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60 Second Video Challenge Attractive Character

Chris Do challenges the Pro Group to think of the characteristics of a character they want to be known as.

Important: We’re sorry about this, but this transcript is hard to read. We’ve added the wall of text below to help our search function better. If you’d like to help us format this, please reach out to andres@thefutur.com. In the meantime, simply turn closed captions on (CC) the video above to read along.
I plan on giving all the pro members a weekly video challenge 1 minute to do something until you guys get comfortable doing it. I realized that if I leave you to your own devices, nobody's going to do anything, so I'm going to give you something to do every single week. And I've talked about this before in Russell Bronson's book. Russell Brunson, Russell Brunson book on becoming an attractive character and attractive character has a back story, so a lot of you guys aren't doing a good job telling your back story. I include myself in that. Now when we talk about a back story. I'm not referring to here's where I was born, here's where I grew up, this is what I did when I was three, 5 and 7. The back story is carefully edited, curated to be relevant to what it is that you want to be known for. For example, yesterday we had Jonathan stark come on the show, and his back story wasn't about where he grew up, if he was the middle child or any of these kinds of things. Really, what he came in to say was I was an employee at a software development company. It dawned on me one day that some of our team members are developers were really fast and some were really slow. But we are charging a rate for each, so the person who is really fast should have been the person who made the most but actually build the lease and the person that was the slowest build the most, even though he produced the lease and that began his adventure into learning more about why hourly building is nuts. You see how his back story is just relevant to the thing that he wants to talk about, so it helps us to know what we want to talk about, what we want to be known for, what we want to be considered as a thought leader for. And then we start to look into our history and see, like, when did that moment, when was that moment that I realized that was a problem and I wanted to look for the solution? An attractive character also has character flaws. Nobody wants to listen to a very perfect person. This is good news because many of you guys have perfect character flaws. You're in your journey, you're in your struggle. You've made bad decisions in your life. Perhaps you spent more than you made, maybe out your outliving your means. That could be one part. Or maybe some of you guys are late transitioning into the world of design and creativity. So that's your struggle. Bonnie saying has an excellent backstory. She talks about it from the lens of being a single mom, her husband having left her and being very depressed. And it wasn't until her father gave her his old camera and said, go do something creative. Get your mind off this thing that began her journey into photography and who she is. And she's got a great market because she appeals to single moms, to women, to mothers. Who wants to be creative and think there are a lot of people out there like that? So our story resonates with people, so I want you to start thinking about what your back story is OK, you're going to see these prompts. The other thing I want to give you guys a quick tip on is when you go and record your video, you need to psych yourself up. For some people, that might mean walking around the block thinking about what you want to say for like 20 minutes. I find that that's really good for me. Or when I'm in the shower where most of my thinking is done, I'm not distracted by anything, so the preoccupation of doing something else that's mundane, that's very low taxing on your brain that actually frees up some like higher level thinking. Some of you might want to do like 100 push before you go and do your recording. But you got to bring your personality out. OK, now a lot of you guys are very good at being calm and soothing, but calm and soothing also puts people to sleep. You're constantly fighting. For attention, and I don't mean to be bombastic and crazy, but bring out more personality, let people know who you are. Learn to speak with your hands. Do something like that. Learn to emote with your eyebrows so you don't have to be this professional CNN telecast or where you're just staring at the screen and you're cold and you've got ice in your veins. You don't need to do that. Let us see some of your personality shine through, and this is the things that I have had to learn while learning how to be an on air personality.
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