Wellness at Work: The Futur's Finds

Here's your reminder to take care of yourself.

This week, we're digging into all things wellness and how to make it work for us. These past few months have been rather stressful, so we're encouraging you to take some time to take care of yourselfwhether that's with a good book, a good stretch, or a good meal.

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Here's to incorporating moments of wellness into our day-to-day routines:

Why We Sleep book cover on white sheets.

Books of the week

  • Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, PhD. - We don't need to tell you that a good night's sleep is essential for your overall well-being. But if you want to know why we sleep in the first place, this book dives into the purpose and power of sleep.
  • In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan - How can we feed ourselves in a way that's enriching over the long-term? In Defense of Food is an exploration into how we can start making thoughtful food choices and really know what it means to be healthy. One Amazon reviewer says, "if you actually like food, read this book!"

Go off-screen

This is your reminder to unplug, walk away from work for a few minutes, and step outside. Talk a short walk, or just sit down. Just make sure you get some time in the fresh air to relax, recharge, and reset.

Stack of fluffy pancakes with butter and syrup.

Meals to make

  • What's better than pancakes? Fluffy pancakes. Grab the recipe for Fluffy Vegan Pancakes to make them healthy-ish. Don't forget to treat yourself.
  • ​With summer ending soon and fall fast approaching, that only means one thing: soup season is upon us. Get ahead of the soup game and make this White Bean Chicken Soup.
  • Mac and Cheese. You love it, we love it, but if all that dairy leaves you feeling funky, whip up this Mind-Blowing Vegan Mac and Cheese instead.

Move & stretch

  • We are sitting a lot more than usual, and all this inactivity can lead to back, shoulder, and overall body pain. Take one minute to watch this video and learn 3 stretches to loosen your stiffness throughout the work day.
  • Stress and anxiety can really get the best of us. If you're ever feeling overwhelmed, try to take 20 minutes to do this full-body stretch and yoga session to relieve whatever you're feeling.

What to watch

  • What benefits do essential oils actually possess? Can bee stings really alleviate pain caused by Lyme Disease? And what about fasting; should we do it to lose weight, or is it just another trend? (Un)Well is a new Netflix docuseries that debunks major health myths, and dives deep into the lucrative wellness industry. Add it to your watchlist for the weekend.
  • Ask anyone what they want out of life, and the usual response is, "I just want to be happy." What does happiness mean, then? In the documentary, Happy (2011), we learn the secrets behind the most valued emotion, and how to achieve it.

Toy monkeys linking hands to symbolize connection.

Articles worth the read

  • Since most of us are still working from home, finding that separation between work and personal time can be a little difficult. If you need some tips on how to squeeze in moments to socialize and reach out to friends and family, check out this article from Fast Company.
  • Productivity Guilt. It happens when we put that added pressure on ourselves to do more. But if you want to avoid feelings of guilt and shame around productivity, first: get real with yourself. Then, read this article from Well+Good on how to deal with Productivity Guilt.
  • We've given you a few tips and resources to take care of your own personal wellness, but if you want to help your kids out, check out this article from Mind Body Green on how to support your kids' immunity.

Listen while you work


  • Meg Lewis is a designer, comedian, and performer making the world a happier place. On her podcast, Sit There and Do Nothing, Meg shows us that mindfulness doesn't have to be so serious. She shares part-useful, part-comedic improvised guided meditations, stories, affirmations, and other weirdly soothing experiences. Listen to the podcast here.
  • Tara Brach is an internationally recognized meditation teacher and bestselling author. Listen to her self-titled podcast here for a mix of guided meditations, tips to practice mindfulness, and lessons in self-compassion.


And finally, a quote to keep in mind throughout the week

"If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit." — Banksy