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Leaving Corporate: A Brief Survival Guide

Thinking of ditching your job and following your dream but not sure where to start? Get insights from a serial quitter who started from scratch 4 times in 8 years, went from a guaranteed $25k/year to 0 income, and bounced back so now he can do what he loves on his own terms. Leaving corporate is not a walk in the park. I've hit speedbumps along the way and had high expectations from the start that were not met. This is why I'm doing this Office Hours call so you can learn from my wins, but most importantly from my mistakes. This call is for you if: You're tired of working for the Man. Yuck! You think there's more out there for you. PS: There is. You don't feel appreciated at work or the culture there sucks. Sorry! You want to finally follow your dream because life is short. Yay!

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