A Look Inside The Evolution of Creativity: The Futur's Finds

We're looking into the evolution of creativity: where it's been, where it is today, and what its future looks like.

Across various industries, we're learning about the distinct role creativity has played and will continue to play down the road.

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Let's dive into the ever-changing world of creativity:

Evolve or Die book cover on paperback and e-book.

Books of the week

  • Evolve or Die by Tom Triumph -  Your creative mind is capable of more than you think. And in Evolve or Die, Triumph shares lessons on how to use your creative spark as fuel to learn, innovate, and grow with the changing times. Learn to give the world everything you've got.
  • The Creative Spark by Agustín Fuentes - Can you explain your creativity and where it came from? Fuentes synthesizes studies of anthropology, paleontology, archeology, and genetics to trace back the origins of human imagination and collaboration in this book.

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Listen while you work


  • 22-year-old Iddris Sandu is making impressive strides as a computer programmer. In this episode of Ologies, the designer, architectural technologist, and entrepreneur shares his creative process, philosophies on future technologies, and the importance of empathy not just in life, but also in design.
  • If you've seen The Daily Show on Comedy Central, you've probably noticed Trevor Noah's one too many good jokes on topics like politics, the environment, and breaking news. This episode of the WorkLife podcast takes us inside the writers' room of The Daily Show and shares their secrets to make creative collaboration really work.


Lines of code on a screen.

Articles worth the read

  • Though it was held in late January, it seems like this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happened a lifetime ago. And if you missed out on the highlights, a common theme presented was the need for brands to adopt a digital business model. This article explains how businesses can be future-ready as customer needs evolve.
  • What can past pandemics teach us about the one we're collectively going through? Aside from the science, this article explores how creativity can help us navigate through COVID-19.
  • We know Artificial Intelligence is changing our daily lives as we know it, but what we might not be so aware of is its environmental impact. This article dives into what designers are doing to absolve AI's carbon footprint.

What to watch

  • For fans of cinema, take a trip down cinema memory lane and learn about the movies that changed the art of cinematography as we know it. Watch the video here.
  • ​With plenty of events being held virtually this year, it's hard to find the time to attend them all. We think this past livestream from AdAge is an important one, though, as it's all on The Future of Creativity and hosted by creatives from some of the biggest agencies in the US.

And finally, a quote to keep in mind throughout the week

“If you acknowledge that creative thoughts are the engine that drives innovation, suddenly creativity becomes really important.” — Tom Kelley