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Transformation, Growth and Change: The Futur's Finds

The journey of growth and transformation.

In our last list, we hit your inbox with some tips and ideas to help you boost your confidence. If you missed that one, just click here to catch up.

This week, let's see if we can tap into that confident mindset, and transform with the changing world around us. To say that life has thrown us many curveballs this year would be an understatement. So today, let's take a look at how we can embrace what comes our way, and transform with it:

The Beauty in Breaking cover by Michele Harper

Book of the week

The Beauty in Breaking by Michele Harper - Harper's memoir tells stories and accounts from her experience as an emergency room physician—a profession that is overwhelmingly male and white. The Beauty in Breaking explores Harper's path towards self-healing, and how each of us can recuperate from feeling broken.

Articles to read

  • What does the future of work look like? Everyone keeps mentioning 'the new normal,' so how will this play out when offices reopen? This article explores what our socially distanced workplaces may look like.
  • Some people take screenshots on their phones to save information, share memes, or capture funny snaps from friends. British rug-maker, Tom Atton Moore, does something completely different with the screenshots he collects. He makes rugs based on them. Check out this story for more.

Track your miles and steps with Strava.

Apps to download

While gyms have slowly reopened here in the states, many of us are still working out from home. So how can we make sure we're still getting in a good sweat from our living rooms?

  • When you want to get outside, track every mile you bike, hike, or run with Strava. Add and follow friends to compete with them virtually! Download the app here.
  • Fitbod is the app that helps you customize a personal fitness plan that works for you. Check it out here.

Listen while you work


  • Homecoming tells the story of one caseworker's journey as she helps a soldier rejoin civilian life. Each thrilling episode of this podcast is presented through a series of telephone calls, therapy sessions, and overheard conversations. Listen to Homecoming here.
  • Heavyweight with Jonathan Goldstein is the podcast that will help you address moments from your past you can't help but dwell on. Goldstein reflects on pivotal moments in his life, feelings of regret, and more through candid confessions and humor. Check out Heavyweight here.


Watch the Last Dance trailer on YouTube.

What to watch

  • In 1997, the Chicago Bulls were looking to claim their 6th NBA championship title. But the truth about what Michael Jordan and the Bulls faced, has remained quiet, until now. The Last Dance is a 10-part documentary that explores everything the Bulls went through to win a second three-peat. Watch the trailer here.
  • ​After his release from a mental institution, Pat is ready to control his illness, live with family, and reconcile with his ex-wife. Silver Linings Playbook (2012) is the story of Pat's battle with Bipolar disorder to bring some normalcy back into his life. Watch the trailer here.
  • Mental illusionist Derren Brown is on a mission to help others change their hearts and minds for the greater good. And this episode in particular shows how racism can be unlearned. (Prepare to be mind-blown.)

Meals to make

  • Get your greens in first thing in the morning with this delicious Green Shakshuka recipe. A healthy spin on a classic breakfast meal.
  • Eat what's in season with this easy Summer Pasta with Zucchini, Ricotta, and Basil. Get the recipe from NYT Cooking.
  • Spice up your evening with this flavorful, easy-to-make Chana Masala. Pair it with rice or warm naan, and you're set.

And finally, a quote to keep in mind throughout the week

“Never cease chiseling your own statue.” — Plotinus (205-270)