incarnations, but that's his most famous one that I remember him for. And he does it a certain way, a brownie. Somebody just cut it in there. There's also a cadence. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? You know there's a way to do it. You have to let go over the top right. And somebody else gave me another catchphrase from the rock. All you, WWE fans. Come on. Raise your hands Jack down on your candy ass. That's a great one. I love that one. That's right. Ashley, you delivered that one, too. I felt the slap across the internet there. OK, somebody else? Who else has got one just unmute. Go when he's working out, he just looks at you need to focus and then you just goes away. Yeah you know, he has another one, he'll ask you for your opinion, like, what do you think of my logo? It doesn't matter. That's how he does it. Sorry, if I blasted out your eardrums, everybody. And he'll say, I'm going to tell you a tall glass of shut up juice. So he's got like, really great expressions. Now I don't think he wrote any of these because the masterminds behind WWE characters really understand how to create the character. Even the name of the rock was created. By the WWE. OK, so now we got his catchphrase the other way. What are the kinds of things that are a signature move or his aesthetic or anything else that you guys can think of? The leather jacket, the abs, the shaved head, the sunglasses, the crooked smile. Yes, the Leopard prints. The gold chain. Yes, a little bit. Yes, who else, tattoo on the arm? Yes, the tattoo. Yeah, because he's a Hawaiian, right? He's got the big tattoo on his chest and the arm was definitely. Anything else? The Fanny pack. And, OK, hold on, although that is a throwback from like bat style. I don't think he wants to be known for that, but he embraces it. The Fanny pack and the turtleneck, yeah, just didn't quite all go together, right? But he also has a more refined, businesslike feel now that he's not so rock and he's Dwayne Johnson, and he likes to dress nice and have really expensive suits and glasses and shoes. That's right. OK there's something that you guys may or may not know about the rock when he wanted to move beyond WWE and go into acting. And first of all, he was a terrible actor at the beginning. I don't know if you guys remember this, but he played the Scorpion King. And the way he was acting was overacting and it looked terrible, and I think he was ashamed of it as well. And so he didn't have a great time in the beginning breaking into Hollywood because he wanted to be Juwan Johnson. And so he lost a lot of weight. And he slimmed down because he didn't want to be known as The Rock anymore. And then I think he played someone who was like, I had a drug addiction, maybe even have AIDS. And so he's trying to play more serious roles to kind of show off who he is. And that didn't work, either. It wasn't until he fully returned back to himself, pumping iron and going back into this guy who's lovable, likable, but a little bit, you know, it's like you're kind of afraid of him, but he's a really sweetheart. And then he finds this thing and he becomes the highest paid entertainer in the world. So you see this journey that he had, you know, he wanted to let go of his old persona, his alter ego. He tried to be more of himself. So the shadow self and the public self. And then he finds a way for those two to coexist, and then he shows himself to the world and he's rewarded for it. He's loved everywhere. I was at a conference. And he was speaking, and my god, the room was nuts over him. Nuts and he's a very, very charming guy. And if you know something about him, too in his movie contracts, they have to ship his gym with him everywhere he goes, and his gym has a name who knows the name of his gym. It has a name. What's it called? What's that? Who knows the name, somebody just look it up. Internets, if you don't know it, I know it has a name because whenever he talks about it, he gives it a name. It's called iron paradise. Yes on Paradise island paradise now, I don't know if you know this. It's like 30,000 pounds of equipment or something ridiculous that the studios have to ship wherever he goes because he's like, I need to work out, this is part of my thing and if I'm in a remote location, I do not have time. So the Iron paradise is shipped with him, and I think now he has two of them. It is crazy. Yeah, imagine how much he has to earn. That's right. OK, so we now we've done the rock who's ready to take on air in? Is it now? Is it? Is it certain, you know, pull you, pull you back over to you? Can you do Aaron drop joplin? Sure so, I mean, he's got the everyday man persona. A lot of specifics, then I need specifics. We don't give up on me the 70s style, 70s style, for sure. Yeah, yeah, for sure. What else bleeds into his graphic design work? But also there's know, he's got the beard. He's got the beard. The beard? Yes OK, what else? Give me one more. Yeah, he's got the orange color patterns. OK, hold on. Stop, stop, stop. Stop just one at a time. We can't just say orange color is a very specific color. Yeah who knows the Pantone color desaturated? No, no, no, no. Time out for you. Time out. Put yourself up for in here. I'm going to have to slap your candy ass in a second here. Hold on. Time out. When we talk about things, we want to be very, very specific. It's not just an orange muted color, it's a very specific Pantone color. All you have to do is look up and draw Apple and pantone, and it'll tell you it will tell you exactly. And that's how specific he is. I don't just like orange. OK, so if somebody wants a Google that they can find that all right. Let's keep going. Let's let's get a catchphrase in there, Poirier do you have one for us? catch phrase for in Joplin. I don't know. OK all right. Time out, then let's go to someone else, someone else gave me one or two very specific details about Mr Aaron James strapline. All right, andr��s, give me one catch phrase vectors of this phrase. Vectors are free. Love it. Thick lines, everybody, thick lines. All right, someone else. On his website was work hard, do good work for good people. OK, good. Something else. He bought that from Charles Anderson, by the way. Go ahead. When he refers to young people, he calls us little pukes, little pukes. You little pukes. Yeah, OK, anything else? Any other catchphrases, denim jacket? OK, not a catchphrase, but yes, the denim jacket, for sure. The jean jacket, the cab and the trucker cap. Not just a cab, a trucker cap. Yeah, we were talking about the specific name. We couldn't like watch on a particular name for it. But yeah, that's OK. You'll notice here how I'm getting crazy because I want to be super specific. OK, I want you to understand and use very specific language when you're observing because that specific language is going to be needed to apply to you, you have to apply it to yourself as well. There's a uniform. OK, no pants. No pants. The DDC employee of employees. Exactly one person. He's a big man trying to make it into the little leagues. What else you guys got for me? On Jenkins. Oh, Duncan Jenkin rescuing these treasures from the trash. Rescuing is what he's doing. No, but you're buying thrift goods, you're not rescuing, but see how he has a phrase and a way of describing every single thing. What else? When you're showing his work and Illustrator and he's duplicating things, he calls it duping or something like that, do it. It's just stupid, stupid. Feature of the working man's typeface. Not really, but OK. What else you guys got? With his dog when the dog was eating something out of his mouth. If it's good for his mouth, it's good for mine. You know the OCD me. All right. All right, guys. So here's the question for you, and Andres had asked me that he goes, Chris, I was a little kind of worried about this exercise and where this is all going. But as soon as you gave us this prompt to break down these people, the rock and droplet and Casey neistat, we could do this for Steve Jobs. Anybody who has a strong personal brand, you can see they have a distinct suit and a uniform or a way of dressing very specific colors, symbols and motifs, catchphrases. They speak in a very specific tone. They have credos. There's tools and things that they use that become part of their signature move. Some that clearly identifies them as who they are. OK, so Paula just talked about this. Is it clear who you are, your personal brand? this is what you need to work on. Let me go and share the screen here. Let's go back to this. And then I'll have to wrap up here pretty soon. All right, so the test was for you to pay attention to three people who have pretty big social media followings and in different areas. Casey Neistat is a new yorker, was a New Yorker now as an angelino, and he's best known as a vlogger doing daily content. A less so now, but used to be. And then there's Dwayne. Johnson, the rock Johnson, the highest paid entertainer in the world. And then. Aaron James strapline. So I want you all to sit down and think about how you can fashion your own personal brand and what your hallmarks are. OK so I believe in. Did I write this down? Let me just double check here. So I don't make a liar out of myself. Yeah so the homework for all of you is to figure out what your hallmarks are and to complete your alter ego and to write that and make it exciting. I want you to push it. Maybe you won't use it, but I just want to see the extent of your imagination, how far you can go. OK all right, I'm going to stop the share here, that's the homework, and we've got it next week. We're going to or not. Next week, I'm sorry, next call. We're going to go into World building, talking about your arch nemesis, your allies, your sidekicks and in your world, your city. OK, so I'm going to take a moment here to see if anybody else has a question for me about what we're doing. And if I have time, I'll give you feedback on what you wrote. And any questions? OK Melanie, what's your question? So I just wanted to clarify in the thing that we were doing by day, I'm a mild-mannered. You said it's best not to repeat words, correct? Yeah, because you have so few words to use. OK, so do you. So can I read mine to you? Hold on. That's not a question as a final question. Yes, you can, but not right now. OK, I just keep your hand up. It's fine. OK, so then let's move on to Ashley. Ashley, do you have a question? Yeah, so I am a co-founder, so I'm part of a larger team, and so I'm curious as far as like, I do want to have some personal style for myself, but how can I fit that into the rest of the group without standing out like a sore thumb, but still like verbalizing or like expressing to people what my specialty is? How many people in your group? Three women, OK. Yeah can you think of a superhero teams that are 3 people? Charlie's Angels is kind of know you're so they all have a distinct personality, right? So right. Here's something that's kind of interesting when people do character design, they think about the silhouette a lot. So anybody here who is a concept artist who designs characters for animated films or costumes, they want to make sure even in Black and white, just by the shape, you can tell who's who. And so the designer for that, and I think you do need to stand out like a sore thumb because otherwise you just blend in. And the first rule of marketing and personal branding is don't blend in. Mm-hmm OK, now if you're two partners in this endeavor want to participate in this exercise, you should have them do it too, and you can figure out how you play off each other. So that there's not overlap. That's a critical part, because you don't want two of the same characters. Right OK. Awesome, thank you. OK, great. Thank you. Any other questions? I've got another five minutes here before I have to prepare for my next thing, anybody else? OK, I want to ask you guys a question about the alter ego exercise. I wrote it based on some of the observations I made in terms of how you guys were showing up. And I thought, maybe this will free you. And so I was hoping to read what you wrote and just like, just let it go. Did it help at all? So some people are not here. I was like, give me a Stone Cold face. Right stone Cold Steve Austin face here, ok? All right, thank you for the thumbs up for a couple of you. I want you to try. Just write it like a piece of fiction, OK, like it's not even you. There's no stakes. There's nothing that you can do that could be wrong. But to push. And so if you write it the exact same way that you would written it before today's exercise, I want you to do it again. OK undress, you start a thread somewhere in the general discussions, or maybe you can attach it to this recording about like, I want to hear your alter ego story by day. I'm this by night or by day. My friends know me as, but at night, I'm really. Gotham's Brander, I don't know, that's terrible. You know, adopt a persona. Think of yourself as a superhero. You were bitten by a radioactive cat and now you're like something, you know, a mystical octopus. You ate and became something you know, a door to an alternate dimension, pulled you in and you were able to see things. And have some power. You're like Cyclops and you have this laser beam eye or you're a Cavett cry havoc and he screams and everybody shatters. Or you're like, I forget it. Like Black bolt, a whisper can destroy worlds. So you must remain silent. You can be one of those goofy characters with like you could be Howard the Duck. A Rocket Raccoon is a steal stuff all the time. It's always getting into trouble. You don't have to be serious about this. So I'm going to do my best. Heath ledger. Why so serious? That man? You guys need to loosen up. All right. Have fun if you have kids, get them involved, if you have goofy friends, get them involved. Just let it go. You know, Ben burns tells me this story, how they train dogs. If you have a crazy dog and he likes to run off your property. They put on a collar. This shock collar on the dog and then they bury in the ground, so when the dog gets that part, it sends a pain to the dog's neck. And then after the dog learns they just turn it off, the dog never goes out again. They do the same thing with an elephant. They train them with chains. Right, and then later on, just a string. The elephant can easily overpower that. But I'm telling that story not because of an animal cruelty, but because I'm telling you there's no chain. There's no shock collar, but you're still seeing in the boundaries, you're still listening to something. I want to free you. You have wings and go fly. Think about it. If need help, Ni��os definitely immersed in this world of pop culture and comics, this is what he does, reach out to them or what? Just watch some cartoons, man. You have a secret ring. It does something. I don't know. You have a positron like brain. Go crazy, guys. All right, Charlie, you have a question. Uh, Yes. About the homework, is that what are your hallmarks and is it about like whatever we want, just creating a comic character? Or is it do we really need to take a reference of who we actually are and who are who? I mean, like the other people, what they look at us or just like completely like our off the box. So I'm a bit confused about the range of this homework. I forgot to do something last night I was working on. I was having too much fun. I forgot that what the heck I wanted you to do for some of you, I want you to design a mood board. This is how I'm going to wear my hair. This is the hat. These are my glasses. This is my accessories. These are my tools. These are my colors. I want you to build a little mood board. Just make one JPEG. Put all the things that you think, and they don't have to be today, but we'll be tomorrow. I'll tell you something. You guys know this story, I'm going to tell you real quick, ok? I used to hate snapback caps because I thought they were just like weird looking. I was more of a baseball like curved brim. You know, the whole bit. And then I go to this one of my former students. He's Filipino. He has a wedding, and I was like, checking out this dude style. He's so cool. Like, everything about him was super cool, and he wore a flat brim cap snapback cap. It turns out he was the DJ. I turned to my wife. I'm like, I'm doing that. Dudes look right now. And so I go and buy a flat brimmed cap snapback cap. I start filming with it. And now, you know, people see this much of me and they'll know it's me. And it's crazy, guys, because in Los Angeles, you would think because, you know, there's a lot of designers here. I would be recognized, but I'm not until recently. I swear to you, I parked the car. I ran to get some food and in one block, in one block, literally, I was spotted by two different people in one block. I was I took seven steps and the guy said, hey, love your videos, man. He's sitting there because they can just see this really fast and they know. And so it's almost like I want to change hats now, but I can't, I can't like I made a decision. I showed up at that because you imagine an Aaron James Joplin did do this. We did a Livestream together. He took off his hat and people freaked out. Now, we didn't know there was anything else here, because this is all we ever see. Like, we were surprised there aren't four humans in there. He took off his cap and then he put it back on because they were just like letting him have it in the comments. Ben burns has his big beard now. Could you imagine what he would look like if he shaved that beard? Just came and see it? It's going to be wrong. And so we kind of make these decisions unintentionally or intentionally, and they become part of our character. Now all of you potentially are starting with the clean slate. You can be whoever you want to be. But just remember when you start showing up in public, in writing on Instagram, on social media, these associations associations are going to be made, so you need to be intentional now. Jennifer, he's usually on these calls has, I think, blue hair, right, or purple hair? I can't remember now. What color is Jennifer's hair blue blue? It's blue, right? You can't, you can't mistake this. Let's see if she's here right now. Let me just look for her pick. You guys pick Luis. So, so pick is what is it? How do you say that a converted muslim? And so she wears the headdress, right? And she's super cool and interesting. So the only two things I can see of really are her glasses and her headphones. So when I was talking to pick, I'm like, pick by more ostentatious headphones and just freaky cool glasses because that's all we got. But you would be so cool because it's all conservative, except for this and this. So don't just get boring. Go crazy on me. She's like crazy, Chris. Yeah, I said, go crazy. Something that pops so I can imagine her like wearing like bright pink headphones, and it's like you cannot miss her now. So we want to design this, OK, Charlie. Yeah, I tried to summarize what you just answered. It sounds like a Halloween costume like cosplay ourselves and also make it very much like a religion that we're being so faithful to it. Yeah, those are stronger words than I would use, I think it's just uniform. You know, for me, I like wearing suits. I just I'm a weirdo. I like to wear suits, but I like to wear sneakers with my suits. And so that starts to become part of my uniform. So you're not going to see me wearing dress shoes because they're uncomfortable and I stand up a lot when I'm speaking, so I need comfortable shoes. And so I put my attention and energy into the little parts that make a loud statement. So it's not all loud all the time. But do we do it for those? But what if people that they're so difficult to stick with it? And it's a problem. Yeah, don't change. Stick with it. People who don't stick with it, what's the solution? Stick with it. I don't know what else to tell you. All right. I'm going to move on because we got a couple of other people. Daniel, you have a question. Yeah, I just wanted to ask you. So who's your alter ego? Don't ask me that question next. OK well, we'll work on that later. He always wants to turn this on me. I'm trying to help you, people. Don't turn this on me, dare you? Daniel, we'll come back to it if we have time, we want. But kastina, go ahead. What's your question? Hi, Chris, I have natural hair, I don't like wearing my hair in an afro, so yes, I don't think I necessarily have a signature hairstyle. My hair is always going to be, yeah, but like, I don't have a signature hairstyle either. So what are you going to do on me? I mean, where we're going with this? There's a lot of other ways you can do this. Just think about anything that you can do that starts to become part of your avatar, how you show up. OK I don't know what that is. You know, the funny thing is Greg. No, it wasn't Greg. Who was it? One of my guys was saying to me, Chris, I have no style. And he's like, you got the ears, the pierced ears, the glasses, the cap. You got all that stuff. And he's like, Ben burns has got the beard in his head and just the big man. Because you can find it. So why don't we do this cash now? Put together a tear sheet. Just fine, cool style that you like tear sheet is, you know, interior designers do this when they're trying to design your home. They'll say it's this material, these tile, these patterned, this rug, this carpet with this chair, and they start to put it on like a mood board. You know, they tear the sheets apart and they kind of glue them together. So you have a vision of what the whole thing looks like. OK and this is important for you to do based on your own personal preference, your style, your body type. Right like I said, I mean, I don't have six pack abs, if I did, I'd probably do different, you know, different style. And so I got to use the style that works for me. Uh, besides the cap being part of my wardrobe, it serves a very utilitarian function. I have oily skin. I start to sweat and when the light hits my head, it becomes a giant mirror. My guy is like, hey, Chris was the giant hot spot. We don't know what to do. I'm like, OK, I'll put on a cap solves the problem. That's it. OK, cool. OK maybe it's a bracelet for you. It could be. I have some ostentatious jewelry that I'm going to wear it just to annoy the internet. I do. It's sitting over there. I've ordered it and they're going to freak out because there's this episode where everybody I can was wearing necklace, some kind of chain like, Oh my god, these guys are all chained out. Well, wait till you see my next chain. All right. So I'm not going to tell you, I'm not going to show you what it is, it's just anything over there. You'll see me and you're like, Oh my God. All right. OK, is everybody cool? OK, I'm sorry, there's another question here from George George. Go ahead. I had a question in reference to the uniform, at least with my two-word brand, the one that I'm leaning toward the stubborn Renaissance man. And when I think of a Renaissance man, it's kind of someone who's more of a free spirit and they're not tied down to anything because they're doing other things. Then when you think about a uniform, it's the same thing every time. But could I embrace having something different every time? So that's part of the uniform that it's not the same thing each time. Yeah, that would be really tricky because this is called what everybody else does. I mean, everybody uses. He's like, I want to show up inconsistently. Welcome to everyone. You know, George, you're going have to think about that. I think there can be some eccentric components to you that you can use. You know, I used to wear blue glasses because not because I wanted to, because the future's brand is blue and I walked by this optical shop and I saw blue glasses. I'm buying those pair right now. Right and so I look for like designer eyewear, I have some obnoxious eyewear as well. And you know, I remember because we were traveling in Asia with my friend Tobin, who's the White dude? He's my executive producer. And he goes, Chris, your glasses? I'm like, Yep. And they're thick and they're heavy. I kind of look at them like Kim Jong il's like glasses, you know, like thick old man glasses. And I like them. And then I meet this other person. He actually has thicker, bigger glasses on me. I'm like, dude, he just outdid me right there. All right, I bow to your glass game, you know, game, recognize game, and you just did it right there. So just find your personal style. And it doesn't all have to be all at once, you can introduce it, and it can grow over time. OK, I have to go, but is it is itself is Altium. Actually, is there, and I haven't changed my name yet on my name. OK change it for me next time, will you? Yeah, go ahead. What's your question? So let's say, let's say I come out with my dream persona. Do I have to do my selected persona like 24/7 of my life or only when I interact with people or I just do it when I feel like it? Um, I would do it whenever you interact with people. It's not 21st. I don't go to sleep like this, guys. I just want to let you know I don't go to the bathroom like this. I don't. And this is I just do for this as soon as it is over. Camera's off. Hats off. You know, clothes are off. I'm back to working, you know, because it's not always that comfortable just letting you know. Got you to thank. Yeah like I see here, Ali Ali has some kind of headband or something. I don't know what that is. Maybe that's maybe his thing. I don't know. Each one of you guys think about this. Emily likes scarves. Scarves are a thing, right? You like things around your neck, Ali, is that right? Maybe for Natalie go, she just disappeared on me. OK, so just try it out. OK, thank you, everybody. I have to run, actually, because not only have a few minutes for my next thing and I'm going to stop the recording here.
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