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Townhall May 2021: The State of the Futur

Chris Do breaks down the Futur's Code of Conduct. Also, the state of the Futur what's happening in the Futur Pro Group.

Important: We’re sorry about this, but this transcript is hard to read. We’ve added the wall of text below to help our search function better. If you’d like to help us format this, please reach out to andres@thefutur.com. In the meantime, simply turn closed captions on (CC) the video above to read along.
OK, then share. Here we go. So I'm going to just ask actually, I need to make Emily a co-host here. Make her the co-host. Well, so anyway, if you could help me, if somebody is like, really got a lot majka, they're not aware, just help me with the mute button. Yeah, OK. Oops this is the wrong screen. I didn't want to share that screen. Sorry my bad. I'm sure. I'll try one more time. Where's the pull to refresh? OK, I think that's right screen right. OK, this is a town hall call number one 8, 6, and this is I think it's May 20, 2001. So here's the really quick agenda here. So we'll push through this. So just so you guys know, we're going to be talking about. I'm going to do some introductions and we'll talk about our ambassador and a community manager, what's going on, what the roles and responsibilities might be. But just keep in mind, everything is really fluid. It's really fluid. And I'm going to give you a little bit of an orientation in case you're new and you're not quite sure what the heck is going on. And you're feeling overwhelmed about air needs and Zooms and clubhouse and everything else that's going on. Office hours. What does that. How is it different than the normal Wednesday calls that we're doing together? And many of you still have not found your triple p? We've created the thread. This is kind of a byproduct of our clubhouse chat just to try and make it a little easier for you to find your partner. I hope we're bringing back study hall and I want to talk about job boards and recent wins and things like that. OK, so first up, I'm going to start the share because then we'll lock on this. OK, so first up, and you guys know her because she's been very active and present in our group. Her name's Emily Hansen. She's our pro ambassador and she's really here to help me make sure that this is an amazing experience for all of you. And we'll be working together very tightly. So you can see her as the person who's the heart. I may be the robot. So she's going to be the heart. And and she's helping me to do a lot of stuff behind the scenes and to make sure that each and every single person here has the best possible experience that we can deliver and are the roles and responsibilities are very fluid. But she recently put together a whole welcome team of amazing individuals. And do you want to mention who some of those people are? OK, I don't have them here, but I can I think I can remember, most people. Oh, my god, I know you put me on the spot. And it's male. It's Jack. It's Rachel black. It's Amy. My he work on. I'm sorry anyone else would like about eight people, and it's people who really want to help to welcome new members. So that ideas that no one is going to be like as soon as you just and like. Yeah so as soon as you enter the group, you will be like in a couple of days, you will have a contact with the member and B make sure that you're actually on circle and feel welcome. So that's the plan. We're working on. Beautiful so many of you guys already knew this because you've been working inside the group for months now. But we're just starting to implement a bunch of plans. And Lee has been down for the count for about 10 days due to COVID. She's back. And mostly, I think she's almost 100% vampyres returned. And so we're going to go full force. We've been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff, doing exit interviews, some user research and just some good old fashioned brainstorming to come up with a bunch of ideas to make this the best, most productive, powerful, welcoming, supportive community anywhere ever, period. Full stop. OK, so we have a lot of work to do. And you know me, I'm a very hyper obsessed person. When when I put my mind to something, things improve. And that's the way that things usually work. OK, now the thing that you don't know, the big announcement is that we have finally, a community manager. Now, initially, Ben and I were talking. It's like, let's just go and cast a wide net and see who's a good fit for us. But then we talked and it's like, does it make sense to bring somebody in from the community to be the community manager? And we had a whole bunch of wonderful applicants up and down. And there was some working through what the heck is the job description was. And there were some surprises. But I'm happy to announce a day that we've select undress andress. Where are you? Where is he? Earlier, you muted, aren't I? Yes, you are everyone. I am just welcome. Thank you. There he is. Everybody in your new community manager undress. So he will officially start next month. So June 1 will be his official start date. So we'll like go easy on him right now. It's just the announcements that we are, what, 11 days away or so from under taking over. I think he has the perfect temperament. And I think the thing about andrius, which strikes me, is he's a very shy, quiet person. But despite being so shy, he stepped out of his comfort zone. And just with a little prompting and prodding, he stepped up. He hosted the clubhouse room was awesome to see. And he I didn't know this about him, but then tells me he's very technically savvy, too. And we need someone that's got the good technical skills to counterbalance my not so technical savvy friend, annaly. So everybody just know that. OK, so one of the big projects that we'll be working on is building a master database. Andrius, I would love for you to reach out to Alec. Alec Miller. He's he's got a pretty good database going. What that really means is we want to index every single call and to be able to timestamp each of the calls with clear what the topics and subjects are, because several calls will bounce from topic to topic. And what this means for all of you is maybe in a few weeks or months when you're like, hey, does anybody know something under this will be it's called 170 to 14 minutes. And 33 seconds in. OK, this year, it's all about trying to make things better. So it's less. But better because we realize there are hundreds of hours of calls, literally hundreds of calls. And as we record more calls, it's going to become impossible to keep up. And I don't want you to feel stressed out. That's we're supposed to be here as a distressing agent. And many of you have already expressed, my god, I don't know where to start, how to find things. So that's just one of the many things. And and hopefully with somebody focus on this full time, 40 hours a week, we're going to see a lot more interaction, engagement and a little bit of connecting dots for people. So you don't have a Triple P address will be your person and reminders and calendar building and just all the things we've always wanted to do. But just didn't have the resources to do or the wherewithal to initiate. OK, so like I said, Andreas, with a welcome team, Italy, the all part of your like cruise, and we hope you have an amazing voyage with us. And that's how we're going to do this. OK, all right. So that's tomorrow will be forthcoming. So just hang tight, everyone, ok? I want to talk a little bit about orientation. And this definitely falls under Analyze direction here. She typically does Mondays, I believe, attend a meeting and everyone and everyone's invited, but especially new people who just want a friendly face and a smaller group. So I don't feel so stressed out. And so will be doing, I believe, unless things change to air meets a month one Zoom video chat and one clubhouse private member's only discussion. And so why why do we want to do that? Why so many different formats? One is because some of you may not be camera ready. Some of you may be super busy but want to participate. And so clubhouse is an excellent way to do that because there's no cameras. And you can just listen in. You you could go in and drop your kid off at school if that's the case, or walk the dog or do gardening while you're listening in. So you get a sense of the connection to the community. And if you feel so, you raise your hand, if you get into the discussion. OK, and also not clubhouse is open to Android users, if anybody here needs access, just being a member here and just say, hey, does anybody have an invite? Come on in. OK, next up is Zoom. Zoom is great because we get to see all your faces. All at the same time. And some of us like that. And then air meets, the neat thing about air Mates is you can table hop, you can do speed networking and you can meet a bunch of new people. And I like that. I know for introverts it could be anxiety inducing, but just bear with us. I really do like air meets for that. So is there anything else you want to say about the air meats and the Zooms and the clubhouse calls that we hosted on Monday. No, I mean, we do as we always do, it's kind of a prototyping there, so we try it out. And we see I think 2 times will be perfect. A month would be 3 times. And 2 times 4 an armitt. And I think we're going to do it a little bit to try different things, to do it a little bit more like interactive and interactive and involve more people. And I just want to say another thing is that I want everyone in this group because they're super new people. There are people who've been here for years. I really, really want everyone to feel like seeing. And if you want to be part of this experience and help new people or just interact with people and do things, you know, just reach out to me. And later and rest as well, because you can do so many things. You know, you can be part of a welcome team. You can be part of our meet. And, you know, I just want to involve as many people as possible. So you feel that you're part of it as well. So no one needs to feel like, you know, outside. It's so important that everyone feels equally important. I just want to say that, you know what, before I forget, because not everybody is going to be here, I see that we've now or up at 77 people. I'd like to take a selfie with you guys. That's OK. I'm going to show you the back of my bald head. There's no, like, razor blade cuts. So everybody, if you don't mind, get your camera game on. And this is going to be a little weird. OK, everybody. Well, OK, to take a couple of pictures, though, just keep your smile for as long as you can. OK, I hope that worked out. Thank you very much, everyone. I usually take the pictures at the end. And then it was like four people laughing like, darn it, what am I doing? OK All right. OK, OK, I think we took care of that office hours, what the heck are office hours? Ok? I think we're starting to get used to what office hours are now. First, it was a strange concept. And generally speaking, the way office hours works is that we bring in subject matter experts. And it can be ongoing. It could be a one off, but you have enough learning. It's time to get some doing. Take some action. And so office hours are meant for you to bring your work, your problem and get help with it specifically. Yes, you can ask for advice, but we prefer, like, for example, when Brett Brown does his on copywriting for you to actually bring copy for him to look at, maybe there's an email that you're trying to send out to prospect. Maybe it's some positioning language or a tagline that you're working on. Now, keep in mind, you're limited to 15 minutes at a time, but a lot can be done. So when you see an office, our announcement and under the events, I think it's called the events or something like that tab reserve of time. And if you see that the event starts at 8:00 a.m., say I want eight AM and then if you already see that. And say eight, 15 and eight thirty, and we'll go in that kind of order, you have up to 15 minutes. But if you don't need it, I suggest you surrender the rest of your time. So in case somebody else wants to get in at the end of the queue that they can, I want to help you get your work done. This is a done with you versus do it yourself. And do you want to say something? Yeah, I just want to say that, of course, if people don't sign up. You know, you can get help more times, but it would be so great, I think so many people would benefit from it. And I saw a comment in like so many people in the calls. But, you know, we discussed that also because I commented on that one time. And it doesn't matter. So much because the most important thing is that you actually sign up and take the opportunity. This is people who charge a lot of money. You know, in no case, you can have 15 minutes for free and be prepared. It's so much value. You don't have to be in the call, if you don't want to. You can look at the recording if you want to. That's not the most important thing. But take the opportunity and tell us what kind of, you know, help you need, because we want to schedule people who really can help you, but we want that feedback. Yeah, there's a couple of ways to do this, too. Let's say it's at a time that you can't you're not available or you're not ready. What you can do is just comment on the thread and see if there's time available. Can somebody ask this question on my behalf and then you can watch it. And so what happens is at the end, for whatever reason, they shouldn't be free time. But if there is something they can ask on your behalf. But the idea is we're going to help you get the work done. So everybody calls. We all talk. It's like mindset is 30,000 foot view. It's some exercises and frameworks. But then you're on your own. OK, office hours, bring your work, bring your design, bring your typography, whatever it is the subject matter expert is there to do, bring that stuff. So when we have an attorney, bring your legal forms, bring a lawsuit, bring an issue that you're having about IP or copyright, bring that an arrow. He's amazing. You guys know that you love him. He loves doing this. He's been a teacher for 55 zero 50 years. He's been teaching longer than I've been alive, and I like that part. OK, and then there's Matt Matt s.m, who's a coach. And then when Wesleyan is feeling better, she will return and she is a therapist. These are kinds of things we do for you at no extra cost to you. And as the group continues to grow, the frequency of the office hours will increase. The diversity of who we bring in will increase. And maybe at some point, we can book superstars, people who probably might cost me thousands of dollars to bring in. But because we have leverage of all of us, it's worth it for me to have a couple of different things. I want you to think about. If there's a subject matter experts, something not another person per say, but a category that you think really can benefit more than a few people, let us know. So I'm going to say in the way it should work is let rest know first. And if you don't hear from him, let annaly know. And then let me know when everybody's ignoring you, kind of in that order. OK, and I also want to remind everyone on circle. Send me a team if you need help. Send me a diamond circle, I do check them. And if it needs elevate beyond that, then I'm going to connect with you on Facebook Messenger because then I could just call you and I do call people. I'm not saying I'm giving away free advice or just calling me on the Littles of things, but if there's an issue, please let me know. I'm here for you, here to support you, ok? And I also want to really, like, encourage people to tag to tag us when it's a question they want help with, because I feel like I'm trying to be like uncertain as much as I can. But it's difficult when people don't tag you. So if you have a question, you feel like, you know, she can probably help, you know, please feel free to tag me. I will help you if I can. Yes, doctor, office hours, because Tom is asking this question, how does one book, an office hour when the event is created and you're like, oh, it's a lawyer, I need some help. And you can say if you're the first person to comment, you can say first, you can say the time in which it starts. And we can see it because there's a thread and we can see who's first and second. And then we would appreciate if you just wrote your question or the general topic. So other people was like, oh, I see. So I don't need to ask the same question. This is really good. All right. But remember, it's work. It's designed to help you get your work done. So that's how you do it. And I think there's something else about office hours as anything else, Emily. You can read all the comments here, what I'm trying to do this. OK, that'll be fine. All right, don't say anything else, I'm just guessing that we will know, we want to hear. If it's special people. That's the only thing I think, because we're actually booking people now. Yes so, yeah, that the input is great. We're working on getting Peter DelTondo in. He is. He's in the webdesign, you AQI space and even a little development. So there's a lot that he can help all of us with. You guys may have met our social media manager and a marketer, Elena. She's going to be participating the groups a lot more. And she's going to do some insurence help. This is a hands on stuff, everyone. Yeah, OK. And I talked to Ben about this yesterday. If she helps you with your Instagram content and she thinks it's good, she'll feature on the futures Instagram account page, which should get you some eyeballs, maybe a couple of new eyeballs, because we're I think she's over 200,000 followers on the main account. So that's good, right? She's awesome. Yeah so she'll help you. And she she writes all the content and designs, all the content for the future Instagram account. OK, and what can I say something. People write a lot in the chat. It's great, but it would be even more great if you have ideas and things, if you can just, you know, send me a damn about it. If it's kind of, you know, because until at least that's Andreas have the chance to start working. Because if you have ideas, it's so much easier to get a dm than to write it in the chat. OK, one of the things that we've been a little not great at doing is if I do a workshop or a talk on, let's say, positioning. And there's a lot of information transferring and not a lot of doing, because there just isn't a lot of time to do that. So one of the things that we're going to start doing is after the call, almost immediately after the call, maybe undress and initially help me or others where you actually will sit down and you'll just do the work. To put in the repetitions, this is really important, because I know you're not going to be able to master the concept and just being exposed to it. And so whatever exercises that come out of it, organic or otherwise, we'll just start to practice. OK, so we're here to help you. So you can think of this as like your online entering to mastermind fill in the other slashes, I don't know, support group therapy. We're here for you. We want to help you. That's the main point of all of this. OK, your PPP is anybody here. Still not have a triple p? Can you just throw out an emoji reaction if you don't have one. And then annalie or undressed, maybe you can help me just screen capture. Does anybody not yet have a Triple P. OK, I see. Now, you don't have a Triple P. Oh, my gosh. OK, who else? I just saw your hand go up for a second. Jennifer doesn't have a Triple P DeVore doesn't have on Angela's. Angela Durant doesn't have one. OK, we need some help here. OK, maybe what you guys do is just do me a favor. In the chat. Just type in triple p, like three P's and then somebody can screen cap that. And we resolve that today. Chris and Taylor doesn't have one. Oh, my goodness. OK, we've got to work this out. Oh, Robert. Mariam nicolelis. Michelle oh, my goodness. But did people actually look at circle and that post that you can post that you want to maybe they don't know about it yet because it's brand new? Yeah, we can tell you, Katie. Oh, my gosh. Oh, holy cow. All right, we fail, you know, take it easy, just pain. People people just joined off. I mean, they need to get to know each other, relax. And we have a place where you can post and it's totally OK to have a few dates with people and see who you fit with. We will help you get there. Relax, Chris. No, not really. Get a peep. What's that? There's no like rush. There's no rush. But I think it's critical to your success here in this group. It really is the right one, though. Quality guy. Sure yes. Yeah, let's talk about this. Yeah talk about this again. I think I add something. Yes who's talking? I can't see you. This is Amy. Amy, go ahead. I just wanted to say that I think the best way to find a PPP is just to have like a simple with several different people. And see if you're a good fit. And so you don't have to say, you know, I want to have a call with you to see if we're a good fit. You can just talk and get to know each other and then, oh, by the way, I don't have a PPP. Would you be interested? And you can have more than one. But that's why we do air meet. Yeah, that's OK. What we do. I think it's great. Amy, what we do with our meat is actually, I tell people in the beginning what a purpose. And instead of feeling like we're like dating is like just in when you meet people in the speed meeting, you can actually say, I'm looking for a puppy. And then whenever we go around, mingle around the table, I just ask people who wants a peep? And when I see people kind of match up, I see like, can you two go to that table, maybe talk to each other for a while? And a lot of people have found each other that way. So I would recommend come to the ER meeting post on circle and also reach out if you really want one super fast. That response tomorrow reach out. And I can be the matchmaker. OK, my life philosophy, general motto. What can I say something? OK, go ahead, Antonio. I agree with Amy, because sometimes I cannot make it to the Monday column. So what I did, I just contact people that I see what they do or check. And then if I have already talked with Ferren Tom Benson, so sad and all the people. And just because I cannot make it on Monday. So, yeah, so people are really approachable and actually there's not only one way to speak, there are many ways. And you can just talk. That's it. Yeah, there's more than one way to trick people. And yeah, you know me, ok? Any which way that works for you works for me. I'm sorry, Carrie. I got you another reference, ok? Because I'm naughty by nature. It's not because I hate you. OK, a couple of things like my general life philosophy is this is done is better than perfect. And I just know that sometimes the oddest combinations make for the best friends. And your partner in crime could just be some weirdo like I don't even know like you and just try it out. It's not marriage. I'm talking about me now, Chris. I'm just kidding. Know the most weirdos. Sorry that I couldn't help it, I. I hear a lot of strange partnerships that come out of this, I'm like in a million years, I would never guessed. And they're like thick as thieves now, women starting businesses together and young and old people getting together. And it's I don't mean getting together like that way, like hooking up, but I mean forming friendships and bonds. And, you know, the coolest part, I got to tell you, the coolest part, and this sounds like an insult, but it's actually, I'm very proud to hear this. Somebody will message me. It's like Chris, I thought it came to this group for you, but it's actually for the community. And my triple p, we're just like bastards. And I love hearing that. And people like Dianne and Mario helping each other with their own conferences and producing things together. Missy's a little greedy. She's got to triple ps and she loves them. How cool is that? That's what this is about. OK, so if you want to take a long time, no problem. I'm not telling you to rush into it, but, you know, it doesn't have to be a giant life ending, life changing decision at the beginning. You could just try. And if it doesn't work, say, you know, actually, I'm looking for someone more in my time zone or someone who has more experience that is aligned with what I'm looking for. And it'll be totally OK. All right, yes. All right, we're here to support you, whatever you want to do, right? OK !invisible!, study hall, Mo, used to do things, I would encourage Mo to do this, but he's been a little absent, am I? But we and Chris, I'm already ahead of this, ok? We already have we already have decided starting was for Europe and for you at some going to France that. So it's already done Mo is having for us. Jack is having for Europe. So we're starting next week. OK, I you must be so excited today. Do you mind if I just talk for a little bit, please? You were like, I can I please. OK, so what is study hall? Study hall? Is this idea where it's low stress for you? You do the call and you state your intentions and then you just work silently and it's kind of nice, especially if you work alone. That's all low stress and that, then you tell people what you did, so Emily has already organized something. An announcement is forthcoming. It's going to be awesome. So we're bringing study halls back just to help you get work done. OK, I see a bunch of hands. And I believe the hands must be up for a question. So I'm going to say one more thing, and then I'm going to open up to questions. And then I got some exciting announcements to talk to you about. OK, all the hands all went away. OK, Thanks. All right. Job boards. Looking for a cult? We'll talk about the cult thing later, if we're a cult, this cult puts money back in your pocket. This is what job boards are. It's the strangest thing. It's like, here, let me give you money. This is a weird cult. OK, I don't want to take all your money. I want to give you as much of your money back as possible without going bankrupt. So I get inquiries for work, not all the time, but, you know, pretty frequently. And I'll post the timing is really important here. So if you're in need of work as a freelancer, an agency or company, keep an eye and turn notifications on for job boards. OK, because when it's posted, you have about a 24 hour window before it's closed, and I'll tell you why, one, I can't be checking this all the time, so I usually will post whenever I feel like it. I'll describe some things, make sure you sort of are like 70% qualified for the thing. Not 100 percent, but 70% will do it. OK, I know there's like there's a male female energy around this, and I've heard this before. Some women would not apply because they're not 100% meeting all qualifications. And men apply when there's like 20% qualified. Really let's just go for that 70% and just apply. I'll quickly screen them. And then I'll share the ones that I think are relevant to the client, and then they will reach out to you directly. And is actually put money in people's pockets. Now, I recently put something out there for a food, beverage branding thing, and I'm happy to tell you here, I don't see him. Raul got the gig. OK, and it's up for a $10,000 job, $10,000. And then rule message me is like, no, it's 15 up to 15. I'm like, good for you, good for you. OK, so it's $150 a month and 15,000. OK, I think it's working. I think it's working. OK, so you've got to be quick. You've got to just mind that board, OK, and there's a lot of people here who also hire people, I just saw a posting from a member saying I need to hire someone and we hire from this group to. So this is the cult that gives back, so if you need help, if you need temporary help, if you need help with copywriting, if you have a budget, just put it out there and someone might be willing to help you. OK, I just want to give you one word of Warning. Do you know what the Warning is? What's the Warning, Emily, tell us the Warning about hiring each other. The Warning is that we're treating each other Exactly like who treat other people. We work with. So it's not automatically. OK because we know each other from the group. And we need to vet each other because we want to still be friends. You know, I work with people from this group. And it worked out great, but we were super professional with each other. 100% You must have been reading my mind on that one. OK, make sure you vet each other. We don't want any interpersonal drama. I will not get involved, guys, because I don't want to pick a side. It's not good. So do your due diligence, please. Just because the group doesn't mean they're necessarily honest. Trustworthy will do what they say. We've had a couple of incidents before. And I just want to warn you, OK, it's on automatic. Like we don't do background checks or anything like that. You're part of the group. You smile, we like you. That's about the background check. OK, thank you very much, Anneliese. So job boards look out for them. If you need help, post it. If you're looking to help someone look, look in there, it's not always there. But, you know, and I get access to some decent sized jobs, so I will be your lead generation machine. And I ask nothing from you except for you to report back. How amazing. It was. That's all. OK, all right. Does anybody have a question thus far? Go ahead and raise your hand. And then Anthony and I will kind of do popcorn's down and try and see if we can answer any questions. Otherwise, I have some announcements to talk about. No all right, all right. I'll give an extra few seconds for the introverts. OK I don't see him, OK, so I'm going to continue to share and we'll continue talking here. So here we go. All right. OK, what the heck is going on in the clubhouse and what's going on? OK, I think we've been on Clubhouse January, February, and it's been an interesting experiment. And we'll talk to you a little bit about what it is. And how you can get involved and why we think it's still important, even though on app numbers are declining pretty fast. I'm not sure if clubhouse will be around in six months, but it's good for us to get our reps in. So whatever platform that emerges as a dominant player in the audio only experience. We're all ready for and we'll just migrate to the next platform. OK, a couple of things I want you to know. First of all, the badges. I want to talk about the badges. So the big grapefruit shaped thing that's behind my head is reserved for certain types of people. And there's a reason why is reserved for them and why I don't encourage you. I can't stop you from trying to do the same thing, because what it means is we were doing some media training. And it means that we spent 30 days together or more than 30 days working on how to hold rooms, how to best represent the group, and there's some work involved, actually, I should say some. There's a lot of work involved. Right Emily is a frigging ton of work. And so many hours and hours, some people all put me and put me in. I'm like, do you have the time? You know? Oh, no. OK, so people like to look at the positive sides, but they don't understand all the stuff that you never get to see. Sessions outlining, drafting, researching, writing, coordinating, doing the call, the post-mortem after the call, the support, all this stuff. There's a lot of work involved. So we don't think that everyone is ready or actually wants to do the work. So just be patient with us. And what are we doing? The theory hypothesis was I can use a social platform to grow this group. And I'll talk more about that later, but also to help people in the group grow. It works both ways. And so we've had some really positive stories to share in terms of the immediate impact that clubhouse has. I think it's a super fast and dynamic way to network, to build your authority and to connect with clients. I don't know if Stephanie Owens is on this call today, but Stephanie, after our 30 days together, just took it upon herself to start Deming people who express interest in what she does. And she is now closing or has closed three, four, three. So I don't know what she's doing. You might want to reach out to Stephanie Owens, she's just like, you know what, I'm a get my own way. I'm going to do this. And she's going independent for the first time in a really long time. She is closing jobs. No, isma'il, who's on a flight here to Los Angeles, I'm assuming a little bit. He closed the Klein on Clubhouse and it's monthly recurring revenue. It's giving him access to clients that he's never had access to before. Anally brought in people who have interest in brand strategy and people want to hire her as a coach, and so her profile is going through the roof. She's a big deal. Now More people know it. That's really good. And I want to do this for all of you. So, casie, we're still working on casie getting a solid win, right, casaya? Yeah, I can't say sister, you know. And I also get a lot of requests for brand strategy work nowadays, and I, I don't do it anymore. So I could also give people work, you know, so it's good that we're out there. Perfect OK, and who else? So what happens is the idea is initially, it was me plus 3. And then the three are supposed to plus 3. And then those six or plus plus three, this will grow. It's not going anywhere. There's no rush. And the bigger the audience that we can draw, the next group, whoever gets into it, will grow with us. And so how do you get considered to be a moderator? It's not a secret. I'm going to tell you a secret. You have to be active on Clubhouse. I know it's weird, it's just really weird because we want people who want to be on the platform, not like, oh, I'll just try it. OK, so the best way to be noticed is to jump into the rooms and to participate and start learning to find your voice and your identity. So we want to have great conversations, so you want to be a good conversationalist, we want people who are really curious, who want to ask questions, but also to give answers. You don't have to be a subject matter expert. You just have to be a really good learner because you can interview people. You can ask just thought provoking questions and hold space for others to answer it. And you've done something very vital. But the other cool thing about being on Clubhouse is we're all getting practice at figuring out what our positioning is, making sure for many of us are to our brand. Our little brief intro is a nice hook and getting eyeballs on that. And you can even use the strategy that my friend keziah uses all the time. She goes into a room, she sits there in the front row and just collects followers. She don't even say anything, she just there. It's amazing, it really is. OK, so that's the strategy. I'm going to be working on a new badge because I figure who brought it up? But he said, I think it was Jason and he said that the badge is covered up on the bottom left, so we'll move it to the right. But I'm going to put my superstar rock star designer on it. And we're going to come up with a new badge. It's going to be super cool. Now, do you need to have a badge? Cult leader says, no, you don't need a badge. Only if you want it. Only if it gives you joy. That's all. OK, but if you use the badge, I would love for you to use it the way it was designed just because my designer kind of Tennessee's like uniformity. OK, just want to put that out there. Now, why would you want to have the badge and what is the badge mean? OK, you you might want to put the badge on because some of us don't know you, we just don't know you because you haven't been that active or that loud. And so we recognize you, we see you and we'll make sure that you have priority access or priority seating. So when a question is asked, Oh yeah, that's a problem member bring them on up. They're good people. They're with us. Right so you get you can get pulled up front. And I think that's a good thing if you decide to host a room, and we're roaming the hallways. Wait, wait a minute. Oh, Ryan's a pro member. Let's just jump in his room. I'm not even not interested in the topic, but we're here to support each other. It doesn't hurt me to be in his room. I'll jump in the room. OK, now the flip side, if you have a badge. There's a responsibility because you are now a part of the brand, I'm talking about the big bad, the little bad. Do whatever you want. We yeah, the big medallion. You kind of represent the ethos of this and this group. And so we're going to get into the code of conduct. But if you don't want to represent the group, just flip your icon. It's that easy. Put your regular face on and go do whatever it is you want to be 100% you. So that's like what we think of as like you wear the uniform and they take the uniform off and you do whatever you want. You are your own person. OK, I think that's how we find the balance of representing the group and just being free to do whatever it is that you want to do. I hope that makes sense. And by no means are you obligated to do anything that I'm saying, do whatever you want. OK, Emily, anything else that I missed on that? You know, I don't think so. And if people ask where to find it, you posted it once. Maybe you can post it again. And it's like an identity manual. It's just look where the badge is placed and use the template and do the same thing. It's not so difficult. You know, I see very versions of super big ones and be placed. You know, your designers, most of you do whatever you used to do and make it look good. OK, go ahead. Oh, the other thing, Chris, are you guys having the badges on helps us verify. Yes, we can add you to the group right now. only have 226 people on our teacher clubhouse group. So when you guys do have your badge, makes it easier for us as you guys on there. Yes, so if you're not using the badge right now, don't use it, hang tight margins. And come up with some really awesome options for me. And then I will share them with you. And I think it's going to look really, really cool. OK, we're going to make some adjustments, but things like resources and calendars, they're going to be under Announcements and they're just going to stay there. I don't want to bomb you by posting it 1,000 times, literally. You click on Announcements and you just go down a couple of feet, you know, like post feeds and then you'll find it. It's literally sitting right there. But I'm going to update it. There will be a new one. And then I think it'll be glorious. The way I see my mind, it's going to be really good. OK All right. Hey, Rachel black. I see you. OK, code of conduct, let's get into that. Share screen. All right. Code of conduct, you know, as a services on company, we had core values as a group like this, we've not had to deal with this because our group is so small. But now that we're all public facing and we're running around, I don't want people to sit there and think, oh, that person's a jerk. That person is mean, that person is dishonest. And then they're like, well, the must be dishonest. So I think it's something we need to talk about. So long overdue. Thank you. You know who you are for prompting me to kind of write this. And so this is the first draft. I've already implemented. Some of the changes are suggestions that you have this will be a living document. And this will be public facing as well. OK, we're going to put this out into the universe. I'll just read this really quickly. I don't mean to sit here and have a giant debate with you because it's just draft 1.1. OK, so I'll just read it. We don't believe in dogma. A dogma is to pass its patterns from tradition. And we're not traditional people. We break things were a little messy and this is the future. So we don't get stuck in that mental state, too. We don't believe in authoritarianism. That's that's a multi syllable word. Polysyllabic word. That's hard for me to say. But there are many ways to do things and no one way works for everyone. It's not a one size fits all. There is only a way or my way, but not the way. So we're not here to tell anyone that there's a singular way. And if you don't do that way, then you're done. You don't belong. OK, number three, we celebrate diversity of thinking, culture, language, customs and practices. My world view is I only have OA and if it doesn't work for you, you have a way. And we both could be right. We could both be wrong. So we invite divergent thinking because new ideas makes us stronger. It makes this group healthy. New ideas are coming in all the time. We want to be open to them. Number four, we are inclusive, supportive, respectful, thoughtful, kind and observant, we choose empathy and understanding over judgment. I need to work on this. I'm working on it, ok? I'm not perfect there, ok? Number five, we prefer questions over answers. Questions lead to discovery questions create space for others to think before we speak. We ask ourselves, wait, why? Why am I speaking? How am I contributing to someone else's growth? How am I shining a light on others versus taking the light for myself? Inside this group, outside this group, I think these are pretty good things to do or to think about. Number six. We are student teachers, life learners, lifting up others lifts us up. That is my entire operating system right there, we operate out of a place of generosity because we have an abundance mindset, not a scarcity mindset. When someone else is, someone else wins. We do not lose. We win as well. No.7, we are open, honest and direct. We say what we think. This is a tough one. And one that we'll all need to work on. And if you guys recognize this next line from Bernie brown, you know exactly what I'm talking about. We prefer discomfort over resentment, because when you do things that don't give you joy, it leads to resentment. And that's not a great place for us to be in terms of a mental state. We prefer discomfort over resentment, so it means that sometimes we have to have the difficult conversation rather than repress how we truly feel and think that we want to say things with kindness not necessary to be nice, but to be kind and thoughtful. OK, next up, Oh, OK, somebody help me clear that as we move on. How come I can't move on? Thank you. We are you guys feel free to mark it up as we go. Just everyone. So we'll have to hit reset. We are professionals. It's called the pro group pro sch��fer professionals. And Moe and I are working on this line. Now What is the program? We are prolific producers, a prodigious value, something like that. We hold our head high. We act with integrity. We say no, often those are powerful words. We need to exercise it more often, ok? Integrity all right. Next up, thank you very much. Number nine, we seek fun and a little weirdness because we're a bunch of weirdos and misfits anyways, and being like everyone else is boring. So what makes us weird makes us wonderful. And last but not least, we are resourceful, we're capable and empowered, we take 100% ownership over things that we do, we seek our own answers before asking others to do so on our behalf. We have a growth mindset because we realize that personal development is our competitive advantage. You're in this group for a very specific reason because you're here to grow. If you're not here and hang out, hang out with you. But we prefer that you grow. You're not going to say something. OK, only if you don't mind, help me out with the mute button there. OK, what does it mean to have values and a code of conduct? Well, we have to live them. So here's how we're going to be dealing with this. Right so it affects our decision making, the things that we do in terms of our business, the kinds of people that we accept money from for sponsorships, the kinds of interactions that we have with you, with ourselves, with each other. And it's a commitment to all of you and to one another. And it's going to impact our hiring that we want to make sure we live using our code of conduct, our core values, that the questions that we ask focus on our values and who we select for employment and mod's and social representation are reflection of the brand. Very important to us. We'll continue to work on this. And you guys can hold me accountable. You guys and gals can hold me accountable and say, hey, hey, can we work on this part? Just DME. I'm going to work on it, ok? Like I said, these are all works in progress. We'll continue. We strive to be better every single day. We don't seek perfection. We seek progress. So, OK, last one here is member and team engagement. The meetings, calls and conversations can and should reflect our values. OK, any questions on this before I continue on? OK Thank you. OK, here's a really big goal of mine, and I've not made it a secret. And there's a reason why I'm telling you. I want this group to be 2000 people by the end of the year. And I need your help. Italy wants it to be 5,000. I think that's a little I would love it to be 5000, but I need it. I want it to be 2000 people in the group. I need your help. We know some things. Here, let me hit stop here. We know a couple of things is that if people do not engage in this group, they'll find like it's a waste of time if they don't feel love, supported, nurtured, mentored, or that they can give back, they will leave. And I'm only one person and only one person. We need your help. And we love for you to be the beautiful human that we know you are and to try to make this experience as welcoming and as nurturing as possible. And if you spot something that you think is incongruent now with the code of conduct, I don't want to create a bunch of tattletales. What I'd love for you to do is say, hey, you know, according to the code of conduct, we're not sure we're living up to the standards that we've set out a number for. It's something that I would like for you to reflect on, OK, before it escalates, because part of it is open and direct, honest communication, seeking discomfort over resentment. So so just remind people just and it's a gentle tap. It's not a slap. Just gently tap arms like, you know. No, no. For number six, something like that. OK, just help me out, please. Now before you roll your eyes, you're like Chris, what's in it for us? Why would we care if this group is 2000 people? I want you to think what's happened in the last couple of months. And years, if you've been here for a really long time, as the group continues to grow, we have greater diversity. We have different time zones. So it used to be like there's one person in Australia. Now There's a bunch of people from Australia in here and they can form their own support network. It's a system within the system. And I love seeing things like that. It also means that they're potentially more people to help you and more for more people for you to help. So you have a job. Well, guess what? There are 2000. There's going to be all kinds of interesting job opportunities. And and when we say like, oh, does anyone know someone in that company with 2000 people, you can imagine, like, yeah, I think I know something. Let me make a phone call for you. OK, but I'm going to speak like just real basic here with 2000 people, there's going to be a ton of money in this group means I can just hire more people, more support services and continue to give more value to all of you. And it doesn't cost you one more. It doesn't, so that means more subject matter experts and eventually full time subject matter experts that are just here for you, 9 to five, five days a week. How amazing would that be for us to, say, be able to afford an attorney at one point? Right and at some point, I want to hire a virtual assistant just for this group that doesn't do anything except for to help you with whatever you want. You know, those super premium like American express, black diamond clubs? Where you literally can call a concierge and they'll just help you like I'm stuck, I don't know where I'm at and they'll figure it out. I don't know. We'll get to that level. But that's the plan. OK All right. I'm going to move on. Any questions anyone want? OK Some new initiatives, some things you've seen, some things I want to talk about, OK, we have all the calls recorded from clubhouse, all the calls I remember to hit the Record button. We're going to bring those archives over. And then and Greg has been investigating platforms. How we can do this. So it's yet another thing for you to organize and deal with it. And so there's a giant backlog, the 12 Days of when without pitching manifested with Blair and the six, what is it called? Pillars of brand strategy with annalie and myself and a bunch of amazing guys calls with Cody about sales and neurolinguistic programming. This is all coming. So hang tight. Other ways for us to add value to you. The phone calls will not be accessible to anyone, anywhere else. Just for you. Exclusive OK, next up, you've heard about this feature, you future times you. We're going to use our YouTube channel to help shine a spotlight on all of you. Think of it as Ted on the future. If you have an 18 minute Ted Talk. It's really well designed, well written. We will feature on our main channel and the channel is growing really fast right now. We have 1.2 million subscribers on average, a low performing video, we'll get about 10,000 views. A high performing video will get six figures in terms of users. We want to help you establish your authority to generate leads. The reason why I'm able to book really amazing guests. And authors that look up to is because our videos are great driver of traffic for them, Blair and David baker, Jonathan stark, even my video with Seth Godin. It's in the hundreds of thousands of views. Now And so we're opening doors and we want to open those doors and lead you through it. So I would say right now, if you don't already have one, start thinking about your Ted Talk. The first thing you should do is just research how to give a Ted talk, and we will do it for you. I mean, do it for you in terms of giving you that spotlight and the platform. Several of you have already submitted outlines. I'll be working with you. Just be patient with me. I have so much work to do. And I want to give you feedback. OK, next up is like learning pathways. Can we just ask a question? And is it. OK like I mean, for the Ted talk? Is that supposed to be like everyone can record something. Or is it like live from home? I mean, does it matter where you live in the world or can you be part of it? Yeah, as long as you can record a decent quality audio and video, then we will. We will air it on our channel. It's OK, it's prerecorded, prerecorded. OK, yes. And we have I'm not ready to do this yet, but we have a bunch of Sony cameras and microphones. And so forth. Even some of you. Look, if you're in a weird spot, you don't have access to equipment. If you have a really good talk, I'll just send you the camera and the microphone. And then you can record it. And you can send it back to us. And then we'll will look through it. And if it meets a certain standard, we will air it on our channel. Otherwise, hopefully you don't even send us a video unless it's been already approved. All right. So we would love to do this for you. OK Any other questions about, OK, Tom, you have a question, go ahead. Yeah, I just didn't quite get how to apply to this. Is there is this already in place? Yes, more or less, there's an announcement look, under announcements, announcements or official communication from us to you, it's not super noisy there. So you can really see like what's happening. I think I put out an announcement. It says future excuse or future Ted or something it got. And then the instructions will be there. I'll tell you the instructions right now. Just do me a paper document link or something where I can open it up. OK, I prefer paper, but if you use Notion or Google docs, it's fine oftentimes that it's a 2-step process. I need permission from me. It's just a pain in the ass. Just send me a link to the outline. I just need to see outline what is in that line. A title. A brief description, two or 3 points on your learning outcome. That's all I need. Don't kill me. 45 pages, I will not read a 45 page doc, I just don't have time. OK, and also everyone everyone can do this because I think that's important is not just for supertech people who can make their own videos. I'm recording right now. And as Chris often mentions, I'm not good tech person, but I can do it. And with a little bit of support, I think most people can do it. It's just really important that it's not just the video guys who can do that. think all of us could do it if we have something to say. Right, Chris. And we can get maybe some support. Yes in fact, the people who are most likely going to be do get their video featured is somebody who writes really well. I want good writing. OK, we'll work on everything else, because if you can just record your audio and shoot some B roll, that's the beauty of pre edited. It doesn't have to be live performed on the stage and memorize. That's too stressful. Start with the writing and. Yeah, sorry. Lean into your gift, you have a gift. Each and every one of you has a gift. It needs to be revealed to the world or maybe to yourself. Back to Italy. Yeah, and often people I see often people, you know, with so much experience, it was like, I don't have anything to share. Like you have 15 years of experience, you know. So I think some people are like, yeah, I can do this, you know, no problem. And other people would be like, I have no idea. If I have something to share, you know, I don't know. Please just, you know, reach out. I can be that support. I'm not good with tech or anything else, but I can be the mental support and just have a conversation, because I think all of you have something to share. OK, I see some funny comments in the chat there, I'll leave those alone, ok? Any other questions about that? Just just send me a draft very short, and in fact, it wasn't meant to be this, but it just worked out this way. Where are you, katie? Where I saw you a second ago, you can you make me here? Where are you? There you are. Yeah so Katy and I, we were we this is it. Just coincidence. She's like, I have done something in my business that has helped me go from charging $50 for LEGO to tens of thousands of for a LEGO. And she has a very clear six step how to do content marketing. And so she and I recorded a Zoom call together. It's not quite like a Ted Talk. It's a conversation she's sharing with me. And it's been recorded. So the team is going to start editing it and you'll now start to see pro members on the future YouTube channel. And I think that'd be awesome. OK, so hang tight. Results are coming up. Mark, I see you, mark. Guttmann, you know it. I'm waiting for my outline from you, but Doug had a little pressure there. All right. You know who you are. And there's a bunch of other people have already submitted, so we'll start to see these things roll out. All right. Some things I want to mention here, I think it's really important for us to try and help you achieve your goal, but I think there's something that might be even bigger for your personal development, which is to help other people in this group. And this is kind of like those masked mastermind groups, you know, where they're very small and they help each other, know how something like this, where they have ambassadors to help you get past a million in revenue. And so we'll just call it the big brother, big sister, which is we're all different stages in life and stations. And we're going to start to identify all of you in terms of the revenue that your company or your practice is generating. And we only want to do this if you want to participate. So we will not disclose any of this unless you feel comfortable enough. But I just bought something for martial arts here, and it's a work in progress. We've mentioned this before. If you're a white belt, you're underneath 100,000 in revenue. And then you kind of just progress up until into the millions and we'll just say $5 million plus. At this point, you're like the Black Belt of the group. And so the idea here is each person who's at one level, above the other person would reach down to help someone get up one rung on the ladder. And so everybody above you just reaches down and helps the next person up. So let's just say you're in the $100,000 range between 100 to 200k. I would love for you to reach out to someone that doesn't have a belt and say, how can I help you? How can I assist you to get you into $100,000 in terms of revenue? And then the person who is an orange belt was like, hey, $100,000 belt person, I want to help you get to the next level. Here's what I've learned. What I find that is the $5 million person. Has a harder time relating to the $100,000 person because it was so long ago that they knew what that was like. And so their advice is just go out there, and I crushed it, kill it, just do it. And demand all the money in the world. And, well, it's not so relatable. So we're breaking up in tears like this. And it's fairly arbitrary. But I just like I didn't want too many denominations here. But this is the idea. And if you guys like this idea and you want to participate, then and I now have the ability to assign badges to each of you next to your name. I don't know if you know this, but some people have a black belt or black bar next to the name says business boot camp because they are part of the business boot camp. And then if you're an admin, you have a different color badge, and so now we can assign badges to individuals. So you can easily spot them. So if you see someone that's a level above you, you can just reach out to them in the Deanne's and say, hey, if you have some time, I'd love to chat with you because I'm stuck here. And I'm hoping you might be able to help me. Of course, you don't have to do this. Of course, you don't have to reach out. And of course, you don't have to say yes, actually, you want to say no more often than yes. But if you do. And if you help someone, I'm going to have to figure a way to reward both of you. So when someone helps someone go up one level. And that person succeeds, you both win. And I want to give you guys something, some recognition, some kind of exclusive merger or some kind of reward. I don't know what the reward system is yet. So beyond the feeling of helping people and moving this entire group up, I want to unlock something here. OK, so we don't know what they are just yet, but there will be exclusive badges and merch unlocks. I don't know yet. Maybe we give you access to Courses and things that you want. Maybe I give you some of my time. And if you help someone, that's the goal, that's the target. OK, I'm going to take a quick break there and just ask you guys if there are any questions there before I continue on, I'm almost done. No questions. We mentioned master class groups at the same time, or do you want to do that later? Let me take on questions here. And then we'll go right to that. OK, only so mamud, sorry. Yeah hi, Chris. I have a question related to the future ex. Could it be because you have been asked for a public speaking training, could it be converted to be like virtua inside virtual conference where you think that people have great talks. So they can train inside the future? And if you see it's great, it's going to be bobolinks. Could it be like an idea to be considered? Yes, so I think as many stages of this or just in the very first stages, which is an outline we start to outline, you're going to need to practice. You're going to need to work on your Dakar. You need to refine things. And there's a public speaking subgroup. And you probably want to practice. There's a lot of things we can do. And I know some people have expressed interest in getting help with public speaking. I'm not a pro, but I have some ideas on how to do it. And I can help those that are just deathly afraid of doing it. That's the point of view. I'm coming in. OK, so we'll give you some support there. But right now, let's get the outline going, because from the outline, I can tell you it's going to be good or not. OK, thank you so much. Yes OK, can we take it over with the mastermind? Yeah, that's also another idea that we're talking about, that I've been running a mastermind group for over a year with people here in the group, and my idea was that maybe I could actually help people because sometimes people like to have smaller groups, like maybe six to eight people, because it's really nice to learn from each other. And, you know, the concept, you're in the hot seat and everyone helps out by asking questions and brainstorming ideas. And it's a really, really nice concept. And the idea is, if I can train you how to do it. And you can do it for free with each other in groups, and then you can have like smaller groups in the group and help each other grow. And we had a really blast and a really good time when we've been doing this and been really close friends. So that's another thing that, you know, could be of a service for you just to have that opportunity. So I would love to do a workshop. If people want to do master class. So I can help you get started. Thank you. Finally, there's a comment here because I'm just trying to catch up to the comments here, send me a Josh while you're saying this is my favorite development of the group, I don't know what that's in reference to. Joshua Yeah. I believe it is just the one thing I've heard so far that I didn't know about before, and that is how to explain base new and exciting to me is a key part of everything that is. Morozova what is? The one about the I've forgotten the name of it, no, like having bodgies and you can help the person on the lower bills get Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah. The whole. Yes, Yeah. OK, I'm glad you're excited, but I'm excited. So we'll get this thing rolling. Thank you. I just need a clarity on what you are so excited about. I think it's going to be awesome. My goal is to get everybody here above $100,000 line. Everyone, and then from there, it's gravy. OK, all right, so let's keep moving on. Almost done here. And then we'll do intros and any remaining questions that may feel off topic. OK, there's this thing that we rolled out that maybe some people didn't know about or maybe it didn't get implemented well, but it's called the guest pass. And I just Stole the idea from master class in master class. If you're part of that, they give you three passes. So that someone can experience master class for one month for free. Right, so it's like 19 bucks, and then whenever I say, oh, does anybody want a master class gets passed, they freak out. For like nine or $10. And so I was telling Ben, Ben, why don't we get people in the group against pass? So if you have a friend, if you think there's somebody who's on the fence and you'd like to, like, give them access into the group, we have a guest pass. And I guess pass is not worth $10 is worth $150. It's not totally free. They have to pay $1. So if you have a friend or someone that you're thinking is on the fence and like, you know, I think I'm almost ready, but I'm not quite sure say, look, I got a guest pass and Ben has to generate these things by hand, but we will give you a code, ok? And then they can get in and they can check it out. What we don't want you to do is to post this on social media is code. Because I only want people who are like us, I don't want some random who's going to come in here and throw a lot of bad energy. And so it has to be handled very carefully. And we're going to just give you one guess pass to give out because it has to be done by hand. And if your person comes in and you're like, hey, can I have another talk to ben? He'll give you another guest, pass it done by hand on purpose because it's meant to be slow. So if you have someone that you know, that you think, my god, they need to watch video 142 because it's going to really change your life or whatever it might be to look for buck, just join the group, check it out. Maybe you'll like it. Maybe well, who knows? There's no obligation to stay or do anything else. OK, so we have guest passes. D.m. Mr Ben burns, if you don't already have one, I think he rolled it out via email. And if you didn't get that email, just reach out to anybody here who's been here for more than a month. Who doesn't plan to disappear tomorrow can have access to a guest pass. OK gamification and badging and all kinds of crazy fun, cool stuff that's coming down the line. We believe that your social following is one way for you to build authority and to be seen as an expert in the eyes of the public, and we have many different initiatives in the past that may or may not have worked out. But what we want to do is create the superset of five. OK, and to give you a special badge for that. Like the social Media Butterfly badge or something. So if you can have more than 20,000 followers for any one of these social platforms, then it's going to be able implemented soon, hopefully with address help. Like if you have more than 20,000 followers on Instagram, you're going to get an IgG badge. But if you could get more than $20,000 for five of these platforms, you're going to get the Super badge. So we're in a game of the whole process. And make it fun and competitive. They're going to build a leaderboard, so we're going to see who's doing what and where. And that leaderboard is also going to be, I think, external. I think it would be really fun to see. So some things that we're working on there. I hope you're excited about that. Now verdian my fight back. That's why I created this thing. OK, a little fun idea that I think is going to be awesome to have. A while ago, Snapchat hired us to design a yearbook for them and they paid us a lot of money to design a yearbook. And I thought, how cool is that? And in keeping with the whole University school model. And we're all living separate lives. But at the end of the year, I want to put together a digital yearbook that you can then download and print and have a physical copy if you so desire. I think this will be fun. So it'll be like a year in review. We'll have the freshman class all the way up to the senior class and it'll be based on how many months, you've been in this group. So anybody that's been in here for more than a year, you're going to be the seniors and you can rise the freshmen and then we're going to have most likely two and funny, weird categories and dedication pages, I think must be wild. So even though we're apart, I want to create that sense of family and community as much as possible. So we to live through pictures. Why am I telling you this now in May when this book is not going to be done for some time, take some good pictures. Your books are made of pictures, so start taking some pictures. OK, so if you have a weird talent and maybe we'll have like a fake talent show inside the yearbook, something like that. And I hope you're excited about that, that's going to be a big endeavor for us to do this year, but I think it just be funny and goofy as heck. OK, that's all I have for this town hall. So thank you very much. I'm going to open it up to Q&A, and that concludes this part of it. All right, thank you, guys. OK, thank you. Thank you. The sound is deafening. OK, the silence is deafening, thank you very much. OK, so let's do this in some kind of organized way. I would love to prompt you in the chat if you have a question, especially for those that need a minute to think about it, to go ahead and shoot a question into the chat. Then I'll try and read some as they come in. OK, and then we'll pull you up on the we'll tell you. Oh my god, I don't see anything yet. So we must be really good, Emily. I know one thing that we actually didn't mention. Yes, go ahead. Yeah, we are going to have maybe you mentioned it. Maybe I was sleeping, then. I'm trying to keep up her. And we are going to have a lot of members because there are so many members who wants to be part of this. And who wants to do things voluntarily as well. And so there will be a lot of members who will help with different things. And I will kind of coordinate that, because right now. It's also so great when people have initiatives and everybody wants to do everything at the same time. But we also have a lot of things that needs a little bit structure right now. Right, Chris. So I will kind of handle that. Fantastic Jennifer has a question, was it about behance or was it something else? It was a bit behance because of the putting effort there. So I want to give me for that, too. But, yeah, you already answered some behance counts. Any platform where there's more eyeballs on it counts. OK, so akima, you have a question. Hey, Chris, good morning. I do have a question. Great update. What ways are you thinking about measuring the success that people are having? I know. I heard about the Ted Talk where people are featured, but just judging from myself, like the small milestones already being met, is there a way that you are trying to capture that and leverage it? Actually? I don't know. It's a good question. Do you have any suggestions on how we might do that, akima? I've got a ton. I will continue to ideate on it, and I will. That's my thing. Thanks OK. Thank you for reminding me of something. I think it's called brag board. I want to see you guys brag all the time. It used to be that you can only brag once a week. And then you have to hold back your energy, like if you've had accomplishment, big or small. And you need to just tell somebody because, you know, somebody needs to know. Put in the brag board. If you close the deal, if you have, you know, like let's say you hit your fitness goals or you're just a good parent. This week, I don't care. Put in there, I asked you, just do one thing is to put a picture with it, because I like to see your pictures. So I'd love to see that. And if you've done your introduction and you haven't put a picture of yourself, I'd love to do that because I need to learn your names and your faces, and I'm a visual person. OK, let's see here. What are the questions anyway? Are you seeing any good questions in there? Now, I don't know. So, OK, must've done a great job, we did a great job. OK, so Katie and ask the question, what about in-person meetings? You better believe it. I can't wait to meet you in person. It's just it's COVID thing and travel restrictions. You know, I don't know what to do about that. In fact, Mo and Driedger are flying to the office. Oh, my God. Yeah oh, my God. Oh, what if. Oh, no. I'm going to be hanging out with Mo later today. And then I'll draeger, Mo and I are going to be making some content. I already I already got both my vaccine shots and everybody in the company has their vaccine shots. So I'm not so concerned anymore. Whether you want to or not, that's up to you. But we'll be getting together. That's why I'm wearing my Where's Waldo shirt today, because mom and I are going to get together. Want to make sure it's also the voice. So we will do this, and I love having that giant meet up in February of last year, we got to hike. We got to go eat together. It was really fun. I wanted to be able to do that together, mostly because people just get really angry at me and say, I can't keep up. I'm like, oh, no, this is good. Keep moving. You got this. OK, can we go camping this time, missy? You know, that's one of our ideas. We definitely want to do that. The idea was to rent a bunch of like those big people moving vans and in each one of us drive for a stretch. And then we switch vans like we open the doors and it's like musical chairs. And you have to find a new van and the door closes. And if you can't get a van, we just leave without you. Right, and we'll go out to the desert. That's going to be really fun. And we just want to get left behind. So make sure. Oh, my god, do you believe me? Somewhere in the desert. Oh, my God. I get nervous. Are they snakes? They're scorpions and snakes. Oh, my God. Yes so, yeah, I don't know what we can do it, but I'd like to. That was the hope. And all those plans got squashed. Akiva, did you have another question or was that just a still hand? No OK, lorient, OK. It's going to be so nice. It's going to be so nice to me, you know, guys, I've been in the group for two years, Chris, and I never met I didn't even meet anyone at the future. I never been there, you know? So it's like I talked to Greg yesterday and said, you don't even know that I have real legs. I don't I never seen your legs. I think this is great. It's so I really look forward to meet all of you. Yes after 10 years, it's going to be awesome. All right. Here's what we need to do before I stretches out anymore. We need to say Hello to some new people, people who have not had an opportunity to introduce themselves. So if you don't know how to sew, if you can just please raise your hand and then we're going to call on you in the order in which you raise your hands. So that you can introduce yourself to this group. OK, I'm going to officially end the recording here, end the recording.
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