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Personal Branding

Chris Do leads a keynote on establishing your two-word brand.

Important: We’re sorry about this, but this transcript is hard to read. We’ve added the wall of text below to help our search function better. If you’d like to help us format this, please reach out to andres@thefutur.com. In the meantime, simply turn closed captions on (CC) the video above to read along.
OK We've done personal branding before this will not be new to anyone who's gone through the archives. Maybe this framework is a new take or a slightly different look at it. So this is a personal branding call no. One personal branding, call nine, and we're going to be focusing on your two word brand to distill it down to something super simple. So there's a couple of steps here. So step one is to realize that and you heard me say this before, there's an infinite number of versions of you that exist in the universe, and what we want to do is we want to just shape that a little bit. We want to influence how people perceive us, and we can help them by being more intentional about the things that we say and the things that we do. So one thing that becomes really hard for people is that they don't know how to describe themselves. They really don't. Right and when we say, like, well, who are you? You might write down three words. So I've done this with a group. I think I've done with this group before, but we're just going to start fresh. OK, so just hang tight with me. If you've done this before. Don't sweat it. You go take a break. You know, go check your Instagram or something. What I want you to do is try to describe yourself through the lens of someone who really admires you. We're going to spend 10 minutes and want to spend spinning out into breakout rooms. And so you can just work on this and you can compare and share. I want you to try to write literally hundreds words. And I don't want you just to necessarily focus on the words that make you look like a Saint, but also like a sinner, because in the sin. There's something really cool. There's things I do not like about myself that I think could be better, but they actually make me me, and there's nothing I can do about that. You'll notice sometimes I get a little snappy. I'm not the most patient person. I can get a little hangry and I just embrace that. Jose used to refer to me as sardonic. I had to look up that word sardonic, acerbic, acrid. You know, there's a little bit part of that is true for sure. And instead of running away from it instead of suppressing it, I lean into it. Now, if you should start this exercise and you feel really stuck, there's some, some ways I can help you because you might think to yourself, nobody looks up to me. Nobody admires me. I'm a nobody. OK, that's fine. Well, find somebody else. Maybe you have a pet. Look at yourself through the eyes of your pet. It's your dog, your cat, your goldfish, your hamster, your gerbil, whatever your pet snakes, your tarantula, they look at you like the hero that you are. And that's one prompt. OK, now here's another prompt, like what would your alarm clock say about you? I mean, it's an exercise in looking at yourself in a neutral and objective position to see yourself for really who you are. And I know this, I've had a hard time seeing myself. Now, I don't have an alarm clock, I don't set an alarm, so how would I be able to do this? Well, the nonexistent alarm clock would say he doesn't need me to wake him up. Why is that? Because he's driven by something else. He gets up early, he goes to bed late, so we know he's a bit of a workaholic, he's passionate about what he's doing, and that's how you should start writing about yourself. I've asked Emily to do this because she's like, Chris, how are you able to be so objective sometimes? And I told her a little exercise, and I think she's been writing some wonderful stories yet to be shared. But every time you have some kind of strong feeling or emotion, either happiness or sadness, or I'm feeling isolated or whatever you're feeling. That night or later that day, try to write the narrative, look at yourself as a third party omniscient observer. And right, what happened? So instead of saying I felt this, she would write and lead, did this, this person did that and she would just try to see herself for the first time from a different point of view. It's a little trippy. But it's worthwhile to do. What would your bedroom say about you in the writing exercise? Malcolm Gladwell talks about this. He's like, you know, you could describe a person and you can only go so far. But if you describe their bedroom and then you make some logical leaps inferences, you'll start to understand the person is the room well kept. Or is it is it messy and what does that say? Is it surrounded by books? What does that say about what kind of books? What does it say about you? Is there a dark room, a light room? Is it purely utilitarian? Or is it super luxe? What your bedroom say about you? OK, so I'm going to stop this right here. And I want you to write your 100 words. OK, I'm going to give you 10 minutes. We have time today. I think I need to. What am I doing? OK almost hit Stop Recording. I need to create a breakout room here. And there are so many of us I'm thinking for people to room. What is that like? 2020 rooms, 17. Thank you so precise. Somebody good with their math assigned automatically. Nice you know, I can also let you choose your own room. No, let's just. No, no, no, no. Here we go. I'm going to send you off to your room if you have three people, two people. Don't worry. I'm going to give you 10 minutes. I will send you a little notification, right? 100 words. You as a Saint, you as a sinner and everything in between. Get to the truth, that's what we're trying to do. I feel like the words 90 through 100 will be the true words. So here we go. Open all the rooms. See you guys in 10 minutes. Sorry, amiri, when we're away. Can you look at the time for the PM call because I'm not sure it is 10 could be. Oh, it might be 9. Let me double check, thank you. Yeah, I think it's nine. Should it be 9 or 10? I think it's nine, but we can have it 10. But I mean, just so we say the right time. What do you prefer? I prefer 10. But I mean, because it's for Europe, it's better later. Yeah, it's better for Europe. OK, let me because it's an hour later, so we don't have go up. Five OK. What do you do? 10 minutes, I got to set the time. Oh, sorry. OK, see you. Yeah hey, Chris. Hey, everybody. Hey yeah, forget I. Yeah, I didn't have the meetings on the counter, so I just got here. I'm in your room. 16 cool. There you go. They must need a room. Alex, how are you doing, buddy? Doing good, I just wanted to say, OK, so how do we do everybody? Do you find some really interesting, juicy words? Here's what I'm going to do. Write down your funniest, most coolest or interesting word in the chat right now. Just drop one word in there. I'd like to see some of the interesting words you guys came up with. Uh-huh Dan, come on. Really? that is not. I supply hope. Is, well, maybe that I read the wrong one, didn't you read supplier? I don't know that I'm going to rewind this one. Maybe I read somebody else's that you read someone else, I think it was right next to the one that was the S word and there. Yeah, yeah, somebody stirring it up. I'm like, that can't be Diane. That's not my Diane. Come on. OK, mysterious. Yeah, that's too funny, Chris. Maybe you should start using that. Why not? That was me. Oh, all right. It was you, OK, all right. Process driven and self-motivated. That is crazy. That's the weird one. Self-effacing, OK. I don't even know what that word means. I have to look that up. No, I mean to yourself. Really self-effacing, I think. I can't even say it right. No, asked Mario, he knows what that is to people with their fancy $6 vocabulary. All right. OK some interesting words there. OK, so we're going to go to step two, step two. Let me share the screen here, but I hope that was kind of fun for you just to kind of look at yourself for a minute. From a different light. OK, we're still recording, all right, so step two, here we go. The whole point of marketing and branding is not just to be different, but to be radically different, to be radically different. That's what you want to do. You want to stand out from the crowd and it's best ways you can while not just trying to be goofy for goofy sake. So what I want you to do is, no, I want you to pick five words that feel the most accurate personal. Dare I say weird. OK, so take a look at your long list. So the way we do this is you're going to sit there and you're going to look at your list and go ahead and underline or circle or put a check mark some way that you can tell, OK, those are my five words. Oftentimes, we say, just pick one word. It becomes very, very difficult. So we go through a process of elimination, and this is a very helpful process for facilitation. So if you do any kind of meeting with your client, and they can't decide if you show them five logos, say let's reduce this down to 3 and then pick your top two. And then that's the one through process of elimination. You can arrive at what you think is the best word. And take a look at those five words now, for the sake of time, I'm not going to spin you out to another group, so we're not going to do that just yet. Ok? I got some other stuff to cover with you. OK, so. Well, you want to do is you're looking to claim a space that somebody is ignoring right now and it doesn't take a whole lot. It's often referred to as blue ocean strategy, where the red ocean is, where everybody's competing and cutting each other apart to just stand out. And I would say, if you call yourself a designer or logo designer, even a person who does branding or marketing that space is really noisy and crowded because all you have to do is go on Clubhouse and you'll see everybody's a brand or marketer strategist. Fill in the blank multimillionaire. So we've got to find a space that we can claim that's our own. And in between all these super busy, noisy places is your gap. OK and what I want to do is play a little game with you, I did this with the EO. This is lifted straight from my ego jumpstart program. OK, so I'm going to play a little quiz with you. I'm going to throw up two words and then I want you to just write in the chat what you think the answer is. OK, so when I tell you of a two word brand, I want you to identify. A two word I want you to identify the brand, so. So what do you think of when you hear this, this two word combination? Insanely great. This one's obvious. So we set it up. So it's easy and it gets really, really hard. Really quick. So go ahead. Drop it in the chat. I can't see it right now. What brand. Do you think of when you see the word insanely great? OK, I think I've given you enough time and the answer. That would be awesome. That would be amazing if that happened, but it's Apple. We know that through the marketing, insanely great and insanely great. It's such a powerful two word combination. It's the Saint and the sinner. Altogether insane because Steve Jobs is insane. He's obsessed. He's obsessed with detail. And he's one of the few executives who can Zoom in and Zoom out into a problem. He can sit there and think about the Apple store and then he'll fly out to Italy to pick the exact sheet of marble that's going to go in the store. That's how insane is, but that attention to detail has made the company famous. And one of the most powerful brands ever. That's the greatness of it. OK zooming and zooming out insanely great. That's how they embrace their brand. Here's the next one what brand. Do you think of when you see this two word combination everyday magic? 3D magic, whoever is typing can. Do you mind if you just hit mute unless you want to say something? I can hear you. I think it's me. Is that you only? I think so sorry. It's OK. I mean, you can keep your mic on if you want to say something. It's really cool everyday magic. Go ahead and write that into the comment. Let's see how well these companies have been able to brand themselves. No logo, no tagline. What company do you think of when you hear the two words everyday magic 3 to one? OK, who got this right? Who got this wrong? And what did you write? Anybody? lots of people said Disney. Oh, that's great. It's great I had to do research on this, I don't know these things myself, I had to find the combination everyday magic. OK it's going to get a little harder right now. So here's the third. OK, go ahead. You don't see the chat. I cannot see the chat. My screen is there. OK, that's what. OK OK, I see. Yeah Yeah. OK, so here we go. Here's the next one. No, I'm sorry. I had to rewind there because I thought someone had a question. Here we go. This one's going to be tough. OK, if you get this one, you're really paying attention. What brand. Do you think of? When you hear the two words consciously mindless. I had to look this up myself. Consciously mindless. It's interesting to word combinations. Yeah mm-hmm. Go ahead, write it in the chat. The chat probably slowed down real quick. OK, are you ready? Believe it or not, the answer is. NBC and I know this also because many years ago, NBC sent over this massive 60 page document about their brand. And they do take credit for shifting the culture by normalizing certain things. They're one of the first networks to have an affluent, well-educated Black family. The Huxtables on television. And they say in some ways this is them. It led to Barack Obama being president. So even though you're kind of zoning out, sitting on the couch. Couch surfing. Different channels, they're actually trying to introduce different ideas to America that's consciously mindless, that's what drives them. Next up. This one's a little easier. Before we end on the last one, so curiously strong, what brand is curiously strong? If you're a student of advertising, you know this right off the bat, if you're not. Probably not. And this two word combination is the actual tagline for this company. And it's the genesis of a multi-year marketing campaign. Super funny and ridiculous. And the product itself is pretty basic, so this is how you can take a pretty ordinary thing and make it extraordinary. OK, there are people dropping in the answer, Stanley, since I can't see. Yes, they are a little bit about bounty bounty, OK, tic tac means. Fishermen, friends. Yeah, Yeah. Here's the answer. Altoids I don't even know what that is. They're they're breath mints. OK. And they're super spicy. Mm-hmm And what they do is a lot of these companies, they just lean into the negative attributes, the center part of them. Right, when you pop one of these in your mouth, it's not a coat of sugar, it's the really strong mince. Mm-hmm So that's why it's curiously strong. And what they did was they did a series and they photographed a bunch of like, really odd and interesting weird people. Like teenagers going through puberty with their braces and their weird hair. It's like fiercely strong. There's something and they shoot it in kind of. Like an exploitation style photography, it's really interesting. It stands out, so if you look up Altoids campaign, you'll see what I'm talking about. OK, here's the last one. And if you know this one? My goodness. Hats off to you. Much respect. What brand. Do you think of with 21st century books? First of all, I love this combination because books are not 21st century. It's kind of an interesting juxtaposition makes you really pay attention. What's going on here? 21st century books. What publisher do you think of? You're probably not thinking anything because it's like you don't even know who a publisher is, right? Like, I'm not really paying attention to that myself, so I'm not going to. Make you wait too long, so the answer is Harper Collins. OK, so when I share this with people about finding your two word brand naturally think, well, Chris, these are companies. Yeah, we could do that. But what about for people? So it works for people too. And one of the most famous who's been able to do this based on her Ted Talk is Brene Brown. Do you guys remember Bren Browns two word brand? Does anybody remember? Now I know you're a fan of Brene Brown. Yeah, but I don't know that you don't see, you know, on stage. And she's like, before I go, I have to tell you a story. I'm telling my friends what I do. Then I describe myself as this and she goes, no, Bernie, that doesn't exist. OK remember, ok? OK researcher, I don't research as part of it, yes, researchers, one of them. That's the part everybody knows about her. She's a researcher. But she sees herself as a researcher storyteller. Oh, what an interesting and fun combination, don't you think? and then that starts to shape all the kinds of things that she talks about storytelling based on research. OK and personalities like iron Mike Tyson so early in his life and career. I mean, this is not just for him, but he's known as a knockout artist. And I love that somebody who is violent but does it in such a poetic way. Knockout artist, and I think and I've been working on this, I'm not sure I love this combination yet, but he's really transformed himself. He's he's become super self-aware and really centered and grounded, so I kind of consider him now like a mindful Warrior. He's still interested in boxing, but he's way in a different space. And I'm playing now acknowledging all the wrongs he's done in the world. And how he's just trying to be a better person. So what I want you all to do, excuse me, is to find two words that are opposing each other. The first word will be your spine. The thing that you think everybody knows you for. You work with that first. So in your list of five words. Pick one that you're like that most accurately represents me. Then I want you to find a strong opposing word. Well, we don't want to do is we don't want to say. Spicy, hot. Those two words don't add to each other in the way that I want you to. And so if you find a two word combination that if you were to substitute that word with something with like a synonym and it doesn't really change and impact the meaning, I would ask you to try again. Like, if you said mindful thinker, well, are there mindless thinkers? And some people do find those two word combinations, so when the two words overlap and they're not pulling each other apart, that's not unclaimed space. OK, so some examples here of what it might sound like, we're looking for juxtaposition. We're looking for. Something that's almost like an oxymoron, a paradox, so sexy science, you don't think of science as being sexy. But there's a brand that I was working on there called Moon juice. So it's somewhat like pseudoscience stuff, but it's really about beauty and health and wellness. And so I think for them, sexy science really describes them really well. I can't remember what company said this, but I found this somewhere soulful data. Doesn't that even just sound wonderful the way it sounds, and I saw that somebody commented on circle, I can't remember. I hope you don't recall who said, consider. I think it was Van consider the way it sounds when you say it out loud. Is there a flow of cadence to it? It does it feel good on the tongue? And then I'm reading books about innovation, and I think this is from Ryan Holiday's book the obstacles the way. Is a be radically pragmatic. So I'm like, that's good, that sounds a little bit like me. I want to break things, but I also want to make them work. And some gyms that might describe it as necessary torture. So these are really fun, like they kind of make you smile in your mind when you put these two words together. The one that everybody knows is affordable luxury. So that's not Earth shattering, but I just wanted to give you the range of things that you can come up with. And yeah, this is a little bit copywriting, and I have to get to wordsmithing here a little bit. And so if you can't find the word final word that you think represents the meaning and then go up onto thesaurus and find a synonym. Try and find that beautiful combination of two words. OK, so now what I want you to do is I want you to try this out with the group that I'm going to send you back into. I want you to generate five word pairings with opposing ideas. You're going to have five minutes, so 5 and 5 five word pairings. The first one is your core and they could be different. Just try things out and then do that, ok? So for me, just as an example, I look at my brand through the lens of being a loud introvert, but I'm also a compassionate snob. And sometimes some people have described me as a charming razorblade or a kind critic. You see how those Push against each other, and I'm pretty sure if I sat here, I could probably generate 10 20 more of these things that all of them describe me. And some of them are more unique than others, but I think they capture who I am. So I just happened to choose loud introvert, and I'm working with that right now. So when I often introduce myself now, I'll say. Everybody, I'm a loud introvert, I'm a recovering graphic designer. Then hopefully, everybody has a little laugh. Let's get into it, so the way I explain it, I'm loud and this is the part that people don't understand me or I'm sorry. Let me restate that people who know me today in the last year or so would say, you're really loud, Chris. You're opinionated, you're confident, you're social, you're an influencer. But what they don't know is that that's not a mask, but a layer on top of the core identity. My own identity, which is an introvert. You know, and I put all these words out there, and introversion is not one that you would go around bragging to people, yeah, I'm an introvert because we live in a world where we seem. We live in the age of charisma. Where the extroverts seem to get all the attention. But I find strength in my introversion, and I look at these words here, and I put them up on my map here and I'm like, yeah, that does sound like me. And there's one word in there, but I need to lean into more is the weird part. And Lee would say the vulnerable part. But you know, I like the weird part of me, and it's taken me a while to recognize that, to appreciate that. And I'm hoping that I set you in that direction today. Maybe you won't hit it tomorrow, but at least now we're talking about it. And you can become more aware of it. OK And then when we find this, what we want to do is we want to start to speak using this voice. When I say speak, I don't mean literally the way you talk, but in the way that you write the kinds of content that you curate and share with others, you want to tell stories using this lens. For me, the loud introvert, what I've been doing is I've been going through all my old photos and things I've written, and I try to find things that are an example of me being a loud introvert. And that flip from being an introvert into being this, the pseudo extrovert person talking about things is the magic. That's my unclaimed space and I want you to find that. OK, so going to break here, I'm going to give you five minutes. I'm going to send you back into your rooms. I'm going open all the rooms and I'll see you back in 5 minutes. OK, I'll give you a little Warning and then I'll close the room down. There we go. And if you need a room, let me know. Kind of set my alarm here. A pause, a recording. OK how do we do? Oh, I see you guys already starting dropping things in here. How are you two work combinations, everybody? Let's do this. Happy grump. OK the underground educator, I like that underground educator, so let's do this. Everybody, go change your names right now. Click on that three dot thing and then go change your name. And from here on out, at least for the rest of today, I'm just going to go by your two word brand. Ok? how do I do that? Hover over your face in your name and there's three dots and then you just go and rename. And see, I can rename myself right now from the future. I'm going to change my name. Oh, I can rename you by accident. OK, I almost did that, let me make sure I change my name, not yours. I mean, opposite, Chris. OK, that's a fair space to claim. OK I like it. That's so good. The pragmatic dreamer. There we go. OK systematically creative. OK the saucy sweetheart, I bet you are. I bet you are. Sir, you're saying you're saying now, I don't know anybody's name anymore, so I shouldn't have done that because I'm horrible with names. So you're saying I'd like to welcome to the stage, my good friend. Some of us know her as a sassy sweetheart and please. Silent applause for the silent introvert. And we feel in it. Yeah, the passionate procrastinator. OK the laid back trailblazer. All right, all right. You guys are getting somewhere with this. OK, I have to. I have something that I can't even. I don't even know how beach should help me. What's the problem? No, I can't have it. I messaged you a message. Yeah, I don't even know what it means. I don't know. don't think it's a good thing, but I don't know what it means. OK hey, Tom, you have a question. Yes, I do. We were talking in the breakout room about what you just said about the positioning. With that to what brand, because you have to tell your stories through that lens. Yes, I feel like if I'm saying I'm a pragmatic dreamer, but it's not aligned with my content, how do I get this into an alignment? I think it's a difficult decision to make. You know what I mean? I know what you mean. And so I don't want you to rebrand. I want you to find your brand. And so you've been making content. You've been writing things. You've been making videos. And there's your two word brand ring. True I just want you to give it shape and voice. So I only did this recently because, excuse me, I was designing an exercise for EO. And then I was telling my wife like, honey, I think I'm a loud introvert and she goes, I love that. That's good. And then I look back at all my posts, I'm like, yeah, that is me. I didn't make something up. I'm not trying to tell people I'm somebody different. So if you don't think you've been a pragmatic dreamer in your post and your content, I would just say, keep working on it until it rings true. It's not a rebrand. OK, now let's say you're relatively young, and Tom is relatively young, so maybe he's not made that much content, he's not really been intentional before, so moving forward, his content is going to talk about that. And if it's not clear enough in his two word brand in terms of how it shapes the things he does and says, then I would go back and just keep thinking about it. Hopefully, if you do this right, it'll be the springboard of a campaign that will run you 10 years called your life. So try it on for size. Doesn't have to fit perfectly, it can be altered. It can be tailored to suit your needs. So just live with it for a little bit. My god, I'm going to change my bio every week, ok? I kind of think of it like from academia, how people put M.D. after their name, right? So Chris, is Chris Doe comma loud introvert? Mm-hmm OK, I have a couple of quick examples. We're going to wrap up this part of it, and I made some promises earlier today, and I don't even remember what they are anymore. And so you'll have to just remind me a little bit. OK, so we're almost done here. All right. OK, so there's this grid that I made up. It's the matrix and matrix sounds fancy, but it's just a table, and I look at Brands that have really strong identity. Maybe they're not successful as they used to be, but I know what they stand for. Ok? and I look at to their call to arms or their tagline or through line. There's a lot of different ways of describing this, but it's kind of interesting as to what it says about them. Now, Harley Davidson recently changed their tagline, but we'll just go with the one that they're kind of known for and well established. And I think they're changing their tagline because their business is not doing well these days. So the call to arms, their tagline is American by birth, a rebel by choice. And you could just say American rebel to reduce it down to their two word brand. I think that would really describe them really well. And you could say, well, isn't Americans known for being rebellious? Maybe, but there are a lot of different kinds of Americans out there. But that gives them a lot of ways to express themselves. And Whole Foods. Granted, I'm not doing a ton of research here. They used to say whole foods, whole people and whole planet. And I really like that. That's a three word repeating chain. OK, so ho, ho, ho. And it starts with what you eat. And if you are what you eat, then you improve, if you improve, the planet improves. And I just love that 3 phrase cadence, whole foods, whole people, whole planet. Now one way that we can start to test if we know our brand well, and there's a reason why it's blank. At the bottom here, because that's where you would fit yourself. You know, you would put your logo or your face there on the lower left quadrant. What's your tagline? And you could use your two word brand. Someone would be the loud introvert. So the way we test, if our brain is clear enough, is we have to apply it to some things. And the clearest thing that I know how to do is like, well, what does hell look like and what does heaven look like to this tribe? And they may be opposing each other even. So for harley-davidson people, that tribe, what does hell look like, you guys can go ahead, unmute yourself if you want to throw out a suggestion or if you're a little bit quieter, like the silent extrovert, you guys can just type in something in the chat so you can play along. OK, so it's not a game of like, who speaks first or anything, but just try and think of what is hel look like for a Harley Davidson tribe and what does heaven look like? And then you would just do this for every brand. It's like, oh, I get it, I get it. If you can't define yourself through your two word brand, maybe you need to rework that. So give you an example. Well, I'll give you some time to think here. So for me, the loud introvert, what is hell look like for me? Hell looks like probably a party. Like a bar, you know, with lots of people. Hell, looks like maybe standing on stage with ThousandEyes looking back at you. Or maybe a meet and greet speed dating thing. That feels like hell for a lot of introvert. What is heaven? Probably mean my computer. No one around. Just working. And there's lots of versions of heaven. And most of them look like just me and one person, maybe. Going on a hike or something. So for some of us, maybe hell for the Harley Davidson tribe is probably maybe people in yoga pants. That's hell for them. A traffic jam. Probably hell, maybe. A yuppie, a three piece suit, a 9 to 5 a cubicle. That sounds like hell for a Harley Davidson tribe person. And then heaven is probably just the open road. Just wide stretches of pavement. You guys get it. How to play this game. And what is health look like for whole foods, probably a lot of plastic containers. Unsustainable farming. What is heaven look like for whole foods? Anybody hear a Whole Foods fan? What is heaven look like for a Whole Foods person if you're in that tribe? You cannot unmute yourself. Because I can't see you right now. I buy local food. Go ahead. I like whole foods, so I'm thinking heaven will be like all organic, organic, like just a line of fresh produce and fruit. Yes little pesticide. Farmers market. Yeah Yeah. Anything else? Small traders. Yeah, once you think about what hell will look like, then heaven kind of right itself like, right? You mentioned plastic containers and then immediately I thought about sustainable containers. Yeah right, there's no humans, right? Humans are the ones who are contributing to all the pollution. Maybe a perfect world is like the Garden of Eden, or there's just two people, just maybe animals, just animals to me and me. Yeah, my Yeah. OK, so you guys get that part, right? OK, so remember now also part of the Russell Brunson, his whole, you know, being an attractive characters like you have a backstory, you have character flaws, you have parables or stories that you can share with people learnings in life, and your point of view. It should be polarizing. So if I look at this through the lens of a loud introvert, I go into my story and say, well, well, what was I like as a kid? And where was I fully an introvert? And it's easy for me to pull out the stories then because I know what I'm looking for now. All of us have an infinite number of stories. Not all of them are interesting, and not all of them are relevant. So now we've got to go back and say through the lens of a loud introvert, what's my back story? The origin story? The defining moment. And so I've shared stories before when I'm working in my office, when Keir comes in and says, hey, we've got to get you to talk to clients. That's a transformative story, how the introvert starts to learn how to become loud. So I have many such stories. Backstage scared knees knocking. The Emmy story waiting to give an acceptance speech that's 1 minute long just wrecking my nerves. So the character flaws then become very apparent to. And I'm not for everybody. Sometimes I'm too loud for the introverts, and sometimes I'm too introverted for the loud people. Look, if I'm in a room full of sales and marketing pitch, people that are doing six, seven eight figure businesses, you know, the 10th one exited four. I'm going to be the guy who says, you know, to me, stop pitching. It's just really annoying. Could we stop talking about ourselves, can we stop high fiving one another? Super annoying. And then in the room of introverts, I'm like the snake oil salesman. You see how that works. You have to claim some space. You're going to make some enemies. So here's an example of some two word brands mini Cooper, what's mini coopers, two word brand? What do you think? I just made this up. It's not part of any campaign for them. Mini Cooper really small cars. And that's a deficit for a lot of people. And so they go with this idea that they're mighty small. And it's just me reversing reverse engineering their ad campaign, and I found some ads for Mini Cooper. So you use that two word brand and you send it through the filter and just what it looks like. So small, but it packs a punch. It's small, but it's potent. That's a bumblebee, in case you can't see that. Small butts like a firecracker, it'll ignite your passion. When you're clear about who you are and you can reduce it down to a very succinct two word phrase, your two word brand. Like I said, if you do it right, it's a springboard for ideas, visual and words, stories, videos. Podcast everything. Even how you introduce yourself to a room. A Johnny cupcakes has to be one of the best to work brands ever. Johnny is some kind of marketing Savant. Johnny's is a t-shirt bakery. That doesn't even make sense. That's how good that is. Johnny cupcakes. Cupcakes is a bakery, but we make t-shirts, we don't sell anything that you can eat. That's really genius, Johnny cupcakes. And here's how this tour brand filters throughout everything he does, not just an ad campaign. So because he sells t-shirts really uninteresting and bakeries are a dime a dozen. That's a bakery term, I think. But the intersection between these two, the overlap is really what makes Johnny cupcakes so special and unique. And he has an endless reservoir of ideas on how to translate this. In fact, I think he releases a new t-shirt every single week. He's been doing this for years. So instead of using. Normal retail shelves and racks. He puts the shirts inside refrigerators. And he uses pastry boxes instead of bags for his goods. And then he pumps in vanilla frosted scents throughout his store. So it smells like a bakery when you walk in making people hungry. But he has nothing for you to eat. He describes his marketing prowess as secret ingredients. Is affiliate partners are not partners, their cake dealers. And it's hilarious, because now he gets angry Yelp reviews, and he's proud of them. So, so much clarity here. Unlimited ideas and concepts. This is the gold standard. This is the sweet smell of success when you know your two word brand. This is what I want for you. So if you look at the pinkberry, which is a frozen yogurt line that my friend Joe Santos had worked on. Instead of just saying open from 7:00 to 10 PM or whatever they say, swirling daily. So every facet of your messaging can be sent through this filter and come out unique to you. I couldn't find it again, but I think at a harley-davidson dealership instead of saying don't park here loading zone only their sign says, don't even think about it, that's the American rebel voice. See how clear that is. OK, that's it for this, I'm going to stop the share. Escape out of this, let's open it up. OK, so now you know what the end goal is, and I don't mean to tell you, I'm an expert marketer, advertising copywriting person. I am not, but I know what it looks like, and I'm hoping to get you somewhere closer to that. Let's pretend today you're zero, and Johnny cupcakes is a 10. If I can get you to move two points to the right, we've done a good thing today. OK, even if you still have a zero. Give me one second, even if you're at 0 and you're ready to take one step forward, I can sit out a win. Let's be more intentional about our brand and how we filter that. Ok? politely fierce go. We had a discussion about if we have those two words, where do we include like what we actually do? Because when you introduce yourself that way, most people know who you are already. But if they don't know us where it's like our, you know, where do we put our not title? But you know what I mean? I want people to know what I do also. Yeah OK, so what we want to do is we describe ourselves really quickly with two words and then we describe a benefit What it is we're trying to do. Oh, OK. OK I'm very different, right? So you keep talking to me about this. We'll figure this out for the group. Yeah, Yeah. So for me, I say I am a loud introvert with a really big mission telling people how to make a living, doing what they love. That's the benefit. So they immediately know it's something about teaching. Yes, making a living. So there's a lot money, but there's something about art and artistry because something I love. Yeah, right? So you politely fierce would be politely fierce, helping brands find x, y and z. I don't know what it is. Yeah, Yeah. Doesn't feel so smooth for me, but I think I need to go to work. I mean, you're like, Chris, aren't you a marketing genius? Can't you do this in 10 seconds or less? No, I cannot. It takes time. Maybe Diane can let you know. She's like, no, I cannot. But it's like, you know, I can't do this on the fly, guys. Yeah, people, too. Yeah but I mean, I like that two words and then describe the benefits. It's perfect, the words and the benefits. All right. And you can do this. And I would say that if you can't describe it on Instagram and you have too many words. Mm-hmm Yeah, so many words. I take the challenge. I will have it ready tonight. It's a real deadline here. Yeah, I like that. Yes Yes. OK somebody else have a question. So that's what you want to do. You're going to use your two word brand and you can do it in different order. You can write about the benefit first and then add your two word brand. Or you can just use a two word brand and write the copy the message and not even say you're allowed to introvert or politely fierce. It just comes through with the way you describe things. Mm-hmm OK, we have hands. So let's go to Alejandro, and then we're going to go to Mo and then the lazy overachiever. OK, thank you. So I have a question. How important do you think is search engine optimization for clubhouse? Because I used to put the two words that I had selected previously, but then I was in a room and they were talking about the CEO. And when I look at the word that I was trying to position myself with, I didn't appear. But then when I put a brand identity designer at the beginning of, you know, the first line and then I did the search, it appeared. So my question is, how important is that in specifically in clubhouse? You know, I don't know, Alejandro. I can't even tell you clubhouse is going to be here in 30 days. I'm not going to live my life like if I know this is what I want to do, I'm going to do it and I'm not too concerned about SEO right now. And I'll tell you, because clubhouse crashes all the time, all the time, and they're having a lot of growing pains. But I do know that you exist beyond clubhouse. The clubhouse is not the end in the beginning to who you are. And I just want to cinch you in a direction if you're concerned about SEO. Start with brand identity designer through systematically practical or you know, you can start the words, the way that you want if you're concerned about SEO. Is that what you're asking? Yeah, yeah, I think that, you know, this is great for positioning yourself, you know, in a very different way. But my concern was is will this affect somehow CEO for people that are interesting in that? Interesting Yeah. So go ahead and start with the thing that's CEO friendly and then quickly get into who you are. So you can be found, but you'll be remembered for your two word brand. Awesome Thanks. OK, now remember, excuse me, the two word brand is not something that you just write about yourself and you think it's cool. If you don't live it, it doesn't matter. If it's not true, it doesn't matter. A lot of people think you can just write something in the world will just align itself to you. It doesn't work that way. The two word brand is just to help you tell your story in a very succinct way that reflects who you are. Gabe, I have to say that 10 more times I will. You can't make this stuff up. You just trying to crystallize it and make it shareable. OK, so next up is Mo. Hi, Chris. You just wanted to get your opinion on my two words in bio, Tom and I seem to have the two same words, so Tom will figure that out after, but pragmatic dreamer. Yes, I bust the myth of the hungry artists by coaching creatives to turn their knowledge into profitable courses. OK there is a little bit of misalignment between your pragmatic dreaming and what it is that you do. you're helping other educators to turn their knowledge into something, right? Yes so I almost think of you as an alchemist. You turn. Random metals into gold. Got it, got it, but I just love the work alchemy and alchemist because it stirs up magic and science together, you know? Mm-hmm So when I asked you to find really interesting words. There shouldn't be the two people that accidentally have the same two words. We got some issues there. OK I mean, you could call yourself an educational alchemist. Who can claim that right now? Yeah, I really like the word alchemist because I did a SWOT analysis with some friends asking them what my strength was. And one of the things they mentioned was the ability to take anything, whether a pipeline, whether I'm familiar with it or not, break it down into pieces. And we put it together in a way that's very accessible for the layperson. So so that word is, is such a great choice. So this is where, you know, of course, we can't wave a magic wand as much as Annalee wants me to like in 60 minutes or less. You spit out in the other end a beautiful, resonant brand that's unique and rings true that it has some weight. To it, right, we can't. We know that. At least we should know better than that. So this is where you need to dig into your leg, into your brain and sit there and let it chew on it for a while and just meditate over it like, man, what is it? And then one day you hear a word that's like, that's the word. Ideally, what you would do is you would take this exercise with you and go for an hour and a half hike, no music, no discussion. Just go for a nice, strenuous walk. And just sit there like, who am I? What is this? It's like you're going into your cave while you walk into the cave of your mind. Find something there. OK. All right. And typekit moving. You're welcome. I keep moving here, the lazy overachiever. Talk to me. Hey, Chris. So I've been struggling a bit with the not so happy connotation right off of the word lazy, but I do have a nice kind of brand message that says, like, I'm the lazy overachiever, the guy that will find the path of least resistance to exceed your goals. So I kind of like feel like it's good, but I can kind of struggling with. Removing the bad connotations. Yeah, so your word, if you use the word like insane, you have to really work hard on the other side to kind of figure out the right combination and lazy is a dangerous word to be putting into your title. OK I don't think you're lazy. I think you're just like, you optimize. And you're very efficient. I used to describe myself lazy, but I'm just looking for like hacks. I know how to navigate systems and I optimize. So there's another word out there for you. It's just lazy. Doesn't fully describe it just yet. OK because also, I'm having a hard time understanding the overachiever part, Yes. You found two words that fight against each other, but the pairing of the two have to add up to a greater whole. And for me right now, it's not there yet. So I would encourage you to keep working on it, ok? Perfect OK. Next, the silent extrovert, Chris. For me, I had the same question. I asked initially. So Instagram has a limitation of how much, how many words you could put in the bio, whereas clubhouse doesn't have that restriction. So the is a bit long for me. have seen that for many, many other people. Yeah, but Instagram has something where we try to put the call to action there. So the sentence that I've put on Clubhouse is silent. Extrovert and brand specialists have been brands express themselves better by thinking out of the box. So, but I'm not really sure if I put this sentence on Instagram, I can put those call to actions because you've got to make some hard choices. Life is about hard choices, my friend. I just look at my bio. I got everything. I wanted it. Use fewer words. Just just remember guys I know in your world and in your parents' eyes. You're so special. But the world has like a second to remember something about you, the more you put in there, the harder it is for them to remember. If I were to give you a test later today, like, for example, if everybody here in this room, all 66 of you were to read your Instagram bio and had a test for you later, how many things could you possibly remember? Just think about that. And use that same filter when you write about yourself. So if people stop remembering anything about me, I do want them to remember I'm allowed introvert with a big mission, like a big mission, what does that mission? Oh, right, he's trying to teach a bunch of people, right? And that's good enough for me. But if I'm like, click to download my book, enroll my workshop, you know, visit the website and watch it and give it this thumbs up and share with two friends. How is anybody going to remember that? It's too much. So reduce the noise, make it easier for people to remember you, ok? Be unforgettable in that way. OK, next up is the unapologetic, unapologetic mom preneur. Where are you? I'm right here. Go ahead. Yes so I want your feedback on this, I wrote this a two weeks ago and I kind of settled on this right now, but I need your feedback. So unapologetic mountaineer with dreams. I help entrepreneurs with their visibility online so they can attract premium leads. One more time, please. I'm getting a lot of echo in your room. For some reason it's Messing me up here. Yeah, I have a virtual online chat going on and we're like, yeah, man, can you close the door? All right. Open up your mind. OK, sorry about that. Go ahead. So one more time. Unapologetic mom, their big dreams, I help entrepreneurs with their brand visibility online so they can attract premium leads. OK do we need to have you with dreams? Do we not all have dreams? We all do so, but Yes. But I see a lot of single moms struggling with their dreams. They some roadblocks keep going. So you only want to be for mom entrepreneurs. But I wanted to, but I want people to have think in a bigger picture and they can do a lot. This is not the end of the world for them. Is that what they think? Yeah OK, so what I want you all to do is get into the habit of reduction. You've got to just keep reducing this down. I want you to boil it. Take all your ideas and boil it down. Get it to that sweet reduce state. And it's like we have a mission, we have a belief. And then we help other people to make money, and it's a lot for me to remember. OK just do that test, try to boil it down now, who's your peak performance partner in this group? Rachel, Rachel, there she is, the calm perfectionist, ok? The two of you need to sit there and just hammer it out. It's like, you know, there's a piece of metal. And it's been in the cauldron and you put it on the anvil, and both you just hit it, hit into it becomes a refined piece of steel. OK, I want you to keep testing and pushing each other in the most loving and supportive way in a calm, perfectionist kind of way. I want you to do that. OK, so now that I have Rachel on there, Rachel, what is your thing? I love to hear it. I feel like I'm still working through it. You know, I think that the challenge is that I like I actually like words, so I feel like if you really love words, then you really struggle with this because you try to. And maybe because I'm an open perfectionist, I'm really, really trying. I'm like, calm. That sounds really like, I don't know, like a little bit lukewarm, but like, it's not it doesn't have a hot feeling to it, but I also don't want the word to be awkward. Someone's introducing me, you know what I mean, like? Very true. Very true. And so for you, perfectionist has certain negative connotations there. I see you're trying to balance the spice with a little mildness to it, right? Yes if you just said, I'm a recovering perfectionist. It's like I'm working on it. Even in that statement, like I'm imperfect while I'm being a perfectionist, I have to think about it because I feel like that. Yeah, OK, OK, I'm going to think about it, I think about it, but you need to make perfectionists. Not a negative thing anymore. Sorry OK, you need to work on that. You come up with something. So you and my friend Adam, the unapologetic partner, really needed to just hammer it out with each other. She's got too much and you're not ready to commit. Either way, you guys need to meet in the middle and come up with something beautiful. OK OK. I know you guys can do it. I believe in you. Just don't try to grab much off the shelf. Reduced, reduced. Reduced make it easy. Make it flow off the tongue. The one issue I have with unapologetic mom preneur is that's a lot of syllables. For a person whose original language is monosyllabic, it's a lot for me to say, look, I'm almost like my tongue is tied up, so remember what, what van Cooley said? Make sure it's nice to say. It's got to sound good. It should make you smile. OK we have hippo, I don't know who that is, but wrote something about, I'm a mom who helps me by doing. Mm-hmm is that what you said, chris? How we introduce ourselves? Yeah where's our next call called the 180? Mm-hmm How La the whole time? Yeah is that how we can ride? Yeah, something like that. Yeah OK. But we take out all the unnecessary words. There's not even I am. That's an unnecessary word. OK straight into it, a lot of introvert with a big mission teach a billion people. How to make a living doing what they love. It's really that simple. OK work on it. Remember, if you can't remember it, here's how I know my thing works. When people introduce me now, I don't even have to tell them what to say anymore. What automatically gets inserted into the conversation is what Chris has an amazing, big mission, you guys. It's really important. And so now the conversation is anchored around that. So arnhem, think about that when you introduce yourself. What is that you want to be known for? How do you help people? Because that's what people are going to remember. OK just really think about that. OK thank you, Chris. You're welcome. You're welcome, ok? I get on my hands. No, the quiet rebel g. Where are you? Hey, sorry, sir. There you are. Sorry, I was late. I got the time wrong anyway. I thought I'd get a couple of opinions from you, like for quiet rebel, as well as it's interesting that you mentioned alchemist because I actually registered a company called the brand alchemist agency a few months ago. There you go. For when I'm ready to become the brand strategist, I'm not ready yet, but I love it. Yeah OK, you're planting the seeds. You know, where are you going? Well, that was actually before I joined the future. I'm not trying to take credit for it. I think I just I said, you know where you're going to have to know. But since then I've gone in many different directions. And I think I've come back to wanting to becoming a brand strategist. Yeah anyway, yeah, so. Yeah what you can think of quiet rebel? So for now, rebel, it's not magical yet. I think it needs more work and going to tell you something when you hear an idea, it makes you smile. You're like, yeah, that's how you've got it, because it's an expected juxtaposition that actually has meaning. OK, so you can have two ideas that oppose each other, but aren't magical. This is semiotics like putting two words together creates a hybrid. Third, meaning like, here's an idea I'm going to throw it out to you. I don't know if anybody's using it yet. Like you remember this movie with Robert Redford. It was called the horse whisperer. Mm-hmm Trailer was something really cool. He was talking to a lady and she's like, I want you to help me with my horse. So he goes, I don't help people with horse problems. I help horses with people problems like bone. I love that. Oh my God. Oh good. I like 35 years later, I still remember it. Oh, me too. If somebody said, I'm the brand whisperer. It would then just be an idea. Right right, and so then you can write a line that something similar to the horse whisperer. You know? So, OK. Oh, I had a tagline for the brand alchemist that was mixing logic and magic. Yes OK. Is that about a result? A benefit, yeah, that would be good, explains. I would prefer you talk about a result, right? OK, now partial. The other day got some excellent help, I have to say. So you got some excellent free help on the late night call and clubhouse. And she's like, happy. She's like, Oh my god, I got it. I'm like, yes, you do. And through a little magic and bouncing back and forth between everybody on the stage between Blair and myself and others, we were able to come up with something and something was something like I turned best selling authors into masterclass courses in 45 days. And it was just missing one part, the objection. The objection was even if you think you're boring and then it's done. It's super clear, and that is straight up headline copywriting one on one. Results timeline objection, wrote results. Objection timeline. OK, so the result? I convert. Bestselling authors. Into masterclass courses, that's a result I want if I'm like, I'm an author, a bestselling I want to master class, my hands are up in the air. In '45 days, that's the timeline. I didn't know you could do it so fast. Even if you think you're boring, boom. There's nothing left now, some more wordsmithing will happen, but she's like really on to something now. So you guys think about that when you write your bio result. Timeline objection. If you can make it work like that. You're going to be golden. Mindful of time, I don't have a lot of time left, I have another appointment. So Tom, you've asked a whole bunch of questions. Can I just ask you to pause for a second and Leigh, go ahead. We need to welcome new members. So they can introduce themselves. Yeah yes, we. OK, so Tom, I'm just asked, just hang out for a little bit and I see my he's got her hand raised up too, so I hate just one second. I want to make sure I do this because I have to talk to Anthony banks in 13 or 12 minutes here. Who's new here? Can everybody just first lower your hand? I would like for anybody that's new, who wants to introduce themselves. I would love to say Hello to you. OK, I'm going to hit Stop right now, cause officially over and hit stop.
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